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					                                           CLEVER TCP/IP®                                                    v7.1
                                                The Leading Business Service Management Resource
                                            for Maximizing TCP/IP Network Performance and Availability
Key Features

• Monitor TCP/IP mission critical             CLEVERTM Business Service Management
  application Service Level          Burgeoning transaction rates and ever-increasing user demands require that
  performance in real time           your networks provide the ultimate in performance and reliability at all times.
                                     CLEVER TCP/IP leads in this domain and is the most comprehensive z/OS-
• Continuously measure Service       based TCP/IP monitor in the industry, minimizing downtime and maximizing
  Level performance for              performance. It uniquely provides continuous measurement of Service Level
  thousands of IP-critical           performance for thousands of critical resources in real time.
                                     CLEVER TCP/IP helps performance analysts, operations personnel, network
• Identify performance               system programmers, and capacity planners effectively monitor performance,
  bottlenecks and provide alerting   and plan for the future. Its superior performance monitoring makes it the
  before users complain              ultimate choice for large IBM®-hosted data centers undergoing wide scale SNA-
                                     TCP/IP migration over to EE, TN3270, FTP, WebSphere, and/or other integral
• Track all z/OS TCP/IP critical     TCP-based Business Services.
  resources including Stack,
  CSM, Applications, Routers,        CLEVER TCP/IP provides:
  Servers, Clients, and Network
  Connections                            • Customizable and comprehensive real-time, near-time, and historical
                                           views of your TCP/IP network performance, removing the need for
• Intelligently support hybrid IP/
                                           additional reporting tools or learning new scripting languages
  SNA networks with TN3270,
  EE, FTP, and TCP expert                • Intelligent alert generation and easy integration with MVS console and
  reports                                  Tivoli NetView
• Generate extensive real-time,          • Minimized overhead, avoiding requirements for continuous trace data
  near-time, and historical                collection and/or gathering redundant z/OS MIB data
  performance reporting
                                         • Unparalleled ability to develop critical SLA baselines and a standardized
• Analyze response time trends             reporting methodology through performance measurements in both
  for capacity planning, with              interval SMF and session SMF records
  unique performance interval

• Utilize turnkey system with easy
  installation and comprehensive
  built-in reports

• Browser-based user interface
  for universal accessibility, and
  3270 based Service Level batch

 Applied Expert Systems, Inc.
   149 Commonwealth Drive
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
        (650) 617-2400
Applied Expert Systems - The Business Service Management Company

Highlights of CLEVER TCP/IP®
SysPoint provides a centralized overview of network activity with information on hosts, alerts, stack workload,
channel activity, connections, ports, devices, buffers, and more.
The Alert Report provides real-time and near-time diagnostic information and generates alerts from monitoring the
CSM Buffer, Link, Port, Session, Critical Resource Availability, and Critical Resource Performance.
LinkView Channel Processor Monitoring shows the traffic and status of channel-attached processors and links
associated with each TCP/IP address space.
Connect Expert conveys TCP and UDP status, from the monitoring of listener ports and active sockets to the
connectivity and session detail for each TCP/IP session.
Enterprise Extender Expert displays workload and throughput data for all EE assigned ports and gives access to
Thru24 EE Summary/Detail.
StackView includes a sortable table, providing CPU and other stack usage data for TCP/IP or socket-attached
application-associated address spaces. It allows the user to view CPU and other stack activities for ports having
active TCP/IP sessions.
Real-Time Monitoring provides a continuous, interactive awareness of network response times and availability for
critical resources that require communication to/from z/OS-based Business Services, including critical user communities,
MQ servers, middleware DB servers, and troublesome printers. Additional capabilities monitor and view Telnet sessions,
CSM and VTAM buffer usage, and performance of key routing interfaces such as CIPs and OSA Express.
SessionLog Expert provides a user friendly way to view and filter current and recent FTP, Telnet, and TCP-based
Business Service session activity.
Workload and Performance reports include Thru99 EE history reports and Thru99 link history reports. Expert
reports provide global and detailed views of FTP, Telnet, and other TCP-based Business Services activity. Buffer
reports provide CSM and VTAM buffer history. TraceRoute reports show results of the automatically collected
TraceRte data when defined critical resource thresholds are exceeded. Real-time reports provide network response
times, workload and traffic patterns for TCP/IP hosts, real-time workload and network performance trending, and EE
UDP data.
CLEVER TCP/IP Version 7.1 (July 2004) introduces these new features:
Enhanced CSM and VTAM buffer pool monitoring provides more comprehensive views of total, individual, private,
and fixed buffer pool usage with new alerts for total CSM, VTAM CSA, and VTAM storage usage.
3270-based Batch Reports provide scheduled, management service level reporting.
Support for Internet-Unit (I-Unit), a customizable packet size for critical resource monitoring, allows specification of the
packet size that best represents average IP traffic size.
Customized SysPoint viewing allows the user to select diagnostic data, alert data, or both. In addition, the
configuration for each of these options can be customized.

System Requirements:

Mainframe: z/OS V1R1 or later, or OS/390 V2R10 or later, or z/OS.e.
PC Workstation: Pentium® PC or compatible, 500MHz or above w/256MB RAM and 200MB available disk space; Microsoft®
Windows® 98, ME, 2000, NT V.4.0 w/ SP6, or XP.
Java Web Server: Apache HTTP Server 1.3.26 for Windows & Apache Tomcat for Windows 4.0.4 (included), OR Apache HTTP
Server 1.3.26 for Linux and Apache Tomcat for Linux 4.0.4 (included), OR WebSphere. OS/390, z/OS 4.0.1 or later.
Web Browser: IE 5.5 or 6.0, OR Netscape 6.2 or 7.0.

CLEVER is a trademark of Applied Expert Systems, Inc. CLEVER TCP/IP, CLEVER eRoute, CLEVER cTrace, CLEVER Buffer,
CLEVER Web, CLEVER/SNA and CLEVER ePerformance are registered trademarks of Applied Expert Systems, Inc. All other
trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

                                                          Applied Expert Systems, Inc.
                                            149 Commonwealth Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA
                                                  Phone: (650) 617-2400 Fax: (650) 617-2420

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