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									27 February 2001
                                    Census poem
                                    celebrates ‘All of Us’
                                    Andrew Motion finds Inspiration,
                                    In the Census of the Population.
                                    The Poet Laureate and the National Statistician, Len Cook , have
                                    joined in an unlikely partnership with the publication of a new
                                    Laureate poem, ‘All Of Us’, two months in advance of the next
                                    Census which will be held on Sunday 29th April 2001.

                                    The Census has been counting ‘All of Us’ for 200 years – the first
                                    Census was held in 1801 amid fears that the population could not
                                    feed itself or fight off an attack from Napoleon. Nowadays,
                                    Census information is gathered to plan schools, hospitals and
                                    essential services. It also shows how society changes which is a
                                    key theme in Andrew Motion’s poem.

                                    ‘I wanted to meditate on time and generational cycles and how
                                    our sense of community changes with the years’ says the Poet
                                    Laureate whose poem evokes a permanently fleeting sense of
                                    national and personal identity.

                                    The National Statistician Len Cook who has responsibility for the
                                    conduct of the Census in England & Wales shares with the Poet
                                    Laureate the distinction of being the latest in a line of gifted and
                                    colourful forbears – in his case the Registrars General for
                                    England & Wales, a statistical roll-of-honour including such
                                    figures as Thomas Henry Lister, a romantic novelist who also
                                    found time to organize the 1841 Census.

Issued by
                                    Mr Cook, a New Zealander who came to this country last June to
National Statistics                 take up the post as the nation’s chief statistician commented on
1 Drummond Gate
London SW1V 2QQ                     the work of his literary counterpart: ‘the poem offers a personal
                                    view on a changing world and highlights a key theme of the
Census Press Office 020-7533 5162   Census – that All of Us are different but in this together’.
Public Enquiries    020-7533 5888

Mike Rose        01329 813917       The poem is to be published first in Census In School, a Census
Email mike.rose@ons.gov.uk          educational pack linked to the National Curriculum which will be
Internet                            distributed to all secondary schools in England & Wales from the
                                    26 February.
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                                    Media copies of the poem can be obtained by contacting Andrew
                                    Motion’s agent Carol MacArthur – tel. 0207 344 1027; e-mail:
                                    cmacarthur@pfd.co.uk . There will be a charge for the use of the
                                    poem with the proceeds going to charity.

                                    BACKGROUND NOTES

                                    1. The Census In School packs for both primary and secondary
                                       schools contain a wealth of information and multi-media
                                       educational activities based on the Census. The pack and its
                                       accompanying CD-Rom contain modules on history,
                                       mathematics, geography, citizenship, literacy, numeracy, art
                                       and design. For media copies only of the pack contact: tel
                                       01329 813917, mike.rose@ons.gov.uk

                                    2. The Census Form for Alfred Lord Tennyson a previous Poet
                                       Laureate gives his occupation as ‘Poet Laureate’ and includes
                                       as members of his household three servants. Digital copies of
                                       the 1851 Tennyson Census form can be obtained by
                                       contacting:tel 01329 813917, mike.rose@ons.gov.uk
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