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									                     Camden Town DMC progress report

            action                responsibility      progress to date

Code of Conduct issue            Dawn Aldred       In progress

   1. THAT Members
      requested London
      Borough of Camden to
      put in place effective
      means of enforcing the
      ban in the event of non-
      compliance by the
      named individual
   2. THAT Members
      requested that should
      the named person
      continue to perpetrate
      behaviour that was of a
      harassing nature that
      further sanctions should
      be put in place to deter
      such activities.
   3. THAT Members
      requested information
      on what options were
      available to so do.

Tenants Services Authority       Rhys Makinson

The DMC asked that either a
borough wide forum or an
extended Housing Strategy
Policy Forum meeting be held
to discuss the issues arising
from the establishment of the
Tenants Services Authority.
The DMC also asked that
either session also contain
information regarding the
proposals for the reform of
housing finance.

Code of Conduct                  Dawn Aldred       Item on agenda

Officers agreed to bring back
the final draft of the Code of

                     Camden Town DMC progress report

            action                  responsibility       progress to date

Conduct to the March meeting
of the DMC, once all the 5
DMCs comments had been

Budget bids from Ossulston         Jackie Symth      Bids confirmed

New bid from the Ossulston
TRA for a Theme Scene
projector, at a cost of £999.99,
subject to the confirmation that
the decision had been made to
request this at a meeting of the

Compact Monitoring Board           Dawn Aldred       Decision of Joint DMC
THAT a report be submitted to
the March round of DMCs                              Following a discussion
identifying the way forward for                      regarding whether the
the CMB.                                             CMC should continue, if it
                                                     did in what format should
                                                     it do so, or whether its
                                                     functions should be
                                                     transferred over to a
                                                     body like the JMG. It was
                                                     felt that further
                                                     discussions were
                                                     required by the DMC
                                                     Chairs on this matter and
                                                     to start this process off
                                                     the terms of reference of
                                                     the CMB would be
                                                     circulated electronically
                                                     to all DMC, CASP and
                                                     Leaseholder Forum
                                                     Chairs and Vice-Chairs,
                                                     for them to look at what
                                                     was missing, the impact
                                                     the Tenants Services
                                                     Authority would have,
                                                     and how it could be taken
                                                     forward (including a
                                                     possible mission

         Camden Town DMC progress report

action              responsibility      progress to date


                                     Terms of reference sent
                                     to DMC chairs by Karen


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