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					                    Handi-Crafters Today
                     A publication for the workers and friends of Handi-Crafters, Inc.
                                                                                                   FALL 2009

Helping Youth with Employment Barriers Access Job Opportunities
The Chester County Department of Community
Development recently awarded Handi-Crafters
$300,000 in grants preparing at-risk youth to
enter the workforce.
Handi-Crafters received $240,000 to operate a
recently opened one-stop youth service center,
The H.O.O.D, to assist out-of-school youth
aged 16-21. Last year, Handi-Crafters was one
of two service providers to administer the pro-
gram in its start-up year. This year Handi-
Crafters is responsible for running the entire
program. At The H.O.O.D., youth can access
one-on-one support in educational develop-
ment, career counseling and job training, as
well as additional support services that will help
them to succeed.
                                                     Students participating in Handi-Crafters’ Summer Youth
Handi-Crafters’ program combines fundamental         Employment Program learn work skills helping gleaning
case management, academic enrichment and             project for Chester County Food Bank.
workforce development services with long-term
collaborative and strategic partnerships to cre-     ketplace.
ate a greater path to success for Chester            Handi-Crafters will place particular focus on building
County youth.                                        strong relationships with High Priority Occupations
                                                     as identified by the Chester County Workforce In-
This initiative exposes youth to attainable and      vestment Board, including Heath Care, Energy, In-
successful career opportunities and develops a       formation Technology and Advanced Manufacturing.
workforce ready to succeed in tomorrow’s mar-
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                                                                     Wegmans in Downingtown is now
                                                                     selling Victory Brewing Com-
                                                                     pany’s, “Taste Victory,” assem-
                                                                     bled by workers of Handi-Crafters.
                                                                     Pictured left is a point of sale dis-
                                                                     play stand now in Wegmans. It
                                                                     reads: “This store proudly offers
                                                                     Victory beers from Downingtown
                                                                     which are packaged with pride by
                                                                     Handi-Crafters of Thorndale. In
                                                                     their last program year Handi-
                                                                     Crafters helped almost 500 people
                                                                     who have disabilities and other
                                                                     special needs in their quest to ob-
                                                                     tain meaningful employment.”
PAGE 2                                                                           HANDI-CRAFTERS TODAY

Letter From Our Executive Director
As summer slowly winds down towards fall, we con-
tinue to be in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Our an-
nual budget with Chester County Department of
Mental Health has already been         to government funding to sustain
severely cut as they “anticipate       the organization’s mission. Fortu-
the worse case scenario.” Our          nately, as we entered the current
budget to serve individuals with       “recession,” we were in a solid
mental retardation now con-            financial position thanks to sound
tracted with the state continues       management and the generosity
to be a mystery.                       of the community.

My usual optimistic nature is put      As we move through this reces-
to the test, as we strategize on       sion we will continue to provide
ways to cut our expenses without       service to those who come to us
jeopardizing service, or creative      with or without government
ways to extend our fundraising         funds. Our staff will be stretching
skills.                                their abilities to seek other ave-
                                       nues to financially support our
I have been in the non-profit          commitment service. We are
business of service to others all      working hard to increase reve-
of my adult life, so this is not my    nues from production, to seek
first experience with governmen-       our share of the donor dollars in
tal budget cuts. When economic         the community and to operate as
times are difficult, it is the non-    efficiently and frugally as possi-
profits that are targeted, the or-     ble without reducing our quality
ganizations which provide service      of service.
to our most vulnerable citizens.                         Sincerely,

As a non-profit, it is risky to look

JazzFest - a benefit for Handi-Crafters
    Presented by:

On June 7, Victory Brewing Company hosted JazzFest to
benefit Handi-Crafters, celebrating their 2 year partnership
packaging Taste Victory. Attendees enjoyed great food,
complimentary Victory beer and great live music from the
19 piece Victory Jazz Orchestra. Many thanks to band
leader Al Moretti, whose son Gus works at Handi-Crafters
and Matt Kruger of Victory for organizing the event.
                                                                         Victory Jazz Orchestra

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PAGE 3                                                             HANDI-CRAFTERS TODAY

                              Production Services at Work

                                                        Top Left: Jackie holds a floor
                                                        liner destined for JEEP for our
                                                        new customer Quadratec.
                                                        Workers mounted Quad-
                                                        tratec’s logo to floor liners and
                                                        boxed pairs for shipping. Top
                                                        Right: Miguel mounts earrings
                                                        to backing that will also be la-
                                                        beled with a price tag and
                                                        packaged. Handi-Crafters’ cus-
                                                        tomer, John Wind Maximal Art
                                                        is distributing these earrings
                                                        to be sold at Anthropologie
                                                        stores. Bottom: Handi-Crafters
                                                        receives a container shipped
                                                        from China for our customer,
                                                        TechWorld, Inc. The container
                                                        includes the product compo-
                                                        nents of TechWorld’s Nasal
                                                        Care kit that Handi-Crafters
                                                        workers will assemble and
                                                        package for retail sale.

 Left: Gloria assembles a
 point of purchase display
 for Handi-Crafters’ cus-
 tomer Taurus Display Com-
 pany. The displays were
 then stocked with Kiwi
 products, price tagged and
 distributed to over 1,500
 Kmart’s throughout the

                               A.I.R. Conway            Polytron, Inc.
Welcome                        Anholt Technologies      Quadratec
New Customers
                               Maximal Art              Xcel Graphics

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PAGE 4                                                                                  HANDI-CRAFTERS TODAY

Incredible Journey to Citizenship Leads Through Handi-Crafters
On February 27, 2009 fifty-one        forever impact Tina and her
individuals from more than twenty     relationship with her son. An-
countries gathered at the Chester     other family claimed he was
County Courthouse in West Ches-       their son and tried to exchange
ter to be sworn in as citizens of     their daughter for her son.
the United States. They came          Having a son represented
from all over the world, but none     greater value in the Vietnam-
took a journey quite like Tina        ese/ Cambodian cultures.
Tran.                                 However, Tina refused to let go
                                      of Scott. In fact, Tina would
Tina, who works at Handi-             never let go of him.
Crafters, embodies a spirit of per-
severance and unbreakable moth-       Tina and Scott resided at Site 2
erly love. This spirit drove her to   for almost 8 years. In 1993
escape South Viet Nam and cross       they were transferred to
Cambodia to seek refuge. This         Phanat Nikhom Refugee Camp,
unbreakable motherly love for her     a processing camp which was
son helped her to take the risk of    the last stop before individuals
coming to America.                    were resettled in other coun-
                                      tries. At this camp, a Thai relief
Ethnically Cambodian but born in      worker, Niti, got to know Scott
the northern part of South Viet       and quickly embraced him.            Tina at her swearing in ceremony,
Nam, Tina learned to speak both       However, the camp was closing        joined by Rebecca McClintock
Vietnamese and Khmer. She             and Tina and Scott were going        (front left) and Amy Rice (back
never had the opportunity to go       to be sent back to Vietnam, a        left)
to school since she was orphaned      place Tina had no desire to re-
at a young age and had to work                                             based on Tina’s health and the
                                      turn to and where the pros-          hardships they would endure if
hard for the family that took her
in. In 1985, at about the age of      “If she didn’t have the              they were sent back to Vietnam.
20, Tina fled Vietnam on foot with    support she’s had from     Many faxes and phone calls later
a small group of men and women,       the staff at Handi-        the petition was approved by the
crossing a portion of Cambodia        Crafters, she would not be UN and the US Embassy. Catholic
littered with land mines, to reach    where she is today.”       Charities was the official agency
the Site 2 Refugee camp, on the                                            that sponsored them and organ-
Thailand/Cambodian border.                     - Rebecca McClintock
                                                                           ized their flights to America. Three
About 200,000+ refugees were          pects for their wellbeing were       months from the time the paper
housed at Site 2 where conditions     not good. It was difficult to        work was submitted they proc-
were very poor, living quarters       find a country to accept people      essed out of Phanat Nikhom and
were over crowded and abuse,          under refugee status with men-       made the long flight (around 24
rape and violence were prevalent.     tal health concerns.                 hours including layovers. They
Tina’s circumstances are not com-                                          arrived in Eau Claire, WI, July 18,
                                      Niti reached out to an American      1995 with 2 travel bags containing
pletely clear but she did receive     friend, Rebecca McClintock,
mental health services in the                                              their life possessions.
                                      now back in the US, who he           Obtaining permanent resident
camp and in her highest times of      had worked with a few years
emotional distress she was                                                 status for both Tina and Scott was
                                      earlier in Phanat Nikhom. In a       a lengthy struggle. Finally, after 3
housed in a mental health quad-       letter he explained the circum-
rant where her freedoms and in-                                            years and a move to Minnesota for
                                      stances that Tina and in par-        Immigration assistance, they suc-
teractions within the camp were       ticular, Scott, faced, hoping she
restricted.                                                                ceeded.
                                      would consider finding a way to
In Site 2, Tina gave birth to her     help them come to America.           During this time they also began
son, Van Sa Nguyen (now Scott)        The only option possible would       the process of trying to mend the
in 1986. Soon after his birth,        be to submit a petition for hu-      significant
something happened that would         manitarian parolee status,                          Continued on page 5

(610) 384-6990                                                                
 PAGE 5                                                                                HANDI-CRAFTERS TODAY

damages that 10 years of life in a     Tina, who had spent much of
refugee camp, and particularly 8       her childhood working, took
years at Site 2, caused both Tina      right to it. “She was a phenome-
and Scott. Tina had to contend         nal worker from day one,” ex-
with numerous issues, one of           plains Executive Director, Amy
which was Post Traumatic Stress        Rice, who was Tina’s Program
Disorder (PTSD), which she cer-        Specialist at the time. However,
tainly experienced.                    “she was very withdrawn when
                                       she came to Handi-Crafters. It
Tina particularly had an intense       was very difficult to get her to
fear of losing Scott. When he was      change anything or try anything
placed in a private school, Tina sat   new and she had a strong aver-
in his classroom just so he would-     sion to men. I spent a lot of
n’t be out of her sight.               time trying to connect with her.”
It was a struggle to get adequate      Today, Tina is one of Handi-
mental health support until the        Crafters’ most versatile and out-
move to Minnesota, where coun-         going employees, taking on all
seling and support were available                                           cook.”
                                       sorts of jobs. Over her time
for the Cambodian refugees that        working at Handi-Crafters, Tina      Tina has come a long way, from
had been resettled there. There        has become very confident and        a refugee camp in southeast
were many adjustments that were        social, she has learned English      Asia, to living on her own, and
difficult. Tina’s world was safer      and, according to Rebecca, “she      now a U.S. citizen.
but it was a whole new world and       began to trust people.”
culture. The barriers she faced                                             “[I’m] very excited to be citizen
were tremendous and at times           “She has changed dramatically,”      of America,” Tina declares.
overwhelming.                          states Amy, “especially when         “Scott, my son, is citizen, now I
                                       she began living on her own.”        am citizen.”
In 2000, the family moved to
Glenmoore, PA. Tina experienced        In 2005, with the support of Re-     Rebecca is also very proud of all
great loss and fear with this          becca and the help of Residen-       the achievements Tina has made
move. She had to leave behind          tial Living Options, Tina moved      in recent years.
her Khmer speaking friends and         into an apartment with a room-
support, her new found confidence      mate, in Downingtown. This           “If she didn’t have the support
and security developed with her        helped Tina to be increasingly       she’s had from the staff at
sheltered employment, as well as       independent, motivated and           Handi-Crafters, she would not be
her independent mobility she had       proud of herself.                    where she is today. It’s amazing
come to know in the city. Life had                                          what a person can do when fear
included taking the bus to work        “I love it,” Tina says. “I love to   is gone.”
and downtown and walking to the
store as well as weekends with         Helping Youth cont. from pg 1
                                                                            in West Chester.
friends. Now she lived 6 miles         The Department of Community
from the nearest store was with-       Development also awarded             This program is designed to pro-
out work and had no friends who        Handi-Crafters a $64,000 grant       vide students with basic work
could speak her first language. For    to provide summer job opportu-       skills, behaviors and educational
six months Tina experienced seri-      nities for in-school youth with      development with particular em-
ous depression, sleeping until 3       employment barriers. This grant      phasis on problem solving, work-
pm, when Scott came home from          is part of the American Recovery     ing in teams and communication
school. In November, 2000 she          and Reinvestment Act. Handi-         skills. The overall program objec-
started work at Handi-Crafters         Crafters is running two service      tive is to encourage individuals to
                                       corp. projects with 12 students in   stay in school and prepare them
“A gift,” recalls Rebecca. “That
                                       the West Chester area and 13         for transitioning out of high
was the start of many things in
                                       students from Southern Chester       school and into higher education
her life, here in PA.”
                                       County, as well as an internship     or the workforce.
                                       at the Care Center’s pre-school

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PAGE 6                                                                              HANDI-CRAFTERS TODAY

                                            In Memoriam
 Herb Krumrine                                         Keith Ladd
 1945-2009                                             1933-2009
 For ten years at                                      Keith Ladd served
 Handi-Crafters, Herb                                  on Handi-Crafters’
 Krumrine dedicated                                    Board of Directors
 himself to helping                                    for 10 years, includ-
 individuals in need                                   ing the office of Vice
 live a better life. As a                              President for two
 Program Specialist,                                   terms. Keith, foun-
 Herb worked hard to                                   der of The Protec-
 make sure each per-                                   tion Bureau, combined his successful business
 son he worked with                                    leadership skills with his compassion for others
 was getting the necessary support they needed         to be an instrumental voice in shaping Handi-
 and given every opportunity to realize their po-      Crafters into the organization it is today. Keith
 tential. In 2007, Herb became the Director of         took the lead role as the organization transi-
 the newly opened Older Adult Daily Living Cen-        tioned into a more efficient and effective opera-
 ter. He brought his skill and efficiency to the       tion with better formalized processes and proce-
 program, creating the needed order that a new         dures to deliver quality services and opportuni-
 program requires. This program has become a           ties to people with disabilities.
 great success, providing fun and stimulating
 opportunities for older adults with disabilities to   We are very pleased that the Ladd legacy will
 retire after a lifetime’s commitment to work.         continue. Keith’s daughter, Karen, has suc-
                                                       ceeded him on our board.

Handi-Crafters Board of Directors Expands its Talent
We would like to welcome four new members to           Sunlight Indoors. He is past Vice President of R&D
Handi-Crafters’ Board of Directors, Claire An-         for Covidien (formerly Tyco Healthcare Retail
nechini, Karen Ladd Baker , Donald Sheldon and         Group), as well as former Research Manager of
Monica Zimmerman. Each brings an incredible            Product Development for Kimberly-Clark which in-
wealth of talent and experience to the organization    cluded Huggies Diapers, Pull-Ups, and Kotex. He
and we are very excited to have them involved.         holds a black belt in “Design for Six Sigma” prod-
                                                       uct process management system. Don lives in Up-
Claire Annechini is a retired EVP/Chief Informa-       per Uwchlan with his wife, Mary.
tion Officer of MEDecision and previously CIO of
the Intracorp subsidiary of CIGNA Corporation.         Monica Zimmerman, PhD, CPA is an Associate
Claire resides with her husband, Bill, in Schuylkill   Professor in the College of Business and Public Af-
Township. She also serves on the board of Schuyl-      fairs at West Chester University where she teaches
kill River Heritage Center.                            graduate and undergraduate courses in entrepre-
                                                       neurship and strategic management. She is the
Karen Ladd Baker is Senior VP of The Protection        director of the Edwin Cottrell Entrepreneurial Lead-
Bureau assisting in managing the day-to-day op-        ership Center at West Chester University. She lives
erations. Karen’s 28 years of experience have          in Chester Springs with her husband and daughter.
earned her a PHR and MCSE Certification. When
not at work, she enjoys family time with her sons      Thank You
Zach and Josh. Her philanthropy extends to South
Africa and work with The Hope Village.                 A special Thank You to former Board member Judy
                                                       Skolnik for her 6 years of service. Although leav-
Donald Sheldon is Partner and Chief Commer-            ing the Board in June, Judy will continue to lend
cialization Officer for Summalux, LLC – Bringing       her talents to the Board’s Governance Committee.

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PAGE 7                                                                          HANDI-CRAFTERS TODAY

                      f|ÅÑÄç à{x Uxáà Éy V{xáàxÜ VÉâÇàç
                                      tà _ÉÇzãÉÉw ZtÜwxÇá
  Friends of Handi-Crafters enjoyed a wonderful evening at the spectacular Longwood Gardens.
  Guests took in the unparalleled beauty of the gardens and their orchid extravaganza, enjoyed
  great jazz music, food and drink, all to benefit people with disabilities in our community.

  The event netted $90,000 which will directly benefit the individuals who rely on the services
  Handi-Crafters provides.

  We would like to thank our community partners who helped make this all possible.

                                         Event Sponsors

                           Celebrating the Verizon FiOS Collaboration Project

                                           Gold Sponsors

                    A Friend of Handi-Crafters           Jennifer & Bob McNeil

  Silver Sponsors
  Argosy Partners                                      MacElree Harvey, Ltd
  Analytical Graphics, Inc.                            McAllister, Kevin & Janice
  Mark & Susan Prowell                                 Law Office of Patrick C. O'Donnell
  DNB First                                            Bob & Karen Rigg
  Bruce & Claudia Hinlein                              Harold C. Wright, Jr. Ins. & Financial Svcs.
  Bob & Hannah Spatola                                 L. William Kay, II
  Univest Corporation                                  Solomon Edwards Group, LLC
  Hangley Aronchick Segal & Pudlin                     KPMG LLP
  Keystone Helicopter                                  WPCS International Incorporated
                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Barry Milberg
  Bronze Sponsors
  20nine Design Studios, LLC                           Orchid Sponsors
  Citadel FCU                                          Freedom Village Brandywine Retirement
  Dechert                                              Community
  Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP                           Krapf's Coaches, Inc.
  First National Bank of Chester County                Penelope Wilson
  Hampson Mowrer Kreitz Insurance                      Rainer & Company
  Agency                                               Royal Paper
  Mrs. Mary Ladd                                       The Chesko Family

(610) 384-6990                                                        
Handi-Crafters, Inc. is a non-profit
organization founded in 1961. We
                                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE PAID
provide vocational rehabilitation,     215 Barley Sheaf Road                              PERMIT NO. 173
job preparation and placement          P.O. Box 72646                               DOWNINGTOWN, PA 19335-9998
services for people with               Thorndale, PA 19372
disabilities, or who face other
barriers to becoming employed.
We work with businesses to
provide meaningful job
experiences for our individuals in
our workshops, on our community
work crews, and in the
competitive workplace.
Each year we help over 400
people in their quest for
productive employment and the
highest level of independence.
        215 Barley Sheaf Road
           P.O. Box 72646
         Thorndale, PA 19372
          P: (610) 384-6990
         Handi-Crafters Today
        Editor: Brian Tagliaferro

Board of Directors
John Gillespie, President                                 Recent Grant Awards
Gregory Bentley, Vice President             Handi-Crafters has been the recipient of several grant
                                           awards recently in support of our employment ser-
Marlene Vogel, Vice President              vices. We would like to thank the following organiza-
Brian Nagle, Secretary                     tions for their commitment to such opportunities:
Matthew Kelly, Treasurer                   The Barra Foundation            Quaker Chemical
Robert Spatola, Past President                                             Foundation
                                           Chester County Department
                                           of Community Development        Robert E. Lamb
Members of the Board                                                       Foundation
                                           Connelly Foundation
Claire Annechini                           First Cornerstone
                                                                           Rotary Club of Coatesville
Barbara Balmer                             Foundation                      SAP America, Inc.
Bruce Cavin                                Huston Foundation               Caroline B. Sanders
Thomas Davis                                                               Trust #2
                                           Kistler-Tiffany Foundation
Sharon Jones                                                               United Way of Chester
                                           Mill Spring Foundation
Karen Ladd Baker
Mark Prowell
Donald Sheldon                                                       Save the Date!
Monica Zimmerman
                                                               A Night of Wine & Daffodils
Executive Director
                                                                        At Longwood Gardens
Amy Rice
                                                                           April 16, 2010