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					                   Ilalko Husky Herald
                    December 2009                                Volume 10, Issue 4

         Calendar                                Missoula Children's Theater
Nov.30-    Missoula                                         Tammy Summers 333-1493
Dec. 5     Children’s Theater
           (MCT)                                             Gina Lindberg, 931-4748

Dec. 4     Popcorn Friday
           Spirit Day-               It’s time again for this year’s presentation of the
                                     Missoula Children’s Theatre. This year’s play
           Giving Tree Ends          will be “The Amazing Adventures of Robinson
                                     Crusoe.” The performances will be held Friday,
           MCT Performance,
           ARHS Theater,             December 4th at 7:00 pm and Saturday,
           7 pm                      December 5th at 1:00 pm at the Auburn
                                     Riverside Theatre. Admission is free with a
Dec. 5     MCT Performance,          suggested canned food donation to the Algona-
           ARHS Theater,             Pacific Food Bank. DVD’s of Ilalko’s
           1 pm
                                     performance and professional photos will be
Dec. 8-    Holiday Shop              available for purchase at the performances. Come support our Ilalko
                                     students and enjoy the results of all of their hard work!

Dec. 14    PTA Board
           Meeting 6:30pm
Dec. 18    Rebate Contest
           Winners Party
                                                    Holiday Shop is Coming!
Dec. 21- No School—
                                                             Danette Wate—Sue Cimo
Jan. 1   Winter Vacation
                                                                  It is almost time for Ilalko's annual Holiday
Jan. 6-7 AR Shop
                                                                  Shop. This year our shop will be open
                                                                  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,
Jan. 8     Popcorn Friday
           Spirit Day—Crazy                                       December 8th - 10th, in the PTA room. Kids
           Hair                                                   Corner provides "kid-priced" merchandise, with
                                                                  items ranging from $.25 up to $10.00, with
                                                                  most items being in the $1.00 - $3.00 range.
         The Husky Herald                                         Each class will have a specific time to come
 Auburn PTA Council Local # 9.2.17                                shop for family and friends in a non-commercial
Jan. Ilalko Elementary School
     12 PTA General                  environment. Be on the lookout for a letter and envelope coming home
          301 Oravetz Pl SE
             Meeting, 6:30pm
         Auburn WA 98092             which will tell you what day and time your child will be shopping. This is a
                                     really fun event for the kids as well as the parent helpers. Volunteers are
                                     needed to work shifts on all three days from 8:45 - 11:30 and from 11:30
           Giving Tree
          Barb Carman Ends           to 2:30. If you are interested in helping, please contact Danette Wate at              (253)939-3107 or
   Next deadline: Dec. 17, 2009
          2009-2010 PTA Officers &                                President’s Message
          Committee Chairpersons                                Lynne Stephens—Vinnette Lang—Debi Green

Co-Presidents     Debi Green              740-6117      Hard to believe but the middle of November is upon us
                  Vinnette Lang           887-1509
                                                        with Parent/Teacher Conferences and, Thanksgiving
                  Lynne Stephens          931-8143
Vice-President    Patty Dolan             804-4261      Break; November has really flown by! We hope that you
Secretary         Barb Carman             351-6020      will join us for some great upcoming events: Missoula
Treasurer         Julie Hindman           288-2206      Children’s Theater comes to Ilalko to present ‘Robinson
                                                        Crusoe’ the week of Nov. 30, featuring 2 shows later that
Accelerated Reader    Michelle Ruda          833-0536   week to highlight the acting talents of many Ilalko
                      Julie Runsvold         804-4190   students. Hope to see you at the show! Also on Monday,
Art Program           Lynne Stephens         931-8143   Nov. 30, an assembly featuring ‘Earth Challenge/Earth
                      Laine Lenihan      206-380-4558
Awards                Lynne Stephens         932-8143   Idol’ will be presented, following along with the quest of
                      Debi Green             740-6117   making Ilalko an even Greener school than it already is.
                      Vinnette Lang          887-1509
                                                        Check out the Green Banner hanging near the 2/3 grade
Carnival              Nikki Callero          939-7785
                      Patty Dolan            804-4261   hallway! Also following along with the Green theme is the
Display               Vinnette Lang          887-1509   start of our holiday light strand recycling program. Start
                      Danette Wate           939-3107
Dr. Seuss Day         Vinnette Lang          887-1509   cleaning out those garages! Our Ilalko families, as
                      Maria Edwards      206-227-7290   always, will generously participate in The Giving Tree.
Fall Family Fun Night Patty Dolan            804-4561
                      Michelle McCurdy       833-4363
                                                        And Holiday Shop will once again be the shopping
Fundraising           Nikki Callero          939-7785   extravaganza of the Season for all our Ilalko students,
                      mi Matiatos            735-4702   with Holiday Shop providing one shopping dollar to each
                      Danette Wate           939-3107
Giving Tree           Heidi Abbott           333-8212   student so everyone feels welcome. All in all, a great
                      Debi Green             740-6117   time to be involved with the many great things Ilalko PTA
Holiday Shop          Sue Cimo               351-0597
                      Danette Wate           939-3107
                                                        enjoys doing for its community. And PTA couldn’t do
Ice Cream Social      Michelle McCurdy       833-4363   these great things without its dedicated volunteers;
                      Patty Dolan            804-4261   cheers to each one of you!
Legislative           Perry Hoffman          737-4184
Membership            Maria Edwards      206-227-7290   We wish all Ilalko families a great Holiday season!
                      Michelle Ruda          833-0536
MCT                   Gina Lindberg          931-4748
                      Tammy Summers          333-1493
Popcorn Friday
                      Barb Carman
                      Danette Wate
                                                                    Treasurer’s Report
Raffle                Kami Matiatos          735-4702                       Julie Hindman, 288-2206
Rebates: Campbell’s Vinnette Lang            887-1509
  Boxtop/ink cartridgesTrudi Vinson          670-5507                     We have deposited quite a bit of
Reflections           Patty Dolan            804-4261                     money this month. Most of it comes
RICH Reading          Sandra Smith           939-2089                     from the hard work of you and your
                      Carrie Emmons          887-9314                     children supporting the PTA by
School Supplies       Maria Edwards      206-227-7290                     shopping at the supermall, we won
Science Night         Phil Stephens          931-8143                     2nd Place and received $5000.00.
                      Laine Lenihan      206-380-4558                     What are we going to do with that
Sportswear            Trudi Vinson           670-5507                     money? Are you a member of the
                      Lynne Stephens         931-8143
                                                        PTA? If so you can have a vote on what we do with it.
Staff Appreciation    Nita Johnson
                      Patty Wingate         288-3537
Summer Reading        Tammy Summers         333-1493    We have collected more membership money along with
Sunshine              Lynne Stephens        931-8143
                                                        yearbook sales. We paid out money for MCT, Safari
                      Vinnette Lang         887-1509
                      Debi Green            740-6117
                                                        Montage (an all school classroom program) and paid for
Talent Show           Gina Lindberg         931-4748
                                                        the online subscription for Accelerated Reader.
                      Sue Cimo              351-0597
Yearbook              Michelle Ruda         833-0536
                      Nikki Callero         939-7785
                                                        We are ending the month with approx. $28,000 in the
                                                        bank. This will be enough to run our budget for the year
                                                        and purchase extra things for the school.
Volume 10, Issue 4
                                       Principal’s Corner
              PUBLIC SERVICE                                         Lunch and Breakfast
             ANNOUNCEMENTS:                              A reminder - our school participates in the National
                                                         School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. As such,
                                                         families with financial need (even temporarily) are
                                                         able to apply for free or reduced priced meals for
          Please Avoid Classroom                         their children enrolled in Auburn schools - please
               Interruptions                             use one application for the entire family. An income
 To allow for maximum learning time and the least        guideline chart and application can be found on the
 disruption of class time, we encourage families to      District's website, in the school office, or by request
                                                         in the kitchen. Applications and student status are
 make appointments and pick up arrangements              kept confidential. Once approved, your child(ren)
 outside of school hours. We have too many               are qualified for the school year - you do not need to
 students consistently dismissed during the last ten     do a new application until the start of the next
 to fifteen minutes of the school day.                   school year.

 The last few minutes of class are a busy,                 Professional Learning Communities
 informative time. Teachers often plan                   At our recent PTA meeting I presented some
 announcements and distribute information to             changes in how we (Ilalko under the leadership of
 students. Opening and closing times of the school       the Auburn School District School Board and
 day are just as important as the remainder of the       Superintendent) do our business. This will be the
 day. Please help your child receive the full benefit    first of many articles I write to share with you the
 of his/her classroom time.                              concepts of, progress toward, and opportunities you
                                                         will have to participate in our “Professional Learning
 In addition, please be sure to check in at the office
 any time you enter the building. It is our              Current educational research is clear; teacher
 paramount duty to keep your children and our staff      collaboration, done effectively, is the key to
 safe. Appropriate identification and                    improving student achievement. I am proud that the
 documentation is a key component of that plan. If       Auburn School Board is committed to the practices
                                                         of Professional Learning Communities. The staff at
 a staff member sees an adult without a visitors
                                                         Ilalko has been working very hard to learn and
 pass we will be asking him/her to put the pass on.      implement these strategies. They are off to an
                                                         excellent start and I am inspired by everyone’s
                                                         focused efforts. This journey to becoming a true
                                                         Professional Learning Community will take
                                                         time. Change like this is never easy; in fact it’s
                                                         almost always messy.

                                                         Adam Couch

                      AUBURN ALERT SIGN UP:
The City of Auburn’s reverse 911 system, Auburn Alert, which is designed to notify you in
cases of city –wide emergency, now has the ability to send text and email messages to
you. To add your email or cell phone number to the database, go to City of Auburn web-
site: and click the Auburn Alert icon in the lower right corner
to register online OR call 253.876.1925.

                                                                                     Ilalko Husky Herald
           HOLIDAY LIGHT                                        Roach Gymnastics
         Lynne Stephens—Vinnette Lang

Ilalko PTA needs your help! The Ilalko Green
Team has established a holiday light strand recy-
cling program. Our goal is to collect as many bro-
                                                                Parents’ Night Out!!
ken, mangled, snarled and unusable light strands        You will be receiving information home this
as possible. Extension cords are fine too. If every
parent at Ilalko gave us their holiday light strands,   month about another “Parents Night Out”
plus told their neighbors, co-workers, church           event that will be held at Roach Gymnastics,
members, Bunko partners, Cub Scout troopers,
etc., etc., about donating their holiday lights to      this one we will be combining with Lakeland
Ilalko, imagine how many strands could be col-          Hills Elementary!! So if you have friends there,
lected! Our goal will be to collect these unwanted      get them to come with you!! Just ask the kids
strands until Friday, January 22, 2010. From
there, whatever amount is collected will be taken       that came to the last one!! It was a blast! The
to a local metal recycling center where a break-        cost is $15.00 per child (must be toilet trained)
down process will reclaim the metals. All pro-
ceeds will be directed into the Ilalko Library Fund.    and held on December 19th 6pm to 10pm.
What a win-win, painless scenario for all: you get      You will drop off your kids for a fun night of
a clean garage, more garbage can space, Ilalko          crafts, games, movies and snacks. Then you
raises money for something that would be thrown
away anyway and our landfill won’t miss that to-        are free to go out for a night with your
tally recyclable, reusable content. Near Ilalko’s       spouse, friends or go shopping for some
Front Office is a Holiday Lights collections box,
plus our Top Foods at the top of the hill, Lakeland     Christmas presents. Look for the
Hills Chiropractic, Children’s Dance Theater, Au-       flyers coming home in kid mail. A
burn YMCA and Bank of America-Southcenter
Branch are also hosting Collections boxes. If your      portion of the money raised will
worksite or place of worship would be willing to        be given to the PTA.
host a box, please contact The Green Team and
we will set you up with a small collections box. It
really is that easy!
Please help Ilalko PTA spread the word to give us            Art Program Education
your tired, your tangled, your unwanted and unus-                  Lynne Stephens 931-8143
able light strands!
                                                                  Laine Lenihan 206-380-4558
                                                                      Ilalko has some wonderful APE’s on
         Staff Appreciation                                           board for the benefit of all our kids!
                                                                      The following parents taught APE
          Nita Johnson—Patty Wingate                                  enrichment classes to various
                                                                      students and grade levels, freeing up
Again, thank you to all that have donated to Staff                    those classroom teachers to focus
Appreciation this year! So far we have put on a                       on other students participating in
September breakfast, October soup lunch, and            Professional Learning Communities (PLC). As
November Italian dinner during conferences. The         Mr. Couch said, “this partnership…play(s) an
next Staff Appreciation event will be a Chili           invaluable role in helping ALL of our students
lunch on Thursday 1/14/09. Those interested in          reach high levels of achievement.”
providing a crock pot of chili, cornbread, or
supporting items please email your contact              Thanks to all these GREAT APE’s enriching Ilalko
information to Your                students!
individual contributions allow us to combine our        Anita Tyson Pleake
efforts and serve a great lunch for our fantastic       Marcy Daugherty
Ilalko teachers and staff! Staff Appreciation           Michelle Eller
themed events occur monthly and are generally
on the first or second Thursday of the month.           Thanks to Trudie Vinson for helping teach an APE
Once we have you on our email list, you will re-        class ‘Navajo Sand Painting’ to Mrs. Price’s 2nd
ceive notification of upcoming events. Food contri-     Grade class.
butions are easy to do and greatly appreciated!
Volume 10, Issue 4
               Green Team                                                 Rebates
                Lynne Stephens                                    Vinnette Lang—Trudie Vinson

Green Tip for the month:                               Here are more ways than ever to help our school.

Annoyed with how much room                             We have just joined several new Brigades through
those blocks of Styrofoam from                         TerraCycle! TerraCycle is where we send our Drink
holiday packages take up in                            Pouches, which we have already recycled over
your garbage on garbage day?
Here is a local, easy solution:                        1,500 pouches. These are our new brigades: Bear
recycle that pesky, unwanted                           Naked, Malt-O-Meal Cereal Bags, Huggies Brand
Styrofoam while visiting IKEA                          Plastic diaper packaging, Aveeno Tube, Scotch
in Renton!                                             Tape, Mars/Wrigley Candy Wrappers, Frito-Lay
                                                       Chip Bags, Elmer's Glue Crew both emptied glue
From the IKEA website:                                 sticks and glue bottles, and corks. So, start sending      them in!!!

“Check out Ikea’s new recycle center, located in       We have also joined Subway in there Subway
the main garage, just to the left of the entrance to   school rewards card. And shop in-store or online
the Customer Service department. Ikea has dedi-        with your Foot Locker school rewards card.
cated this special area as a collection point for      Just send me an e-mail or call me and I'll send you
customers to bring their IKEA cardboard boxes          their card and information via kid mail.
and used bulbs for recycling at IKEA. And now,
Ikea just recently added the capability of recy-
cling stryofoam. Bring your #6 styrofoam here to
IKEA Seattle and drop it off at the recycle center     Verizon wireless - whether you're a new customer or
and it will be ground up, compressed and then          an existing one, you can earn cash for our school by
densified into blocks, which are then manufac-         visiting
tured into commonly used plastic products such
as picture frames, TV and computer monitor cas-
ings, office equipment and much more! Thanks           Your Family Vacation can raise money, book at
for helping us do our part for the environment, and
keep these items out of our landfills.”                Just make sure you enter our school information.

                                                       ·      Send in your Box Tops 4 Education (Start
                                                       clipping from Pillsbury, General Mills cereal, Juicy
                                                       Juice, Ziploc, Betty Crocker, Hefty, Huggies, and
                             Spirit Day                ·     Send in your UPC codes for Campbell's
                      Its Superhero Day! Come to       products. (Which includes, All Campbell's soups,
                      school dressed as your           Soup at hand, Chunky Soups and Chili,
                      favorite superhero on Friday,    Spaghetto's, V8, Pepperidge Farms like goldfish
                      Dec. 4th!                        crackers, Swanson, Franco-American, and Prego)
                                                       ·     Tyson Project A+
                                                       ·     If you have a Fred Meyer's or QFC reward
          Popcorn Friday                               cards, you can sign-up at,
                                                       you automatically receive additional points on your
         December 4th                                  card.
Bring $0.25 to buy popcorn or                          ·     If you have a Safeway card, you can sign-up
Airheads candy at lunchtime.
                                                       • If you shop at Albertson's, sign-up for a
                                                       Albertson's Community Partner card. We
                                                       receive 1% of your purchases.

                                                                                   Ilalko Husky Herald
        From the Counselor                                         Parents of Fifth Grade
This holiday time of the year is about giving. We                        Students
can get so wrapped up in “What am I going to give?”
PTA members and parents volunteering continue to             As of 7/26/2009 our state legislature has repealed
give our Ilalko community the gifts of your time,            the mandate to screen all public school children
effort, and talents. Thank you! Just one example is          for scoliosis. Since School Nurses will no longer
the wonderful response of taking a gift item from the        be screening students I wanted to send you an
Giving Tree. We could not have this quality of a             update on identification of scoliosis. If you have
school, without our dedicated parents.                       any concerns about your child please call me and
                                                             I will be happy to screen your child and make the
A parent shared with me a DVD they have at home.             appropriate referral to a Licensed Health Care
PTA purchased it for our Parent Library. This                Provider as needed.
excellent DVD titled Stranger Safety has hot tips for
children to help keep them safer with people they            Scoliosis of the spine is an abnormal curve of the
don’t know and they kinda know. We also have                 spine with a rotational deformity. This means that
                                                             the spine turns on its axis like a corkscrew. Most
books on topics like sibling rivalry, sleep, divorce,
                                                             scoliosis goes undetected and does not cause any
stepfamilies, sensory integration, distractibility,          problems. Occasionally scoliosis is bad enough
being healthy and child development. Please use              that bracing or surgery is indicated.
the check out system. The materials are there for
parents to use and return for others to benefit from.        The symptoms of scoliosis are uneven muscula-
During this holiday season our children receive true         ture on one side of the spine. This may look like a
                                                             rib hump, a prominent shoulder blade, one shoul-
happiness, not from the gift of items, but the gifts of
                                                             der being higher than the other or an uneven hip.
showing love, time together, doing family traditions,        Pain is occasionally considered a symptom of sco-
playing family games and sharing laughter.                   liosis.
Wishing you special memories of this holiday
season,                                                      Most symptoms of scoliosis are picked up by par-
                                                             ents or during a well-child visit. If you have any
                                                             concerns that your child may have scoliosis
Ms. Scacco                                                   please call me.

                                                             Thank you ,
                                                             Vicki Wagner, BSN, RN

                Reflections                               NO PLASTIC BAG RECYCLE
                    Patty Dolan
                                                                AT ILALKO!
                                                          Please recycle your plastic bags at Top Foods or
                                                          Fred Meyers and don’t bring them to Ialko! Unfor-
                                                          tunately Wal-Mart is no longer accepting plastic
                                                          bags for recycle so Ilalko is NOT collecting them.
                                                          If the bags are still brought into Ilalko, The Green
             The Reflections assembly                     Team will just have to take them to the above
 will be held Thursday, December 17th from 1:30           named places for recycle. So as an easy way to
                  p.m. till 2 p.m.                        decrease plastic bag usage, buy a cloth bag!

Volume 10, Issue 4
                   Teacher Wish-Lists
AUSTIN-1             Indoor Recess Games:
                     +Candy land
                     +Connect Four
                     Tinker Toys
                     Unifix Cubes
                     Portable CD/Tape player
                     Brass Fasteners
                     Glitter: Gold, Silver, Red, Green
                     Cotton Balls
                     White Boards for each student
                     White Board erasers for each student
                     Sticky Tac tape
                     Reward Stickers

BLAU-K AM/PM         Magnetix Toys (just one box is fine)
                     Gift cards to Lakeshore Learning and
                     Children’s Teacher Book Store
                     Lincoln Logs Toys (just 1 or 2 boxes)
                     Kids puzzles-easy puzzles with larger pieces (puzzles with up
                     to 50ish pieces)
                     Play dough toys
                     Magna Doodles (2 or 3)
DAVIS-               Electric Pencil Sharpener
Intermediate SLC     Big bag of papers plates
EMBERY-1             Inside Recess Games:
                            +‘Dicecapades Word Pirates’
                            +‘Feed the Kitty’ (A game about Mice and Dice)
                            +‘Can You See What I See?’ (Finders/Keepers game)
                            +‘Bananagrams’ (Word game)
                            +‘Wonder Letters’ (Word Game)
                            +‘I Spy’ (Memory Game 1st Edition)
EVANS-5              30 – 35 copies of The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth Speare
                     30 – 35 copies of In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
                     by Bette Lord
                     24 copies of The Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop
                     12 copies of Bridge to Terabithia Katherine Paterson
                     12 copies of Journey to Jo’burg by Beverly Naidoo

GESELL/              15 sets Skinny Markers
CARTWRIGHT-3         15 sets Colored Pencils-At least 12 colors per pack
                     6 bottles Craft Glue
                     30 Red or Green Pipe Cleaners
                     30 Pink or Purple Pipe Cleaners
                     1 Digital Thermometer (small)
                     1 Regular sized Thermometer with both Fahrenheit and Celsius
                     Any Non-Fiction AR Book

                                                                 Ilalko Husky Herald
GRIJALVA-5           AR books of all levels
                     Bookshelf with 3 shelves
                     Whiteboard erasers-little ones for each individual student
                     Rainy day recess games

HALL-K/PM            Magnetix Toys (just one box is fine)
                     Gift cards to Lakeshore Learning and Children’s Teacher Book
                     Lincoln Logs Toys (just 1 or 2 boxes)
                     Kids puzzles-easy puzzles with larger pieces (puzzles with up to
                     50ish pieces)
                     Play dough toys
                     Magna Doodles (2 or 3)
JARRELL-             Wipes: baby and disinfecting
Primary SLC          Snacks
                     Flash cards-anything with letters, numbers, colors, shapes, basic
                     Alphabet &/or Number puzzles

LOGAN-3              Lysol Wipes
                     Pink erasers
                     Water color crayons
                     AR Picture books
                     AR Chapter books
                     Dry Erase Markers
                     Pencil Sharpener
                     Hand Sanitizer

MYKA-4/5             2 Beanbag chairs
                     1 tall Director’s chair
                     Mad Libs game (available at Target)
                     “Oh the Places You’ll Go” book by Dr. Seuss
                     Apples to Apples Game (ages 7+ - 9+)

NIELSEN-4            Industrial type pencil sharpener
                     Flash cards-multiplication, division, subtraction, addition
                     Bean bag chairs
                     Pencils-NO Penway brand
                     ‘Apples to Apples’ Game
                     ‘Banana-a-Gram word game
                     Terra-cotta felt markers
                     Pink erasers
                     Water color crayons
NEUBAUER-2           Christmas is a time to give. We would like to give our students the
                     opportunity to join with us in giving to others. Any size donation of
                     money can be sent in to the class. Just before vacation our class
                     will select an animal to purchase for a needy family somewhere in
                     the world through the Heifer Project. This animal provides nutrition
                     and earns needed income for this family. Together we can surely
                     make a difference! Thank you very much!

Volume 10, Issue 4
PRICE-2            Christmas is a time to give. We would like to give our students the
                   opportunity to join with us in giving to others. Any size donation of
                   money can be sent in to the class. Just before vacation our class
                   will select an animal to purchase for a needy family somewhere in
                   the world through the Heifer Project. This animal provides nutrition
                   and earns needed income for this family. Together we can surely
                   make a difference! Thank you very much!
PRIEST-2           Christmas is a time to give. We would like to give our students the
                   opportunity to join with us in giving to others. Any size donation of
                   money can be sent in to the class. Just before vacation our class
                   will select an animal to purchase for a needy family somewhere in
                   the world through the Heifer Project. This animal provides nutrition
                   and earns needed income for this family. Together we can surely
                   make a difference! Thank you very much!
SCACCO-            Camera
SCHOOL COUNSELOR   Nice calming music CDs
                   Stationary-either blank or Thank You
SPRENGER-5         Projector mounted on the ceiling
                   AV cart that has locking doors/drawers
                   School appropriate music to play during work time
                   AR books
SURBER-1           Mailing labels (white, 1” x 2 5/8”)
                   Liquid paper
                   Paper fasteners (brads)
                   Metal locking rings – 1”
                   Rainy Day Recess Games:
                                   +‘Candy Land’
                                   +‘Connect Four’
                   ‘Judy’ clock
                   Glitter-gold, silver, red, blue or green
ROY                Many below items can be found at Children’s Bookshop in downtown Kent
                   Clue Finders – 4th G Adventures (Learning Co.)
                   Clue Finders – 5th G Adventures (Learning Co.)
                   Brain Quest – 4th G (Q/A cards) isbn#-0-7611-3765-3
                   Brain Quest – 5th G (Q/A cards) isbn#-0-7611-3766-5
                   U.S. Money Flash Cards (Carson Dellosa Pub) CD-3905
                   Time Flash Cards (Carson Dellosa Pub) CD-3906
                   LEGO Space Police (5972) item #4539966
                   LEGO City (7633) item #4540479
                   Money Bags Game (Learning Resources) #LPK5057-BOX
                   Yacker Tracker (AGI Learning Advantage) #3030
                   Apples to Apples Junior Fame (Mattel) #N1387
                   Connect Four—UNO—Magnetix Set—Battleship
                   Shoe box size bins w/lids (x4)

                                                               Ilalko Husky Herald
     In Case You Missed It!
 Mr. Couch’s Pie-in-the-Face-Day!
As a reward for the top sellers at the Walk-a-Thon,
Mr. Couch volunteered to have pies thrown at his
face! What a brave soul we have as our Princi-

  Your business could advertise in
  the Husky Herald.
  For just $10 a month, you can reach
  over 500 student’s families.
  Interested? Contact Barb Carman,
  351-6020 or

Volume 10, Issue 4
Lakeland Family Chiropractic

             Ilalko Husky Herald

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