Bin Laden demands Europe pull troops out of Afghanistan

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Bin Laden demands Europe pull troops out of Afghanistan
                    CAIRO: Osama bin Laden demanded that European                   The audiotape, just under five minutes long, was posted         NATO allies, and warned that Al-Qaeda would then retali-              cordings confirmed to be by bin Laden. The video carried
                countries pull their troops out of Afghanistan in a new au-     Friday on Islamic militant Web sites. It comes after a series      ate against the Europeans. It was not clear whether his threat        the logo of Al-Qaeda’s media arm, Al-Sahab.
                diotape Friday, warning of “retaliation” against them for       of Al-Qaeda videos this week that directly addressed Ger-          was aimed at European troops in Afghanistan or against Eu-                “It is a shameful thing for a person to be in a coalition
                their alliance with the United States in the war.               many, and threatened attacks over Berlin’s military mission        ropean countries themselves.                                          whose supreme commander has no regard for human blood
                    The Al-Qaeda leader denounced NATO airstrikes in            in Afghanistan. Those videos featured a little-known Ger-              “It won’t be long before the war’s dust in Afghanistan            and intentionally bombs villagers from the air,” said bin
                Afghanistan that have killed civilians and warned that Eu-      man-Algerian militant and have raised concerns among               clears out, and you will not find a trace of an American (sol-         Laden, referring to a recent German-ordered U.S. airstrike
                ropean countries would be held accountable alongside the        German authorities ahead of parliamentary elections.               dier) ... and it will be only us and you left,” he said, address-     in Kunduz, Afghanistan that killed dozens and have pushed
                Americans unless they withdraw from the country.                    Bin Laden’s tape came as a voice-over on a video that          ing Europeans.                                                        Berlin’s Afghan mission to the forefront of Germany’s par-
                    “A wise person would not waste his sons and money for       had English and German subtitles translating his speech,               “How do think you will fare after America pulls out - Al-         liamentary election campaign.
                a gang of criminals in Washington ... In summary, we are not    along with a still photo of bin Laden in front of a map of         lah permitting - allowing us to retaliate from the oppressor              The German Commander of NATO forces in Kunduz
                asking too much or an invalid demand, but it would be fair      Europe.                                                            on behalf of the oppressed?” he said.                                 has said he ordered the bombing because he thought there
                that you lift your oppression and withdraw your troops,”            The Al-Qaeda leader predicted that American forces                 The authenticity of the tape could not be immediately             were no civilians nearby and feared the hijacked trucks
                bin Laden said, addressing the Europeans.                       would soon pull out of Afghanistan, abandoning their               verified, though the voice resembled that on previous re-              would be used to carry out suicide bombings. -AP

South Korean                                                                                                                              Indian PM welcomes
leader pushes tough stand on North                                                                                                        rise of G20, says G8 ‘ill-equipped’
                     PITTSBURGH: South Korean President Lee                to talks “with sincerity,” whatever the country’s reason       Canada close to signing
                Myung-bak said Friday the world must take a strong
                stand against North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, despite
                                                                           for reaching out to the outside world in recent weeks.
                                                                                 “If they are sincere, then we are ready to provide       nuclear deal with India,
                recent conciliatory gestures from Pyongyang. After
                months of threatening nuclear war and conducting nu-
                                                                           them with whatever is necessary,” Lee said through an
                                                                           interpreter.                                                   says Trade minister
                clear and missile tests, North Korea has recently eased          But Lee, a pro-American conservative whose tough
                its angry rhetoric and appeared more willing to rejoin     policies have stoked fury in Pyongyang, also sounded a              PITTSBURGH: Indian Prime Minis-
                stalled nuclear disarmament talks. In an interview with    warning about North Korean negotiating tactics.                ter Manmohan Singh on Friday welcomed
                a small group of reporters at the end of the Group of 20         “In the past, from experience, we know that ne-          a decision to elevate Group of 20 summits
                economic summit, Lee said North Korea must return          gotiating with North Korea has always been a process           involving developing nations, saying the
                                                                           whereby we make one step forward and we take two               G8 club was “ill-equipped.” The White
                                                                           steps back, and we go back and forth and back and              House used a summit of 20 developed
                                                                           forth, without achieving much results,” Lee said.              and developing nations in Pittsburgh to
                                                                                 It is difficult to determine what North Korea’s “true     announce that the format would serve
                                                                           intentions” are, Lee said, but the world can be certain        as the premier forum for economic deci-
                                                                           the country will not readily give up its nuclear weapons       sions, eclipsing the Group of Eight of rich
                                                                           program. Negotiators, therefore, must work together            countries. “Interdependence in a global-
                                                                           closely to make sure North Korea has “no choice” but           ize world means that no country, however
                                                                           to disarm, Lee said. South Korea, the United States,           powerful it may be, can take on the en-
                                                                           China, Japan and Russia are trying to persuade the             tire burden of economic adjustment and
                                                                           North to return to the so-called six-nation talks aimed        economic decision-making,” Singh told a
                                                                           at ridding the North of its nuclear weapons program.           post-summit news conference.
                                                                                 North Korea walked away from the talks in April to           “It is that perception and that real-       India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (left) is greeted by U.S. President Barack
                                                                           protest world criticism of its firing of a rocket over Japan,   ity which has, I think, persuaded many          Obama as he arrives at the Phipps Conservatory for an opening reception and
                                                                           but signs have been emerging in recent days that North         people in Europe and the United States          working dinner for delegation leaders at the Pittsburgh G20 Summit in Pittsburgh,
                                                                           Korea might be willing to return. The North views its          that this G8 is ill-equipped to handle all      Pennsylvania Sept.24, 2009. (Reuters)
                                                                           nuclear program as a security guarantee against what it        the global issues,” he said. “With the rise
                                                                           claims are U.S. plans to attack North Korea. To jump-          of Asia, with growth of India, China and        stumbling blocks. “I had a telephone meet-       strong provisions,” he said.
                                                                           start the nuclear negotiations, Lee is proposing what he       Brazil, the economic decision-making has        ing just last week with India’s national se-         Canada halted nuclear co-operation
                                                                           calls a “grand bargain.” His offer would give the North        to take into account the views of these         curity adviser. We are down to four fine          with India after the country diverted
                                                                           economic and political incentives, including a security        countries if it is to have an optimum im-       points ... He and I both agree that final         material from Canadian-designed reac-
                                                                           guarantee, in exchange for the North irreversibly dis-         pact,” he said. In Ottawa, Canada is close      agreement is possible within days, if not        tors to make a nuclear bomb in 1974. The
                                                                           mantling its nuclear weapons program. Unlike past              to signing a deal with India to sell nuclear    just a matter of a few weeks,” Day told          conflict between India and Pakistan at the
                                                                           deals, Lee has called for Pyongyang to dismantle its           technology and materials, Trade Minister        reporters on a conference call from India.       time led to widespread international con-
                                                                           nuclear program in one step, instead of in phases.             Stockwell Day said on Friday, adding he         Day said he did not foresee any threat of        cerns about India’s nuclear intentions.
                                                                                 Lee on Friday dismissed the idea of negotiating a        was confident that remaining security            Canadian materials being diverted to mil-            Canada and other countries lifted
                                                                           cap of North Korea’s current nuclear program and said          concerns would be resolved. Day made            itary uses elsewhere in the region because       their moratorium on nuclear trade with
                South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak speaks               it is “unthinkable” for the world to accept North Korea        similar comments in May, saying at that         of India’s commitment to allow inspec-           India last year. Day said one of the four
                during a news conference at the Pittsburgh G20             as a de facto nuclear power. The North is believed by          time that a deal was imminent.                  tions by the International Atomic Energy         items to be resolved before signing a deal
                Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sept. 25,               U.S. intelligence officials to possess enough material to           He told reporters on a conference call      Agency as well as tough transparency and         was the “question of reprocessing”, with-
                2009. (Reuters)                                            make several nuclear bombs. -AP                                that he was now ironing out a few final          reporting requirements. “These are very          out providing details. -Agencies

Philippine storm causes widespread flooding
                    MANILA: Hundreds of people fled their               “Warnings were given to local govern-             metro Manila took us all by surprise,” he said,      Quezon City appearing like a raging river.             services to some flooded areas in metropolitan
                homes Saturday after overnight rains brought       ment units but the rains have not stopped             adding that flooding was also reported in Bula-           The storm intensified the seasonal mon-             Manila to prevent accidents, spokesman Joel
                by Tropical Storm Ketsana flooded Manila and        since yesterday,” Golez told ABS-CBN televi-          can and Pampanga provinces north of Manila.          soon, drenching much of the main island of             Zaldarriaga said. Hundreds of vehicles stalled
                areas in the northern Philippines.                 sion. Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro, who         Swollen creeks forced many residents in some         Luzon where Manila is located, weathermen              in flooded streets around the capital and nearly
                    Water was chest-deep in low-lying areas        also heads the National Disaster Coordinating         communities on to the roofs of their homes           said. A dozen flights in and out of central and         2,000 passengers and more than 150 vehicles
                of the capital and part of nearby Rizal prov-      Council, said he had to take the commuter             and they were calling for help to evacuate, ac-      northern Philippines were canceled because of          were stranded in ports in several provinces
                ince, said Anthony Golez, deputy presidential      train to his office because the roads were too         cording to local radio reports. Television news      poor visibility, airport officials said.                south of Manila after the coast guard suspend-
                spokesman.                                         flooded to drive. “This kind of flash floods in          footage showed one flooded road in suburban               Power distributor Meralco cut off electric         ed ferry operations. -AP

 Twin car bomb
 attacks kill 16 in
 northwest Pakistan
     PESHAWAR, Pakistan: Two car-bomb blasts
 killed at least 16 people in northwestern Pakistan on
 Saturday, evidence militants still have power to strike
 despite the death of a top Taliban commander last
     A suicide bomber sitting in an explosives-laden
 car threw a hand-grenade toward a crowd of people
 in the main northwestern city of Peshawar before
 detonating about 100 kg of explosives in the vehicle.
     “Ten people have been killed and 71 wounded,
 five of them critically,” Sahibzada Anis, the top gov-
 ernment administrator of the city told Reuters.
     The attack took place in the car-park of a com-
 mercial building close to a military hospital.
     Television footage showed car parts and debris
 from nearby buildings scattered over the road. An
 elderly man wearing a blood-stained shirt was seen
 helping a wounded young woman walking away from
 the scene of the blast.
     “It was terrible. My children are very frightened.
 All the windows of my house are broken. It was very
 frightening,” Beenish Asad, a housewife living near
 the site of the blast told Reuters by telephone. Police
 said they detained two suspects at the scene.
     The Peshawar attack came hours after a Taliban
 suicide bomber crashed his explosives-laden truck
 into a police station in the town of Bannu in North
 West Frontier Province (NWFP), killing six people.
 Thirty people, most of them policemen, were wound-
 ed. Bannu is gateway to North Waziristan, a volatile
 tribal region on the Afghan border and a major sanc-
 tuary for al Qaeda and Taliban militants fighting both
 in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
     Qari Hussain, a Taliban commander, called Re-
 uters by telephone to take responsibility for the
 Bannu attack. “The government was taking undue
 advantage of our silence. We will carry out more such
 attacks and these will be much more powerful,” Hus-
 sain said. -Reuters

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