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ANTS Load predicts a web application's behavior under the stress of a multiple user load. Free trial.

TestComplete - Automated Software Testing Tool For Windows, .NET, Web and Java Apps Web Load Testing
Easy to use and powerful. Monitoring, reporting, SSL, variables, IP spoofing... A great mid-range choice.

Software QA and Testing Tools Info
Change and Configuration Managament Tools - Part of the CM Wiki site with information about CM that includes tools listings based on the former CM Yellow Pages. Also links to information about CM, Build Management, Change Management, and concepts, templates, and processes. (Also see CM Crossroads , an online community and resource center for configuration management, with library of resource links, interactive discussion forums, monthly newsletter, Career Search and Jobs Board.) CM & Problem Management FAQ/Tools Lists - Comprehensive resource for Configuration Management and Problem Management and related tools. Includes tool descriptions and reviews, FAQ's, links to related web sites. Based on the FAQ from usenet news group Has not been updated for some time, but still has much useful information. Test Tools List - Formerly Brian Marick's listing, now maintained by Danny Faught; listings and summaries of various types of test tools, and links to their web sites. Web Site Test/Management Tools List -'s listing of more than 290 web site test and management tools. Load testing tools, HTML validators, security test tools, link checkers, site mapping tools, site monitoring services, open source tools, functional and regression test tools, site administration and maintenance tools, version control, java test tools, log analysis tools, site monitoring services, etc. Open source software testing tools - Listing of more than 200 open source test tools in various categories including functional testing, java testing, perfomance testing, test management, bug tracking, unit testing, and more.

Compare SQL Databases
Quickly and easily compare and synchronize SQL database stuctures with SQL Compare. Free trial

Software quality not an oxymoron any more!
Worksoft Certify delivers on the promise of automated quality testing - 60% faster.

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