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                                >> Surname Profiler                                               Orchestra
                                Here's another site which ties in nicely with the BBC             What Mozart Did For Us
                                family history series Who Do You Think You Are? The               With Charles Hazlewood
         Contact Us             Surname Profiler allows users to search for a surname             Stubborn Kind Of Fella
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         Send it to a friend!   common in 1881 and 1998.
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                                The results are often illuminating. Whilst you would
                                expect a high concentration of Williams and Davies in            More shows      Audio help
                                Wales, it surprised me how few of those names
                                (relatively) are found in other parts of the UK.               ENTERTAINMENT NEWS
                                Mendozas are predominately based in London, the UK's
                                top area for Wrights is Norwich, Graces are plentiful in       Whitbread win for writer
                                Wakefield, and the UK's HQ for Smiths is Lerwick! See
                                also:                                                          Reservoir Dogs' Penn found
                                >> BBC News on the Surname Profiler                            dead
                                >> Family History links on
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                                >> Haggis Hunt                                                             Find out more
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                                Tomorrow (January 25th) is Burns Night: With less than                     Radio 2 shows
                                24 hours left until the end of 2006's haggis hunting                       celebrating the
                                season, here's your chance to try and nab some                             work of the
                                top-notch prizes by spotting roaming wild haggii on a                      composer.
                                range of Scottish webcam pictures. Elsewhere the
                                Haggisopedia offers hunting tips, and dispels
                                haggis-related myths and there's a 3D game in which
                                chief ghillie, Farquhar Farquharson is let loose with a
                                large mallet.

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BBC - Radio 2 - Miles Mendoza Website of the Day                                  

         The BBC is not responsible for the content of external
         >> Website of the
         Miles' personal site features greater detail about recent
         Website of the Day selections than we are able to publish
         here, plus an archive of all sites featured since May 2004
         (searchable by date and category).

         The BBC is not responsible for the content of external

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