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                                         At The Post                                          Summer 2006 Newsletter

         Welcome from                    Northern Racing College Achieves
         the Editor
                                         Outstanding Inspection Grades
Welcome to the first edition of
                                         The Northern Racing College achieved an outstanding overall grade during May's inspection by
‘At The Post’, giving you an insight
                                         the Adult Learning Inspectorate, the official Government inspection body for post-16 training.
into developments at the Northern
                                         The inspection lasted 4 days from 23-26th May. Jane Robinson led a team of four inspectors who
Racing College and keeping you up-
                                         looked at all aspects of our training provision. Jane as the Lead Inspector was based at the College
to-date with forthcoming events.         and looked at the front end course, whilst two Inspectors concentrated solely on the work-based
                            Ben Micó     provision, and one Inspector concentrated on arrangements for leadership and management.
                  Commercial Manager,
                                         The ALI report quotes ‘The overall effectiveness of the provision is outstanding. The leadership
                       NRC Trading Ltd
                                         and management are outstanding, as are its arrangements for quality improvement. The
                                         arrangements for equality of opportunity are good. In agriculture, horticulture and animal
                                         care, the provision is outstanding’.
Specialist Courses
                                         The Inspection report also comments that ‘preparation for work is very good’, ‘teaching of riding
Apprentice License Courses               at NRC is excellent’ and ’the good range of high quality resources is well managed by the NRC’.
Start Date   End                         The Inspectorate also recognised the NRC's achievement and retention rates, which are
13/11/06     17/11/06                    consistently above the national average at Level 1 and have improved rapidly on work-based
Conditional Licence/Amateur              learning programmes over the last 2 years. ALI reported that ‘the achievement rates for the
Category B Courses                       NVQ at Level 1 are outstanding’ ,with achievement rates on the front-end course consistently
Start Date   End                         over 90% for the last 5 years. ALI also acknowledged the improving work-based learning
18/09/06     22/09/06                    framework achievement rates, and the good retention rates on these programmes.
20/11/06     24/11/06                    Jim Gale, the NRC's Director and Chief Executive said ‘I wish to acknowledge the excellent
Amateur Rider Category A Seminars        contribution of Mark Whitefield, our Quality Manager, in helping to achieve these
Date                                     outstanding grades’.
29/11/06                                 When the inspection team asked learners what they liked about the NRC, the response was
Category A Amateur Jockey Assessments    ‘the whole package’.
Date                                     The full inspection report can be viewed at
Point To Point Seminars
                                         National Stud Manager Mason New
07/01/07                                 Director at Northern Racing College
College Conversion courses
Date                                     The Northern Racing College has appointed Mike Mason,
24/07/06 to 04/08/06                     training manager at the National Stud since February 2005,
23/10/06 to 03/11/067                    to the new post of director, with overall responsibility for
                                         the day-to-day operation of the stable-staff training facility
The Winning Formula
Date                                     at Rossington Hall, near Doncaster.
21/08/06    15/09/06                     Jim Gale, who has held the equivalent position over the
Charles Owen Pony Racing Series          NRC's 22-year history, is retiring in December but will
                                         continue for a period as chief executive of the over-arching          Mike Mason,
Venue           Date                                                                                           Director of the NRC
Ayr             9th July                 South Yorkshire Training Trust.
Perth           16th July                Mason, 39, who will join the NRC full-time in August, previously spent 19 years as an RAF
Carlisle        3rd August               officer, including the last seven on training programmes.
Market Rasen    6th August
                                         He says: "I shall be sad to leave the National Stud, where there is a great team and I learned a lot
Bangor-on-Dee 19th August
                                         about the thoroughbred business, but going to the NRC is a wonderful opportunity. "I'm very
Newcastle       28th August
                                         excited because there is so much potential to the job, building on the well-established foundation
Mussleburgh     24th September
                                         created by Jim Gale and his team. The biggest challenge could be to keep my enthusiasm in check.
Kelso           1st October
Hexham          7th October              I'm relatively new to the racing and breeding industries, but I've learned quickly, I've been around
Aintree (Final) 21st October             horses all my life, and I'm certainly not new to training and managing young people."
                                         Outgoing Director Jim Gale said, "I'm delighted we've been able to appoint a director of
Pony Racing Training
Thursday 20th July                       Mike's calibre. "Working with him on various bodies, I've been impressed with his ability to
Tuesday 1st August                       think strategically about the training needs of the racing and thoroughbred breeding
Thursday 17th August                     industries. This augurs well for the NRC and for racing as a whole."
Thursday 31st August                                                                Published: 16/04/2006 Racing Post (Business) Howard Wright

Skills For Life                                                                                      Meet NRC Graduate...
Key skills qualifications are on the increase    IT suite with a funding grant from the
due to the hard work an effort being put         National Trainers Federation Trust Fund.
in by our newly appointed Basic & Key            We now have Internet access for learners,
Skills tutor, Heather Medcalf.                   which aids both teaching and learning.
Heather supports learners in literacy,           The NRC has also purchased a Basic and
numeracy and key skills - information,           Key Skills Builder ICT Initial Assessment
communication and technology (ICT)-              Diagnostic Programme, which is proving
both at the NRC and in the workplace.
                                                 invaluable in identifying learner needs
The College has recently installed a new         and devising individual learner plans.

                                                                                                     Simone Linster
Northern Racing (Racecourse Group)                                                                   Age:
                                                                                                     Born in:
Sponsor Simulator Room                                                                               Course:
                                                                                                                      NVQ Level 1
                                                                                                                      A. M. Balding

Northern Racing have made a donation which has been invested in the College’s simulator              Where did you hear about the College?
room, maintaining an already dynamic learning facility.                                              On the internet.
Nine superb pictures have been used to enhance the décor of the room.                                Previous experience?
In addition, a DVD offering simulated racing to the viewer will prove to be a useful tool in         I have ridden and owned horses for
paving the way for interactive sessions in the near future. The overall improvements will add        about ten years, worked in pony
to this already successful facility providing all those who have the opportunity to use it with      breeding and qualified for the World
an attractive and first class learning environment.                                                  Endurance Championship for Juniors
                                                                                                     and Young Riders in Bahrain in 2005.

                                                                                                     Is it what you expected?

 European Association                                                                                Yes it is!

                                                                                                     Favourite horse?

 of Racing Schools (EARS)                                                                            Cappricio.

                                                                                                     Best experience?
                                                                                                     Cantering a difficult horse around the
 EARS was set up in 2000 by four European         This year staff from each of the schools will
                                                                                                     gallops and using the simulator.
 colleagues who had worked closely together       get the opportunity to spend some time at
 for several years prior to that time.            one of the other schools. We have agreed           What do you think of the staff?
                                                  that David Griffiths, Instructor, will visit the   The instructors are nice and helpful.
 They were Derek O’Sullivan (director of
                                                  San Rossore Racing School at Pisa for a four       They have a lot of experience and you
 the Racing Academy in Ireland), now sadly
                                                  day trip with a member of staff visiting us        can learn a lot from them.
 deceased, Didier Garnier (director of AFASEC
                                                  later in the year. The BRS is coupled with the     The residential staff are all nice and
 in France), Stefano Meli (director of San
                                                  German Racing School and the Irish with the        funny. Zoe (marketing and recruitment
 Rossore Racecourse in Italy), and our own
                                                  French. Over the years technical staff will        officer) is very helpful and kind.
 director Jim Gale.
                                                  become familiar with teaching practices in
                                                                                                     What do you want to do at the end
 The aim of the organisation is to exchange       each of the other member nations.
                                                                                                     of the course?
 good teaching practice, to develop and
                                                  The EQUES Diploma scheme, which seeks              I want to go into a flat racing yard in
 implement a European qualification for
                                                  to provide standardised assessment practices       Newmarket or Lambourn.
 stable staff and to run a European race          throughout Europe, is working well and
 annually for graduates of the racing schools                                                        Best part of the College?
                                                  Leigh Howard, another member of our
 in each of the member nations.                                                                      The simulator room.
                                                  valued Instructor team, has recently
 Jim Gale, the current chair of EARS, will        attended a standard-setting day at                 Life ambition?
 complete his two year term of office in          Gouvieux near Chantilly.                           I want to have my own endurance-
 December this year when he will be                                                                  training centre and want to be a famous
                                                  Finally, the Italians will defend their
 succeeded by Didier Budka the current                                                               endurance rider and Arab Breeder or
                                                  European Apprentice Team title which they
 director of AFASEC. Other members include
                                                                                                     stay in Britain and become a good
                                                  won at the Curragh last year, when they take
                                                                                                     amateur jockey.
 the British Racing School, and the German        on Britain, France, Ireland and Germany at
 Racing School in Cologne. Schools from           Chantilly in the Autumn. For the record, the       Most important thing you have learnt?
 Sweden, France, Turkey and Greece are also       British won the title at San Rossore in 2003       Riding sensibly on a wide range of
 considering joining the organisation.            and at Doncaster in 2004.                          horses and learning the canter position.

College Feeder Project                                                                                  The Winning
The report of the Stable and Stud Staff           permanent places in racing yards. The
Commission published in 2004 recommended          northern region will be covered by the NRC.
that foundation training opportunities should     Discussions started in 2004 and we are
be opened up in other regions of the country      delighted to say that a pilot course of eight
to complement the quality training provided       students recently started at Wiltshire College
at the industry’s two main racing schools, the    under the direction of Philip Grant who
Northern Racing College here in Doncaster         worked with the NRC on the Scottish Racing
and the British Racing School in Newmarket.       Academy pilot project.
The NRC’s response was to make contact with a     Myerscough College will deliver their first
select number of equine colleges with a good      pilot course in the Autumn of this year under
reputation for teaching horse management          the guidance of Paul Morton the College’s              College Conversion Students 2006
skills. We approached the project on a regional   Director of Outreach and Advancement.
basis and contacted the following colleges:-                                                            Ever wanted to present like Claire Balding?
                                                  Both Moulton and Warwickshire Colleges                Ride like A. P. McCoy? Prepare a yearling for
Moulton College        -   East                   also wish to continue their involvement with          the sales like Malcolm Bastard? Manage a
Plumpton College       -   South East             us and, subject to funding being available            stud like Liam O’Rourke? Manage Racing
                                                  from their respective Learning and Skills             Operations at Weatherbys like Pauline
Wiltshire College      -   South West                                                                   Osborne? Or train winners like Mick
                                                  Councils, they hope to run courses in the not-
Warwickshire College -     West                                                                         Channon? Well what’s stopping you?
                                                  too-distant future.
Myerscough College     -   North West                                                                   Now you can get your career firmly on track
                                                  This pilot scheme, together with the ten-yard         with “The Winning Formula”.
The objective is to develop foundation courses    pilot, summarised elsewhere in this newsletter,
                                                                                                        This is a four-week intensive residential course,
in each of the regions, following our Level 1     constitutes a positive response to the challenge      which will equip students with the necessary
NVQ syllabus, with suitable graduates joining     of Donoughue and to the needs of the racing           skills to establish themselves in the horseracing
our specialist Apprenticeship and Advanced        industry. We hope to report significant               industry, and what’s more it costs just £100.
Apprenticeship programmes leading to              progress on both these initiatives in future.         The British Horseracing Board funds this
                                                                                                        initiative and for ten university graduates this
NRC Student Achievements January to May 2006                                                            will provide them with a thorough grounding
                                                                                                        and the riding skills to excel.
Students Achieving NVQ Level 1                    Students Achieving NVQ Level 2                        The ideal candidate will be ambitious, highly
  Name                              Course No       Name                              Trainer Name      motivated, up for a challenge and seeking
 Leanne Bridson                         O5.06      Emma-Jane Abbott                       JE Parkes     immediate employment in the racing industry.
 Andrew Heffernan                       O5.06      Ryan Apark                               A Berry     Serious sport; serious fun.
 Toni-Marie Rick                        O5.06      Rhona Bagnall                       S Bradburne
 Timothy Ayres                          O5.07      Sarah Leanne Brook                      B Ellison    For further details please visit
 Lisa Blackwell                         O5.07      Stephanie Day                          H Dalton or e-mail
 Elisha Gibson                          O5.07      Daniel James De Haan                     W Muir
 Heidi Heather Hirst                    O5.07      Scott Doherty                      MS Johnston
 Mark King                              O5.07      Dushyant Dooyea                    RM Whitaker
 Colette Kitchen                        O5.07      Michael Thomas Gallagher          LV Williamson
 Nathan Ogden                           O5.07      Jody Louise Grimes                     JJ O’Neill     Friends of the NRC -
 Gemma Pape                             O5.07      Christopher John Holman               TR George       Events For 2006
 Toni Pearson                           O5.07      Phillip Dean Hornsby               MC Chapman
 Liam Reeves                            O5.07      Lisa Ruth Elizabeth Hoskins         SM Johnson
                                                                                                         • BHS/NRC Sponsored Ride -
 Iona Scott                             O5.07      David John Hunt                        RC Guest
 Kieran Watson                          O5.07      Catherine Marie Leishman           MS Johnston          Rother Country Park - Alison Harris
 Jed Andrew Whitelock                   O5.07      Jamie Edwards Moffat                   RC Guest
 Ashleigh Kathrine Wilkinson            O5.07      James William Prudence               SR Bowring       • Indian Buffet - Blyth - 20th August
 Susan Jane Baker                       O5.08      Charlotte Ramage                MC & GR Reveley
 Matt Birch                             O5.08      Junior Richards                        KR Burke       • NRC Open Day - 17th September
 Nikita Donno                           O5.08      David Rorison                       NG Richards
 Colm Anthony Feely                     O5.08      Hannah Rowlands                        JJ O'Neill     Annual membership of the Friends of the
 Samantha Jill Goode                    O5.08      Guy Smith                              JJ O'Neill     NRC is open to any individual or
 Anna Katharina Grasskamp               O5.08      Luke Strong                         AM Balding        organisation and costs from £5 per year.
 Paul Michael Jackson                   O5.08      Stephanie Waugh                        S Waugh
 David Kembrey                          O5.08      Alexandra Webster                        A Tullie     For a donation of £20.00 a commemorative
 Shelly Marie Lang                      O5.08                                                            brick engraved in black to your personal
 Alina Migusha                          O5.08
 April Nevison                          O5.08     Students Achieving NVQ Level 3
                                                                                                         specification will be placed in the 'Walk
 Jessica Naomi Rayner-Ferguson          O5.08       Name                              Trainer Name       of Names'.
 Lindsey Rushton                        O5.08
                                                   Craig Ellingham                         DJ Evans      For a donation of £25.00 your brick can be
 Matthew Robert Smith                   O5.08
                                                   Jane Margaret Findlay                                 highlighted in white.
 Robert James Taylor                    O5.08
                                                   Julie Ann Heneghan                      JJ O'Neill
 Joseph Michael Ward                    O5.08                                                            Please support this worthwhile cause and
                                                   Richard John Hewitt
 Danielle Bradley                       O6.01
                                                   Neil Hobson                            P Webber       make your mark in the College's history.
 Melissa Blanche Brown                  O6.01
                                                   Michael James Lurcock
 Emma Louise Carragher                  O6.01                                                            Anyone interested in joining or donating a
                                                   Scott Mason
 Louise Charlton                        O6.01
                                                   Paul Murphy                                           brick should contact:
 Mark Daniel Fitzpatrick                O6.01
                                                   Victoria Jane Smeeton                   G S Rees
 Corinne Healey                         O6.01                                                            Andrea Mallinson, Membership Secretary,
 Benjamin James Higton                  O6.01
 Laura Jayne Hodgetts                   O6.01                                                            Broomfield House, Spital Road, Blyth,
 Jenny Mann                             O6.01                                                            Nottinghamshire S81 8EL
 Martin Russ                            O6.01
 Simone Tolson                          O6.01
 Donna Will                             O6.01

Ten Yard                                           Daaweitza wins
                                                   Daaweitza (Daawe - Chichen Itza) the first

Pilot Project                                      foal bred at the Northern Racing College to
                                                   go racing won the 'Bet Direct on Tennis
                                                   Maiden Stakes' at Southwell Racecourse on
                                                   17 January 2006. Jockey, Tom Eaves, said
Whilst excellent training opportunities are        after the race that Daaweitza handled the
available to our learners in the workplace         all-weather track well and that he should win
following the completion of their 12-week          more races this year.
foundation course at the College,                  Daawe resident stallion stands at the
government inspectors have, in the past,           Northern Racing College with a current stud
noted that sometimes excellent training            fee of £575.00.
opportunities are not always recorded
because the scheme is largely reliant on           For further details please e-mail;
                                                                                                    Daaweitza, pictured on the left at Southwell on 17
our own Quality Assurance officers       
                                                                                                    January 2006. Owned by Chris & Andrea Allinson.
assessing candidates when they visit on            or call 01302 861000
a ten weekly cycle.
The NRC’s response has been to select ten
yards to develop our “on-the-job” training         Taster Days                                      Northern Racing
programmes. It is very pleasing to note that
the following trainers have agreed to take
part in the one year pilot programme:-
                                                                                                    College Charity
Ferdy Murphy        -    Middleham                                                                  Day 2006
Mark Johnston       -    Middleham
                                                                                                    The 3rd May 2006 saw the Northern
Micky Hammond       -    Middleham
                                                                                                    Racing College hosting its 17th annual
Jed O’Keefe         -    Middleham                                                                  charity meeting at Pontefract Racecourse.
James Hetherton     -    Malton                                                                     Once again the programme was unique
                                                   So you are sitting your exams this summer
Julie Camacho       -    Malton                    and it suddenly dawns on you that your           in the British racing season, with five
                                                   school days are over. What next?                 bookmakers featuring in the race titles on
Tim Pitt            -    Bawtry
                                                                                                    the same card, putting aside their normal
Jonjo O’Neill       -    Cheltenham                Relax, there is no need to rush into making
                                                                                                    commercial rivalry to support the grass
                                                   a hasty decision, after all choosing a career
Richard Phillips    -    Moreton-in Marsh                                                           roots of horseracing with donations to
                                                   is a lifelong commitment.
                                                                                                    the College.
Stuart Parr         -    Worksop                   Why not visit the NRC on a taster day, it’s a
                                                                                                    Our thanks go to them, and to Pontefract
As part of the pilot project a mentor training     great starting point to ascertain whether a
                                                   career with horses is for you. Taster days are   racecourse, for generously allowing us to
day was held at the College on 11 May 2006.
                                                   held on the last Friday of each month and        stage the meeting continuously since 1990.
Six candidates attended from five of the
                                                   start with a riding demonstration at 10am.       Thanks also to various other sources from
yards (Ferdy Murphy, James Hetherton, Tim
                                                                                                    which we draw funds, such as the South
Pitt, Jonjo O’Neill and Mark Polglase) and it      You will receive a thorough insight into
                                                                                                    Yorkshire Learning and Skills Council,
was interesting to note that all bar Ferdy’s       what life at the sharp end is like and will
                                                                                                    the Levy Board, racehorse trainers, local
daughter are graduates of the NRC.                 have the chance to chat to our teaching staff
                                                                                                    authorities, the European Social Fund,
This is one of the most important initiatives      and students about the industry and what life
                                                                                                    Friends of the NRC, and other
currently being undertaken by the College.         at the college is really like – warts and all!
                                                                                                    organisations with which we work closely.
It is being steered by a group chaired             This is an informal day, but a typical
by Sandy Young, one of our Trustees.                                                                We also receive a substantial amount
                                                   training day.
Other representatives include James                                                                 each year from our own subsidiary
                                                   There is no cost and you will be guaranteed      trading company and our thanks go
Hetherton (National Trainers’ Federation and
                                                   a warm welcome, good company and an eye          also to its directors and staff.
NRC Trustee) and Sara Hay-Jahans (British
                                                   opening experience.
Horseracing Board). The College is grateful                                                         The college raised over £30,000 from
that the British Horseracing Education and         For further details e-mail                       the event thanks to the donors and to
Standards Trust have given a grant towards                 the people who purchased champagne
the cost of running the project.                   or phone 01302 861 000.                          gambles. The money raised through this
                                                                                                    fixture will contribute towards new

Wanted: Pony Club camp invitations                                                                  buildings and maintaining the residential
                                                                                                    accommodation block at our training site,
NRC marketing and recruitment officer Zoe          and in particular the pony racing series,        where we created a 42-bed, home from
Horne is eager to return to the place that         which is now into its third year.                home for our students, youngsters from
first sparked her interest in all things equine,   For further details or to firm up a date         the age of 16 who receive free training
the Pony Club. She is looking for invitations      please contact Zoe Horne at the College          to work in racing stables, some of whom
to attend summer camps to talk with                on         go on to become fully-fledged jockeys.
members about the horseracing industry             or 01302 861 003

Northern Racing College, The Stables, Rossington Hall, Great North Road, Doncaster DN11 0HN                 T: 01302 861000 F: 01302 864151

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