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					When young girls daydream about their wedding day, they usually focus on
the wedding bridal gowns more than any other particular factor. Don't get
me wrong – a young woman with an active imagination will think about
wedding cake toppers, bridal floral arrangements, the sound of wedding
bells, and all the rest as well. Still, it usually comes down to the
wedding dresses. The problem with this is that, when picking out bridal
dresses, women are inevitably constrained to some degree or another by
convention. There is just too much tradition behind it all. Bridal gowns
have to be white, usually have a veil, and often have a long train of
ruffles hanging behind them. Although there is good bit of variation in
wedding dresses and more innovation arriving every year, they are still
not a great opportunity for self expression. Strangely enough, the
wedding bridesmaid dresses are where the bride really gets to express

As a wedding planner, I used to always be surprised when my clients were
disappointed about the variety of wedding dresses available. That is when
I began to tell my clients that they should put more thought into the
wedding bridesmaid dress them in to what they are wearing. After all, the
wedding bridesmaids dresses are not there just to make the bridesmaids
look beautiful. They serve a second function as well. A wedding
bridesmaid dress helps to set off the bridal gown. For example, if the
wedding bridesmaid dresses are cream-colored, they will look similar to
the bridal gown but not as radiant, making the bride seem to glow more
brightly. If, on the other hand, they are a dark color or some vibrant
shade of red or blue, they will set off the wedding dress quite

The wedding bridesmaid dresses can also be coordinated with other aspects
of the decor. They can reflect the colors used in the wedding flowers,
the wedding cake topper, the decorations of the room, or even an outdoor
wedding scene. The bride is supposed to stick out and look iconic – that
is the whole point. But she is also required to walk down the aisle with
the bridesmaids. There is a point to that too. Her wedding is her
opportunity to shine more brightly than anyone else, and the wedding
bridesmaid dresses should reflect this. I'm not saying that they
shouldn't be beautiful – of course they should be beautiful. But their
beauty should be carefully tailored to enhance the beauty of the bride
even more.

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