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									Once you have been through school, it is easy to forget how hard it is to
write a research paper. Writing a research paper not only requires the
difficult writing skills that many of us never mastered completely, but
also requires logic, analytical thinking, and of course research skills.
A lot of students don't even know how to select the correct research
paper topics. They will come up with ambitious, overly broad, or ill-
defined ideas which will eventually get them into a jam. I have had
students who have had to completely redo research papers at the very last
minute. They were unable to find the right research resources, were
confronted with too much or too little information, or simply weren't
able to assemble all the pieces.

This is why he can be so useful to look at online research papers. A lot
of parents and teachers discourage looking at research papers online for
some pretty obvious reasons. Some people abuse these resources, pirating
the writing and claiming it as their own. It is important to realize,
however, that used correctly, research papers online can be an invaluable
source of information. They can help the new student to find the proper
research paper topics, understand how papers are structured, and even get
some ideas about developing a refined writing style and artistic voice.

Of course, a good teacher will also help the student to select the
correct research paper topic. Some teachers, in fact, even start with a
list of research paper topics which they allow the students to pick from.
Although this can be a good approach for beginning students, at some
point they have to learn independence of thought. Picking out research
paper topics for them will not teach them this. Sometimes, they have to
learn by trying and failing at something. In the long run, a few
thwarted attempts will help them to succeed.

Once you find good research paper topics, you still have the task of
writing a paper. This is not always easy to do. Online research has made
it much easier, but there are some new problems posed by the new
information. A lot of kids do not know the difference between a
legitimate source of information, and one that is illegitimate. This can
make it difficult for them to write a serious academic paper. Looking at
online papers can give them some clues about how to do this, but
ultimately teacher guidance is important.

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