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									Magic show

Years ago, I was at a local fair with some friends, and settled down to
watch a magic show. I enjoyed them at the time, but always knew that
there wasn’t such a thing as real magic. I knew that it was all illusion
and trickery of the eyes and senses. When the magician asked for two
volunteers, my best friend’s boyfriend convinced him to choose us. Next
thing I knew, my best friend and I were onstage. I wasn’t thrilled. When
I said that I enjoyed watching magic shows, I never intended to be a part
of one.

The magician handed us each 5 cards. We were told to examine them and
place them in our back pockets. He claimed that he could make 3 of my
cards disappear and reappear in her pocket, adding to her card count. I
couldn’t help but wonder how he’d do that. But, he went through this
whole ordeal of tapping my shoulder with his magic wand and telling
everyone that the 3 cards were now zipping through the air, around the
audience and then settled into her pocket. The entire time, she and I
were facing one another, not seeing anyone approach us, touch us, or
anything of that nature. Nonetheless, when he told us to remove our
cards, he had made it happen. I have no idea how. I was so amazed that I
could have fallen off of the stage. How is that even possible? It is now
years and years later and I still remember that particular magic show.
I’m still wondering how he made that happen. I have yet to be in the
audience of another magic show that impresses me as much as that
particular day.

Attending a magic show is something that everyone, of all ages, should do
at some point. Children may find that a more child-oriented magic show is
absolutely fascinating. Not only might children enjoy the entertainment
aspect of the magic show, but it just may stimulate their minds. That
stimulation could lead to many discoveries that they’ll make because of
their own curiosity. Not a single person can say that would be something
bad for a child. The more curiosity, the better. Perhaps your child may
end up being a magician someday if they are truly inspired. Be happy – it
isn’t nearly as expensive as going to medical school!

The older you get, the more you try to rationalize how things work. How
is it possible that the trick at the magic show years ago worked? A child
doesn’t look for rationalizing – they want to believe in magic. A
magician performing for adults needs to have more of a fascinating
element to it. of course, No matter how old you are – you still find that
there is a sense of excitement about attending a magic show.

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