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February 16, 2005                                           Contact: Anna Pansini
                                                            Marketing Communications Manager
                                                            Phone: 201-934-8500
                                                            Fax: 201-934-9832


  Bogen, Apogee Sound, and QuestCom Deliver World Class Sound at
                  Daytona International Speedway

Ramsey, NJ – Bogen Communications, Inc. and Apogee Sound International, LLC, announced
today that Daytona International Speedway has installed a broad and extensive array of leading
edge Bogen and Apogee sound equipment in its new “World Center of Racing”. The World Center
of Racing, built in just seven months, embodies a new multi-million dollar, state-of-the art venue
located within the Daytona Speedway’s infield. It offers the world’s most extraordinary, “up-close
and personal” fan experience in motor sports: interactive displays; a tribute area to the legends of
the Speedway; rooftop spectator areas; upgraded specialty vehicle infield parking; renovated
NEXTEL Cup Series and NASCAR Busch Series Garages; a new Gatorade Victory Lane; and a
new signature infield structure, the Daytona 500 Club building. All sound reinforcement in each of
these locations is delivered exclusively through world-class Bogen and Apogee sound equipment.

The Daytona Infield sound reinforcement system was designed by a Bogen/Apogee professional
design team, and engineered and installed by QuestCom Group, Inc. of Jacksonville, Florida. Scott
Fenstermacher, President of QuestCom, stated, “Putting up a world-class sound system in seven
months in multiple venues and then tying everything together was one the most challenging
assignments that QuestCom has faced. There was no margin for error given the high profile nature
of Daytona. The installation went flawlessly and the sound delivered by the Bogen and Apogee
product is unmatched.”

                                                Page 2 — Bogen/Apogee at Daytona Intl Speedway

The Haskell Company of Jacksonville, Florida, one of the foremost design-build organizations in
the U.S, was the general contractor for the Daytona Infield project. Bill Kilgannon, Haskell’s
construction manager for the project, said, “This project was the most challenging I’ve supported in
my 25 years in the construction industry.” The overall construction part of the project had a six-
month timeframe for completion, while the entire sound system had to be installed in only 3
months, from wiring to testing.

Lloyd Chaisson, Bogen’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, said,
“Daytona’s new infield demonstrates that Bogen and Apogee remain the number one choice for
demanding venues that require a total, integrated solution to sound reinforcement requirements.
We were able to deliver a range of products that perform flawlessly in any setting and under any
condition, from the upscale environs of the Daytona 500 Club to the demanding outdoor FanZone.”

Ozzie Lawliss, Bogen’s National Sales Manager, Telco Division, and point of contact for the
Daytona installation, said, “Bogen’s range and scope of products were perfectly suited for this
world renowned facility. From our flagship public address solutions, Power Vector amplifiers, High-
Fidelity Ceiling Speakers, to our state-of-the-art designed M-Class power amplifiers and high-
fidelity, all-weather NEAR® A-Series speakers, Bogen was able to provide the best solution for
each Speedway requirement. And most notably, for the “big sound” requirements of the FanZone,
our world-class Apogee AFI-Series fixed installation loudspeakers and CA-Series power amplifiers
promise to deliver breathtaking sound, providing an incomparable fan experience.”

The new FanZone is located between the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series and NASCAR Busch
Series Garages with a view of Gatorade Victory Lane. This new area allows fans an intense
personal encounter with stock car racing. The FanZone provides viewing areas of garages and
tech inspections, a racing legends area, interactive displays, and entertainment.

Fifty-six (56) Apogee AFI-4SX loudspeakers and sixty-eight (68) NEAR A-Series A2T, A6T, and
A8T loudspeakers deliver the outdoor sound for this venue. The AFI-4SX speakers, Apogee’s all-
weather Fixed Installation workhorse, do the job of supplying music and voice through magnetic
fluid-cooled drivers, each offering 200 continuous watts of high-quality music power (with peak

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performance of 800 watts). The NEAR A-Series are state-of-the-art “all-environment”
loudspeakers perfectly suited to endure Florida weather extremes and keep on sounding and
looking great. The NEAR A-Series loudspeakers feature Metal Diaphragm Technology (MDT)
metal-alloy drivers and patented Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS), for optimum sound quality.
Fifteen (15) Apogee CA-8000 amplifiers and fifteen (15) Bogen M-Class amplifiers deliver
unparalleled sonic quality to the FanZone Area.

The DAYTONA 500 Club, located in the infield overlooking Gatorade Victory Lane, provides an
unparalleled hospitality and entertainment experience. Bogen High-Fidelity Ceiling Speakers
deliver a sound quality that perfectly matches this high-end venue. With a frequency response that
far surpasses typical in-ceiling speakers, these highly engineered speakers promise to precisely
and discreetly deliver race action to Club Members. Power Vector modular input amplifiers provide
flexibility for fans to listen to track, music, or audio feeds throughout the area.

Each newly renovated NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Garage has NEAR A8T loudspeakers
located on the outside to supply music and track information to fans whom are now able to
privately view teams working on race cars. NASCAR Busch Series Garages have rugged Bogen
SPT30A Metal Outdoor Horn loudspeakers to provide track announcements for drivers and their

When the winner of this year’s "Great American Race" - the Daytona 500 – pulls up in Gatorade’s
new Victory Lane, two (2) Apogee all-weather AFI-4SX loudspeakers will do the job of officially
announcing his win to the fans, drivers, and owners in Victory Lane. These AFI-4SX speakers are
positioned directly in the Gatorade Victory Lane’s podium area for the best possible delivery of

                                                 Page 3 — Bogen/Apogee at Daytona Intl Speedway

Daytona’s new Specialty Vehicle Parking area includes a fitness center and playground area near
Lake Lloyd. Bogen’s High-Fidelity Ceiling Speakers (HFCS1) and NEAR A-Series loudspeakers,
driven by Power Vector modular input amplifiers, provide music and track information for VIP
guests, while they comfortably experience the speedway and amenities offered in the new
Specialty Vehicle Parking area.

About QuestCom
The QuestCom Group, Inc. specializes in high-end low voltage projects, engineering, and
construction services for pubic and private clients worldwide. QuestCom is dedicated to delivering
the highest quality low voltage systems to its clients regardless of size of project or project location.
With experts in the telecommunications, security, and life safety fields, few companies can
compare to the overall breadth of knowledge and field experience that The QuestCom Group

For more information contact QuestCom Group, Inc., PO Box 2115, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
32004, U.S.A. Tel: 866-820-8350. Fax: 904-285-9428; e-mail:; Web site:

About Bogen Communications and Apogee Sound International
Bogen Communications, Inc. and Apogee Sound International, LLC are recognized worldwide for
state-of-the-art commercial and professional sound reinforcement products designed for the audio
industry. Apogee Sound International is wholly owned by Bogen Communications, Inc. For more
than 70 years, Bogen has been a leading provider of commercial amplifiers, speakers, and
intercom systems for music, paging, and educational applications.

For more information, contact Ozzie Lawliss, National Sales Manager, Telco Division, Bogen
Communications, Inc., 50 Spring Street, Ramsey, NJ 07446, U.S.A. Tel: 407-323-5544. Fax: 407-
321-6127; e-mail:, web sites: and

                                       Equipment List

18 – AFI-4WSX (Standard)      Apogee     Contractor Series Loudspeakers
4 – AFI-4WSX (Horn Rotated)   Apogee     Contractor Series Loudspeakers
42 – AFI-4SX                  Apogee     Contractor Series Loudspeakers
4 – AFI-4 Horizontal Yoke     Apogee     Yoke
17 – CA-8000                  Apogee     CA-Series Amplifier
116 – HFCS1                   Bogen      High-Fidelity Ceiling Speakers
28 – CS1EZ                    Bogen      Easy Design® Ceiling Speakers
105 – SPT30A                  Bogen      Horn Speakers
37 – AT10A                    Bogen      Speaker Line Attenuator 10 Watts
3 – AT35A                     Bogen      Speaker Line Attenuator 35 Watts
8 – M300                      Bogen      Power Amplifier 300 Watts
7 – M600                      Bogen      Power Amplifier 600 Watts
1 – V250                      Bogen      Power Vector Amplifier 250 Watts
2 – V150                      Bogen      Power Vector Amplifier 150 Watts
1 – V60                       Bogen      Power Vector Amplifier 60 Watts
2 – V35                       Bogen      Power Vector Amplifier 35 Watts
15 – BAL2S                    Bogen      Parametric Equalizer Modules
3 – TBL1S                     Bogen      Transformer Balanced Input Modules
2 – MIC1S                     Bogen      Transformer Balanced Input Modules
2– SAX1R                      Bogen      Stereo Auxiliary Modules
4 – OPS1                      NEAR       Orbit Pendant Speakers
22 – A8T                      NEAR       A-Series Speaker 64 Watts
51 – A6T                      NEAR       A-Series Speaker 32 Watts
24 – A2T                      NEAR       A-Series Speaker 16 Watts

                                           – 30 –