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					                   Suffolk Constabulary Policies & Procedures

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Title:                    APPOINTMENTS - POLICE

Index:                    General Principle
                          Constables - Qualifications For Appointment
                          Applications And Enquiries (Constables)
                          High Potential Development Scheme

General Principle

This policy gives advice and guidance on recruiting procedures for police officers.


The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with other relevant personnel is
responsible for:-

   •     Collating all matters pertaining to the recruitment of police officers.

   •     Arranging publicity and advertising in relation to recruiting, including
         representation at exhibitions, and similar functions.

   •     Giving talks to and arranging publicity at schools, colleges, service
         establishments and similar organisations; liaison with school masters, service
         officers, community forums and other persons involved in advising on careers.

   •     Officers who have any suggestions regarding possible sources of recruitment
         or relating to publicity/advertising should forward details to the Director of
         Human Resources.

Constables - Qualifications For Appointment

The applicant must be a British citizen or a member of the EC or other states in the
EEA (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein). Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals
are also eligible but only if they are resident in the UK free of restrictions.

Candidates should satisfy strict character criteria and records are searched for any
offence history recorded. The police service is exempt from the provisions of the
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, and therefore candidates for appointment are
obliged to reveal all convictions for criminal offences. Convictions or cautions will not
necessarily preclude an applicant from appointment; it will depend upon the nature

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                  Suffolk Constabulary Policies & Procedures

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and circumstances of the offence. Failure to disclose convictions or cautions will,
however, result in an application being terminated.

The minimum age for appointment as a constable is 18 and a half years. There is no
upper age limit.

Candidates must be in good health, of sound constitution and able both physically
and mentally to perform the duties of a police officer once appointed. The Disability
Discrimination Act covers Police Officers, and it may be necessary to consider
adjustments where it is reasonable to do so. Successful applicants will have their
eyesight examined at the medical assessment stage, which will include a full
medical. Applicants will also be required to pass a physical fitness test.

It is important to achieve a balanced intake in order to cope with the competing
demands of the Force. The Force needs people who will serve the community
throughout their careers in the ranks of constable or sergeant, but it also needs
others with the will to specialise or to seek promotion. The aim is to secure a
balanced intake which takes account both the requirements of the Force and the
longer term needs of the service.

It is important that the candidates who are selected for interview should reflect the
social and ethnic mix of Suffolk and its environs.

Applicants should have a broad academic background. There are no minimum
requirements in terms of qualifications. Applicants who progress beyond the
preliminary stages of the recruitment process will be required to pass the Structured
Entrance Assessment for Recruiting Constables Holistically (SEARCH) process,
which will include the relevant parts of the Police Initial Recruitment Test.

Applications And Enquiries (Constables)

Applicants for appointment should contact the Personnel Section or the Recruitment
Hotline (01473 613640) for details of recruitment status. Application forms will only
be distributed whilst the Force is actively recruiting. Additionally, on-line applications
can be made through                  or through a link from upon receipt of an enquiry an application pack will be

Once returned, the Personnel Section carries out a paper sift process, and a
decision made as to whether to proceed with the application.

Those candidates successful through the paper sift stage will be invited to attend the
SEARCH assessment process. The assessment process will include a series of

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                  Suffolk Constabulary Policies & Procedures

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interactive tests; written tests and a structured interview to measure key skills and
abilities identified as necessary for the role.

Those applicants who progress successfully through the Assessment Centre will be
invited to attend a formal interview. The panel for this part of the process will be
made up by a senior manager from the Human Resources Department (Chair) and a
police officer of the rank of Inspector or above. Candidates will also be required to
undertake the Physical Fitness Test.

Those applicants recommended for further consideration will then be required to
undergo a full medical test, including a urine sample for substance misuse

When an applicant has successfully completed all of these stages, a conditional offer
of employment will be made, subject to satisfactory final references and security
checks. Start dates will be dependant upon available intake dates and overall
strength Force wide.
High Potential Development Scheme

This scheme provides the opportunity for candidates with potential to advance swiftly
to the highest levels in the police service. Candidates must demonstrate competence
at each level as they progress. Anyone can apply, as the scheme is open to both
graduates and non-graduates. However, to apply for the scheme candidates must
first qualify for appointment through the procedures outlined above.

Serving officers are also eligible for the scheme, and can apply at any time during
their service.

Department:            Human Resources Department

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