Chapel Hill North Carolina by angelfly


									The southeastern corner of Orange County is the location for the vibrant
town of Chapel Hill North Carolina. The college town has a lively music
scene with musicians from different genres. Local acts have gone on to
national fame such as Ben Folds Five and singer songwriter James Taylor.
The scene also incorporates several independent record labels. The town
is also noted for its trendy restaurant and bar scene. There are also a
high number of independent coffee shops. Franklin Street, named after
Benjamin Franklin, is the main thoroughfare where friends gather to shop
or have a meal. The Morehead Planetarium opened in 1949 and was a
training center for astronauts involved on the Gemini, Mercury and Apollo
missions. The center has interactive exhibits and star shows with lots of
special events and educational programs.

The North Carolina Botanical Garden is run by the University of North
Carolina, which is the oldest state university in America. It covers
approximately 900 acres and contains fourteen collections and garden
areas. It was opened in 1903 and was the brainchild of Dr William Coker,
who went on to become the University's first Botany professor. Admission
is free and there are a wide variety of fauna to admire. The Coker
Arboretum is one of the highlights, an area of conifers, East Asian
species and a native vine arbor. The Carnivorous Plant Collection is a
favorite section with children from Chapel Hill North Carolina. It
contains a venus flytrap and pitcher plants. There is also a poison
garden, a medicinal garden and a herb garden. Other displays include a
fern collection, a biological reserve, a sensory garden and a garden with
water features.

Festifall is an annual fair in October when streets are closed and
families can enjoy the various stalls and entertainment. Food vendors
sell international cuisine, including Chinese, Thai, Polish, Italian and
Mexican. There is BBQ food and vegetarian and vegan options. Arts and
crafts booths sell items from local artists and artisans, including
jewelry, pottery, paintings and photography. There are also traditional
toy makers, candle makers and fabric designers. Non-profit organizations
also have stalls to raise their profile in the Chapel Hill North Carolina
community. Live music acts cover a variety of genres, including blues,
rock, folk, r&b and jazz. Children from Chapel Hill North Carolina have
their own area with a playground, puppet show and face painting and
temporary tattoos. There are also children's books for sale and a big
climbing wall.

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