Cat Litter Box - DOC by angelfly


									I am a cat lover. I have had a pet cat for as long as I can remember. I
grew up on a farm so there were several cats that lived in the barn. They
were friendly and let you pet them, but they were not allowed to come in
the house. We had one female house cat. She was a calico. Each spring she
would have a litter of kittens in the basement. She would nurse them and
care for them until they were weaned and then she would take off for the
summer. We would not see her for several weeks and then she would show up
again. She would be skinning and her fur would be matted. During the time
she would be gone we would transition the kittens out to the barn, or
would give them to people for pets.

I often wondered where she went on her cat getaways. It would take her a
few weeks to fatten back up and get the tangles out of her fur. She was
quite independent, yet she loved to sit on your lap to be petted and
every night she would lie at the foot of my bed. The best thing about her
was that we did not have to change a cat litter box very often. She
preferred to go outside. We kept a cat litter box in the basement area
for her, but she would go and meow at the door to be let out. She would
cry at the door when she wanted to come back in. The only time she used
the cat litter box was in the winter when it was extremely cold outside.

After I was married I convince my husband that we should have a cat in
the house. We lived out in the country. We owned twenty acres of land and
a house and garage. The cat we found was all black. He was a great
hunter. He would roam at night and sleep in the house all day during the
warm months. In the winter he stayed in the house most of the time. He
preferred going outside rather than using a cat litter box. Now that we
live in a neighborhood with a busy street in front of our house our
present cat uses the litter box all the time. We were not used to having
to clean the cat litter box as often as we have to now. We have tried
different litters and we found one that the cats like and that covers the
odor very well. We keep the litter box in the laundry room of the
basement. We keep the door propped open so the cats are able to get to
the litter box whenever they need to. We make sure that we clean the box
out a couple times a week to keep the smell down and for the health of
the cats.

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