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Am I Suffering From Depression


									There are times in just about everyone’s when the question, “Am I
suffering from depression?” surfaces. The mere fact that you are asking
yourself this question isn’t necessarily a reason to run out to get a
prescription for an antidepressant. There are symptoms of depression to
consider before opting for meds.

One morning, I found myself asking this very question. Am I suffering
from depression just because I am pondering the notion? Not necessarily.
There are things that factor into our everyday moods. Clinical depression
is quite different from simply feeling down or out of sorts.

After considering the symptoms of depression, I determined that I was
simply going through an emotional. I had to ask am I suffering from
depression because of my sloping emotional state but I also had to
consider other symptoms that come into play when a person is clinically
depressed as well.

Am I suffering from insomnia? Am   I sleeping too   much? Do things that I
used to enjoy no longer bring me   pleasure? Am I   irritable and
cantankerous? Do I have thoughts   about death or   suicide that are
overwhelming and consuming? Am I   suffering from   depression really?

The problem lies in the simple fact that   people feel depressed from time
to time. However, clinical depression is   persistent. Others may tell you
to snap out of it but when you are truly   in a depressive state, it is
impossible. There is also no real reason   for the dark emotions, either.

Am I suffering from depression or am I going through a rough patch? Life
changing events and tragedies like a death in the family or a divorce can
spiral you into a dark chasm of dread and gloom. There is good reason for
the emotions and feelings of dread. When those emotions become all
encompassing, then you may want to seek help.

Basically, you have to ask yourself if your state    of mind is interfering
with your ability to function normally. Am I able    to complete tasks as
usual in spite of my current dreary outlook? Am I    unable to maintain
healthy relationships with coworkers, friends and    family because of my
mood? Am I suffering from depression really?

These questions are never easy to answer, especially when you are in the
emotional throws of a life changing event. Talking to a professional is a
good idea but remember to try and stay objective rather than letting your
dreary feelings get in the way of a real diagnosis.

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