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Latex Allergy


									              What Is Latex?                                    What Are The
              Latex is the milky sap from the rubber tree. It
              can be found in rubber products. Some things      Signs Of An
              are made only with latex, others use latex as
              part of the product.                              Allergic Reaction?
                                                                •Skin rash
                                                                •Hives, welts, swelling or redness
              Who Is At Risk For                                 anywhere on the body
                                                                •Watery or itchy eyes
              Latex Allergy?                                    •Sneezing or coughing
              Infants and children who have the following:      •Itching
                •Birth defects of the spinal cord.              •Difficulty breathing
                •Birth defects of the urinary system.           •Chest pain or chest tightness
                •Repeated bladder catheters (a tube             •Throat tightness
                  into the bladder to drain urine).             •Fainting
                •Repeated surgeries or tests on the

Sharing           urinary system.
                •Rash, swelling or itching after
                  blowing up balloons or other latex            What If My Child
Information       products.
                •Five (5) or more operations that go into
                  the body cavities (such as the chest,
                                                                Has An Allergic
                  stomach, or head).
                •Children with a personal or family history     Reaction?
Latex             of food allergies may be at risk for latex
                  allergy. Using latex may raise the risk
                                                                •Take away the latex object
                                                                •Wash the skin with large amounts of water
                  for food allergies. Foods linked to latex     •If your child has difficulty breathing, has
Precautions       allergy include bananas, melon,
                  peaches, kiwi, celery, avocado, cherry,
                                                                chest pain/tightness or faints, CALL 911 OR
                                                                YOUR LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT
                  nectarines, figs, chestnuts, passion fruit,   IMMEDIATELY
                  papaya and plum. Eating foods touched
                  by latex gloves may also cause a
                •Unexplained allergic reactions during
                  surgery or a medical procedure.

              These children should avoid latex even if they
              haven't had a reaction because they could
              become allergic over time.
                                                                                  Latex in the Hospital Environment
Latex in the Home and Community                                                   Frequently Contain LATEX                                 LATEX-SAFE Alternatives
Frequently Contain LATEX          LATEX-SAFE Alternatives
                                                                                  Adhesives and skin (Smith&Nephew)                       Mastisol (Ferndale)
Art supplies: paints, glue,       Elmers (School Glue, Glue-All, GluColors,       Anesthesia: circuits, bags, oxygen masks                Neoprene (Anesthesia Associates, Ohmeda adult), some Vital Signs
erasers, fabric paints            Carpenters Wood Glue, Sno-Drift paste)          Bandaids                                                Active Strip (3M), CURAD Neon, Readi-Bandages, NHP, Coverlet, some Airstrip
                                  FaberCastel erasers, Crayola (except
                                                                                  Blood pressure cuff and tubing (J&J)                    Clean Cuff (Vital Signs), nylon, some Trimline
                                  stamps, erasers), Liquitex paints, DickBlick
                                                                                  Bulb syringe                                            Some Davol, Medline, Rusch, Premium, Baxter
                                  tempera, acrylic paints and soap erasers,
                                  Play-Doh                                        Casts: Delta-Lite Podiatry, Orthoflex (J&J)             Scotchcast soft, Delta-Lites, recent Conformable (J & J), Caraglas Ultra, Liners (Gore)
Balloons                          Mylar balloons, self-sealing Myloons            Catheters: condom                                       Clear Advantage, ProSys NL, selected Coloplast, Rochester, PolyTech (Hollister)
Balls: Koosh balls, tennis balls, PVC (Hedstrom Sports Ball), Nerf Foam           Catheters: indwelling & systems, UDS                    Some Am BioMed, Argyle, Bard, Cook, Dale, Kendall, Lifetech, Mentor, Rochester, Rusch, Vitaid, Adapters &
bowling balls, Ball Pits          Balls                                                                                                   plug (Addto)
Carpet backing, gym floor,        Provide barrier - cloth or mat                  Catheters: cardiac, vascular, pulmonary                 Some World Medical, Am BioMed
basement sealant                                                                  Catheters: straight, coude                              Mentor, RobNel (Sherwood), Coloplast, selected Bard, Rusch catheters
Chewing Gum                       Bubblicious, Trident (Warner-Lambert),
                                                                                  Catheters: feeding                                      Accumark feeding catheter (Sims Portex)
                                  Wrigley gums (check new products)
                                                                                  CPR manikins and medical training aids                  Most Laerdal products Dressings: Dyna-flex, butterfly closures (J&J)
Clothes; liquid appliques on tee- Cloth-covered elastic, neoprene (Decent
shirts, elastic on socks,         Exposures, NOLATEX Industries), Buster          Dressings: Dyna-flex, butterfly closures (J&J), BDF     Duoderm, Reston foam (3M), Opsite, Venigard, Comfeel, Sorbaview, Telfa (some) Xeroform, PinCare,
underwear, sneakers, sandals. Brown elastic-free socks (Vermont Country           Elastoplast, Action Wrap, Coban (3M)                    Bioclusive, Montgomery strap (J&J), Webril
                                  Store)                                          Lyofoam (Acme), Spandage (Medi-tech), Telfa             Metalline, Selopor, Opraflex, Centurion Brief, some Airstrips, Rainbow Net (Surgilast), VAC, Warm-up
Condoms, contraceptive            Polyurethane (Avanti), female condom            NOTE: Latex in package only: Steri-strip wound closure system, Tegasorb, Active Strips (3M), Nu-Derm (J&J), CURAD
sponges, diaphragm                (Reality), Wideseal Silicone Diaphragms         Ear Plugs                                                Grainger (5F767)
                                  (Milex), Trojan Supra Condom                    Elastic Wrap: ACE, Esmarch, Zimmer                       E-Cotton, CEB elastic (coNco), Champ (Carolon), Adban Adhesive, X-Mark
Crutches: tips, axillary pads,    Cover with cloth or tape
                                                                                  Dyna-flex, Elastikon (J&J)                               (Avcor) Co-Flex, PowerFlex (Andover), Comprilan (Jobst), Esmark (DeRoyal, NHP)
hand grips
                                                                                  Electrode bulbs, pads, grounding                         Some Baxter, Dantec EMG, Conmed, ValleyLab, Vermont Med, Staodyn, Neotrode
Dental dams, cups, bands, root PURO/M27 intraoral elastics (Midwest
canal material, orthodontic       Orthodontic), wire springs, sealant (Delton)    Endotracheal tubes, airways                              Selected Berman, Mallinckrodt,Polamedco, Portex, Rusch, Sheridan, Shiley
rubber bands                      dams (Meer Dental, Hygenic Corp), John          Enemas                                                   BabyLax, Theravac, Bowel Management Tube (MIC), Pharmaseal set, all Fleet Ready-to-Use, cone irrigation
                                  O. Butler Earloop masks (Richmond)                                                                       set (Convatec), silicone retention cuff tip (Lafayette)
Diapers, incontinence pads,       Huggies First Quality, Gold Seal,               G-tubes, buttons                                         Silicone (Bard, Flexiflo, MIC, Rusch, Stomate)
rubber pants                      Tranquility, Always, some Attends, Drypers      Gloves: sterile, clean surgical, orthodontic             Allergard (J&J), dermaprene (Ansell), N-DEX (Best), Safeskin Nitrile, Neolon, SensiCare, Tru-touch
                                  Diapers (not training pants), Confidence                                                                 (Maxxim), Nitrex, tactyl 1, 2 (SmartPractice), Duraprene, (Allegiance Healthcare), Elastyren (Hermal, Center
                                  (Paper-Pak), Pampers, Luvs
                                                                                                                                           Labs), Boston Medical, Masel, Neotech
Feeding nipples                   Silicone, vinyl (selected Gerber, Evenflo,
                                                                                  Incentive deep breathing exerciser                       Voldyne 5000 (Sherwood David & Geck), Triflo II
                                  MAM, Ross, Mead Johnson)
Food handled with latex gloves Synthetic gloves for food handling                 IV access: injection ports, Y-sites, bags, pumps,        Cover Y-sites and bag ports - do not puncture. Use stopcocks for meds. Polymer injection caps, burettes
Handles on racquets, tools,       Vinyl, leather handles or cover with cloth or   buretrol ports, PRN adapters, needless systems           and Safsite (Braun), Abbot Systems, Walrus, Gemini (IMED), selected Baxter (InterLink), Statlock, Ready
bicycles                          tape                                                                                                     Med, ConMed, Clave, Alaris, Hudson, selected Sims, IV boards (Avcor), Terumo Pumps: Mach II, ADS 100,
Infant toothbrush-massager        Soft bristle brush or cloth, Gerber/NUK                                                                  Clic-Open (vial top remover - Sepha Pharm)
Kitchen cleaning gloves           PVC MYPLEX (Magia), cotton liners               OR/Infection Control masks, hats, shoe covers            Some by Kimberly Clark, TECNOL, OR and sterile packs (CML, DeRoyal) twill ties
                                  (Allerderm)                                     Medication vial stoppers                                 Some AmRegent, Astra, Bedford Labs, Fujisawa, Gensia, Glaxo, Lilly, Roche
Latex paint                       There is no natural rubber in latex paint
                                                                                  Miscellaneous items                                      Soft-Grip fabric clamp covers (Scanlan), Precision Dynamics ID bracelets
Miscellaneous items               Some medical stickers by MediBadge,
                                                                                  Penrose drains                                           Jackson-Pratt, Zimmer Hemovac
                                  UAL, Cushie Tushie Potty Seat
Newsprint, ads, coupons, lottery None                                             Pulse oximeters, thermometer probes                      Nonin oximeters, selected Nellcor sensors, Diatec probe covers
scratch tickets                                                                   Reflex hammers                                           Cover with plastic bag
Pacifiers                         Soothies (Children's Med Ventures),             Respirators                                              Advantage (MSA), HEPA-Tech (Uvex), PFR 95 (Tecnol), 3M 1860
                                  selected Binky, Gerber, Infa, Kip, MAM          Resuscitators, manual                                    Certain ambu, Armstrong, Laerdal, Puriton Bennett, Vital Blue, Respironics, Rusch
Rubber bands, bungee cords        Plasti bands                                    Spacer (for metered dose inhalers)                       ACE spacer (Center Labs), OptiHaler (HealthScan)
Toys - Stretch Armstrong, old     Jurassic Park figures (Kenner), 1993            Stethoscope tubing                                       PVC (some Littman) cover with ScopeCoat or latex-free stockinette (Albahealth)
Barbies                           Barbie, Disney dolls (Mattel), many toys by
                                                                                  Suction tubing                                           PVC (Davol, Laerdal, Mallinckrodt, Superior, Yankauer) Medline, Ballard
                                  Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Playschool,
                                                                                  Syringes, disposable                                     Terumo Medical, Abbott PCA Abboject, Norm-Ject (Air-Tite), EpiPen, selected BD syringes, AdvantaJet
                                  Discovery, Trolls (Norfin), Silly-putty
Water toys and equipment:         PVC, plastic, nylon, Suits Me Swimwear                                                                   (Activa)
beach thongs, masks, bathing                                                      Tapes: pink, Waterproof(3M), Zonas, Moleskin cloth,      Dermicel (J&J), Durapore, Microfoam, Micropore, Transpore (3M) Cath-Strip
suits, caps, scuba gear, goggles                                                  Waterproof (j&J), adhesive felt (Acme)                   (Genetic Labs), Ice Tape (P.O. Pak), All-Felt (Universal Foot Care), Hypafix
Wheelchair cushions               Jay, ROHO cushions, Sof Care bed/chair          Tonopen disposable covers (glucoma tester)               None
                                  cushions (Gaymar)                               Tourniquets                                              Children's Medical, Grafco, VelcorPedic, X-Tourn straps (Avcor), Free-Band (Kent)
Wheelchair tires                  Recommend using leather gloves                  Theraband (also strip/tube), other OT supplies           REP Bands and Cords (OPTP), Exercise putty (Rolyan), new Thera-Band Exercisers
Zippered plastic storage bags     Waxed paper, plain plastic bags, Ziploc
                                                                                  Tubing, sheeting                                         Plastic tubing-Tygon LR-40 (Norton), elastic thread, sheets (JPS Elastomerics)
                                                                                  Vascular stockings (TEDS)                                Compriform Custom (Jobst)

                                                                                  These lists provide a guide to some of the most common objects containing latex and offers some alternatives. They are not meant to be a comprehensive listing.
                                                                                  The information contained in these lists is constantly changing as manufacturers improve their products and as we learn more about latex allergy.
How Can I Protect                                 References:
                                                  Latex Committee of the Nursing and
My Child?                                         Healthcare Professionals Council of the
•Avoid contact with latex products                Spina Bifida Association of America.
•Get a Medic Alert bracelet. The bracelet
  should read "ALLERGIC TO LATEX"
•Tell all of your child's doctors, dentists and
  health care workers that your child has had
  an allergic reaction to latex.
•Ask your doctor if your child needs an
  "Epinephrine Kit" for severe allergic reac-

How Can I Find
Out Which
Products Contain
Latex is everywhere. It can be in many
products found in hospitals, doctors' offices
and dentists' offices. It can also be found in
many products in your home. You can call
the company that makes the product to see if
it has latex. The Spina Bifida Association of
America has a good list of latex and nonlatex
alternatives. Their number is 1-800-621-
3141. The Spina Bifida Association of
America's web site is

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