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					                                    Criminal Justice Commission
Volume 1, Issue 3

April 7, 2009


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Evaluations                     2

TV Show                         2

West Palm Beach CJSC            3

Weed and Seed Accomplishments   4

Powerhouse Breakfast            5

                                     The award was presented to Ms. Walker (left) by a former student,
                                     Kanathey Haney.

    In honor of Social Work Month, the Palm Beach County unit of the National Association of Social
    Workers recognized Becky Walker, criminal justice manager for the Criminal Justice Commission
    as this year’s recipient of the Social Worker of the Year Award. Ms. Walker’s efforts toward reduc-
    ing youth violence and mentoring social work students are on point with this year’s theme Pur-
    pose and Possibility. As criminal justice manager for the Criminal Justice Commission, she was
    instrumental in the implementation of the county’s Youth Violence Prevention Project, and over-
    sees the Community Justice Service Centers, and the Department of Justice’s Weed and Seed
    sites. Ms. Walker is also an adjunct professor at FAU in the School of Social Work.
Page 2                                                                       Criminal Justice Commission Programs

                                                            In 2004 the Youth Violence Prevention
                                                            Project (YVPP) was developed in response
                                                            to numerous homicides involving youth.
                                                            One of the initiatives the YVPP steering
                                                            committee established was a research
                                                            partnership with the Florida State Univer-
                                                            sity’s Center for Criminology and Public
                                                            Policy research. This research team then
                                                            identified the extent of gun violence in the
                                                            County, who was contributing to this prob-
                                                            lem, and target areas in the County that
                                                            have especially high crime rates. The cities
                                                            chosen to implement this project are
                                                            Riviera Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake
                                                            Worth, Boynton Beach, and Belle Glade.
                                                            Since the partnership was established,
Florida State University has collected and distributed data from all four components of the YVPP, in-
cluding Law Enforcement, Courts, Corrections, and Crime Prevention. On March 23rd, 2009 the re-
search team from FSU came to Palm Beach County to present their findings for year two of the YVPP to
the Criminal Justice Commission. The presentation consisted of impressive numbers and statistical
data drawn from monthly reports and crime data from all participating agencies. The same team will
return on April 28, 2009 in order to present the data to Palm Beach County Commissioners.

                                           Due to the overwhelming success of the “Get In The Zone”
                                           TV. show, which is currently shown three times a week on
                                           Channel 20, there is a second show in the works.
                                           Presently, footage is being gathered in hopes to air the
                                           show in early May. On Friday, April
                                           24, 2009 the Boynton Beach Youth
                                           Empowerment Center will be the
                                           next location for filming. Palm Beach
                                           County Commissioner Shelley Vana
                                           and Boynton Commissioner Jose
                                           Rodriguez will be in attendance.
There is also a ride-along scheduled to be filmed in order to get footage on the
impacts of gangs and the consequences of youth not having places such as the
youth empowerment centers to attend.
Page 3                                                                        Criminal Justice Commission Programs

                        WPB CJSC
The West Palm Beach Community Justice Service Center
located on 2107 Tamarind Ave, West Palm Beach has not only
grown in the number of clients it serves, but also in the number
of services it provides. With the clientele of the Center almost
doubling within the last year, it is important that additional
programs and agencies partner with one another to better serve
the community. The Human Resource Association of Palm Beach
County is an association of Human Resource Professionals. They
are known for their valuable resources in the business commu-
nity, which provides ample opportunity for continuing education
and employment assistance. This agency is currently presenting
a “job readiness” class in the Center. There Is hope that future
collaboration can evolve.

    Plans for the Future                          The March 12th Community Advisory Board meeting at
                                                  the West Palm Beach Community Justice Service
                                                  Center was of particular importance this month, with
                                                  guests including Mayor Lois Frankel and Chief Delsa
                                                  Bush. The main item on the agenda was based on the
                                                  recent discussion of funding opportunities and
                                                  sustainability of the center. Multiple individuals repre-
                                                  senting     agencies, including the Salvation Army, and
                                                  Toby House spoke on behalf of the Community Justice
                                                  Service Center and its importance to the community.
                                                  Furthermore, a great number of surrounding residents
                                                  came to the meeting and shared their stories of
                                                  success that was made possible by the services at the
                                                  Community Justice Service Center. The mayor spoke
                                                  of her support for the Center, and the ideas she had
                                                  that may make the             services provided more
Above: Mark Roseman, PhD, Becky Walker, Sa-
brina Cornish, Mayor Lois Frankel, and Samuel     widespread throughout the community.

                 Community Justice Service Center (CJSC) March 2009
•    829 Walk-in residents voluntarily utilized Social Services

•    82 Offenders appeared in court for non-violent misdemeanor offenses

•    28 completed their community service sanctions; provided 118 hours of community service.
  Thirty-seven (37) defendants received one hundred forty-five (145) various social services by the
  Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
  Page 4                                                                   Criminal Justice Commission Programs

                                         Delray Beach
                      Weed and Seed Accomplishments
Weed and Seed is a crime prevention strategy funded by the U.S. Department of Justice and located
in over 200 cities in this country. The objective is to work with law enforcement agencies to “weed”
out crime, and “seed” in community support. The support is usually in the form of neighborhood par-
ticipation, after school programs, crime prevention programs, economic development, and gang and
drug resistance programs. The Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) has successfully supported the
Delray Beach Weed and Seed since 2006. With a grant of $100,000 the CJC supports the “seeding”
efforts in the surrounding community.

           Weed and Seed
 Educational Enrichment at three Safe Haven
 sites amounted to 249 students assisted
 (unduplicated). This includes FCAT prepara-
 tion, homework assistance, and tutoring on
 specific subject matter in a group setting.
 Safe Havens recently implemented a new
 reading program. The academic enrichment
 is provided through subcontracts to CLASS of
 Delray Beach and New Innovations.

                                                      Carver Kids of Character sponsors a Community
                                                      Martial arts program with 82 fulltime enrollees.
                                                      That is a whopping 22 kids per class in the
                                                      karate and strengthening program.

 A Black History Essay Competition was held
 on Thursday, February 26, 2009. There were
 over 125 attendees and 22 school age par-
 ticipants. The competition was judged by City
 Commissioner Mackenson Bernard, as well
 as other dignitaries.
Volume 1, Issue 3                                                                                Page 5

                             Powerhouse Breakfast

                                                               Left: State Attorney Michael McAuliffe,
                                                               US Attorney R. Alexander Acosta,
                                                               Rolando Garcia, and Palm Beach
                                                               County Commissioner Jeff Koons

On Wednesday, April 8th Palm Beach County Weed and Seed hosted a breakfast at the Salvation Army
Community Center located at 600 Rosemary Ave in West Palm Beach. The event featured honored
speaker Mr. R Alexander Acosta, US Attorney for the Southern District. This breakfast served to thank
the many partners that have supported Weed and Seed throughout the County. Invites range from
individuals and agencies from the education, law enforcement, community leaders, non-profit sector,
and elected officials. The Criminal Justice Commission funds Weed and Seed projects in cities
throughout Palm Beach County. This crime prevention strategy takes place in Riviera Beach, West Palm
Beach, and Delray Beach. Belle Glade and Gramercy Village both have active Weed and Seed sites
sponsored by the US Department of Justice.

      Palm Beach County Commissioner
      Koons and Delray Beach Commis-
      sioner Mack Bernard speaking with
      Weed and Seed Coordinator Rosalind
                                               The Criminal Justice Commission was
                                               created by a Palm Beach County ordi-
Criminal Justice Commission                    nance in 1988. It has 21 public sector
                                               members representing local, state, and
                                               federal criminal justice and governmen-
                                               tal agencies, and 12 private sector busi-
301 North Olive Avenue, Suite 1001
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401                 ness leaders representing the Economic
Phone: 561-355-6878                            Council of Palm Beach County. It has an
Fax: 561-355-4941                              established history of building strong
                                               partnerships to improve the criminal jus-
                                               tice system in the County.

                                         Palm Beach County
                                           Board of County

                                        Jeff Koons, Chairman

                                     Burt Aaronson, Vice Chairman

                                           Karen T. Marcus

                                            Shelley Vana

                                          Steven L. Abrams

                                          Jess R. Santamaria

                                           Addie L. Greene