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					                                PALM BEACH COUNTY
                                  ZONING DIVISION


Application No.:         DRO-2005-01627
Control No.:             2003-00079
Application Name:        Windsor Place MXPD Final Site Plan
Owner:                   Windsor Place LLC
                         Windsor Place Llc
Applicant:               Windsor Place LLC
                         Windsor Place Llc
Agent:                   Rachel Johnson - Land Design South, Inc.
Telephone No.:           (561) 468-8501
Project Manager          Joyce Lawrence, Planner II 561-233-5121

  Location: NWC of Hypoluxo Rd & LynonsRd.

  Property Control Number: 00-42-43-27-05-043-0240

  Request:    Final Site Plan approval to allow for        the   development of       a residential and
  commercial project.


  The subject property is in the AR Zoning District on a 40.00 acre parcel of land.


  The Development Review Officer (DRO) comments, certification issues and recommended
  conditions of approval for this petition are below. It is recommended that you contact the
  governmental agency identified in the heading above each item prior to the DRO meeting. Staff
  encourages the applicant to contact the applicable agencies to discuss and resolve comments prior
  to the meeting. The DRO will certify your application only upon resolution of all certification issues,
  acceptance of the recommended conditions of approval and compliance with the ULDC.

  A $75 administrative fee will be charged for the resubmission of any site plan(s) and/or supportive
  documents. Unofficial documents, which are not stamped and logged in by the Zoning Division, will
  not be accepted or reviewed by the DRO agencies. Pursuant to the ULDC, a $125 fee is required
  for each continuance or postponement from a DRO meeting. Revised plans or applications
  materials shall be submitted a minimum of 1 working day (Thursday) following the DRO meeting for
  minor revisions and the mylar submitted the Monday prior to the meeting.


  ZONING DIVISION (Ms. Lawrence, 233-5217)

     1. The following Zoning comments are based on the plans and supporting documents dated
        11/16/05. This application is being reviewed for compliance with ULDC Ordinance 2003-067
        as amended. If not certified at the 12/28/05 DRO meeting, then substantial plan and
        document changes are due 7 working days (1/2/06) prior to the next DRO agenda. Additional
        staff comments may result from the revised documents and site plans. COMMENT

  Control No. 2003-00079                         DRO Dec 28, 2005
  Application No. DRO-2005-01627                  BCC District 3                                Page 1
  Project No. -
  2. Your application will be placed on the 12/28/05 DRO Agenda. Attendance at this meeting is
     mandatory. COMMENT

  3. For this application to be placed on the next available DRO Agenda, schedule the request
     only through the DRO webpage at DROAGEND@PBCGOV.COM at least 5 working days
     prior to the next DRO meeting. COMMENT

  4. Per ULDC Article 2.D1.C.3. all responses to the DRO comment/certification letter shall be in
     written form. Provide a written response to the DRO comment and condition letter with a
     corresponding highlighted plan indicating any changes made from the previous submittal.

  5. The mylar shall be submitted on the Monday (2 days) prior to the DRO meeting or subject to
     the project manager's approval. COMMENT

  6. Master Plan must be approved before or concurrent with the site plan. CERTIFICATION

  7. Provide correct labelling for the site plan. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  8. Remove the Planned Development Tabular Data Chart and place on the Master Plan.

  9. Show correct location for COA “Planning 9.” CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  10. Include Resolution Number on Conditions of Approval page. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  11. For the Site Data: delete the word “Proposed”. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  12. Site Data (total square footage):       address “When concurrency becomes available” .

  13. Address inconsistency with acreage under the Site breakdown chart and the Site Data.

  14. Buffer detail is not consistent with the site plan. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  15. Site Data: Provide Resolution Number. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  16. Site Data: Provide last BCC approval date. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  17. Increase font on Site Breakdown Chart. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  18. Delete extraneous information from plan. COMMENT

  19. Provide correct acreage breakdown for the site breakdown chart. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  20. Address pervious/impervious area. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  21. Address compliance to “All Petitions” # 2. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  22. Provide typical for residence indicating parking. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  23. Correlate all details with Conditions of Approval or code requirements. CERTIFICATION

  24. Typos, notes repeated and side by side. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  25. Clarify BBL and darken. Lighten and reduce size of current property line. CERTIFICATION

  26. Provide Alternative Landscape Plan. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  27. Parking: Clarify/breakdown min/max. PDD, and also provide breakdown of off street/on street
      (see sheet 4/13). CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  28. A master sign plan is required. Label signs A, B, & C etc on the site plan and provide details
      to match. A master sign plan should address all current and proposed freestanding and wall
      signs. Labeling of square feet of sign face area, total height, Building Permit numbers if signs
      are existing, and key map for freestanding signs and all other sign details pursuant to
      Art.8.E.3.B. page 17 of 39. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

Control No. 2003-00079                       DRO Dec 28, 2005
Application No. DRO-2005-01627                BCC District 3                               Page 2
Project No. -
  29. Label wall, and canopy height. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  30. Address concurrency requested/pending for Phase II. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  31. Clarify how COA was address for the future Land Use breakdown. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

LAND DEVELOPMENT (Mr. Choban, 684-4094 or Mr. Wisnefski, 684-4133)

  1. Revise the site plan to conform with Condition E-8. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  2. Delete the interior sidewalk where it crosses the driveways and connect to the County's
     sidewalk along Lyons Road and Hypoluxo Road. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  3. Show the sidewalk along Lyons Road. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  4. Clarify queuing space 1A adjacent to the bank shown on sheet 3. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  5. Clarify the “Drop Off Area” adjacent to Building #6 shown on sheet 3. CERTIFICATION

  6. Show all the residential driveways correctly on sheets 5,6, and 7. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  7. Two residential driveways shown on sheet 6 appear to overlap. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  8. Two residential driveways shown on sheet 6 appear to overlap. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  9. Label all the scales on each sheet correctly. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  10. The “Spine Road Cross Section” is unacceptable. Curbing is to be utilized to separate the
      pathways from the travel lanes. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  11. Multi-family and Fee simple lots are not the same. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  12. Fee simple lots do not meet the requirements of County Standards. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

  13. Clarify the interior “dark lines” which appear to separate the parcels. Lake maintenance
      easements are shown encroaching other parcels. Half of the aisle ways belong to one parcel
      and the other half to another parcel. The concern is what is to be constructed when each
      parcel is sold. How will this MXPD be constructed? CERTIFICATION ISSUE

TRAFFIC (Mr. Uhren, 684-4042 – Mr. Bari, 684-4139 - Mr. Bohovsky, 684-4051)

  1. No Comments

SURVEY (Mr. Mark, 684-4054)

  1. No Comments


  1. If construction of this development shall result in one (1) acre (or greater) of exposed soil,
     Federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater regulations
     require that the petitioner obtain NPDES permit coverage for stormwater discharges
     associated with industrial activity. In addition, the petitioner should be aware of their
     responsibility to maintain an on-site storm water Pollution Prevention Plan during construction
     activities. ERM staff can provide a generic stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan to the
     petitioner for their consideration. A copy of the site specific stormwater Pollution Prevention
     Plan must be submitted to the ERM department prior to the issuance of the vegetation permit.

  2. All new excavations shall comply with the excavation criteria pursuant to ULDC Chapter 4, D.

  3. A complete Standard Vegetation Permit application, including the appropriate fee ($680.00),
     is required. Project name and petition number shall be clearly displayed on the check and

  4. The VEGETATION TRACKING #VP05-071 shall be clearly shown on the building permit
     application. No site preparation or vegetation removal is permitted until a Vegetation
     Removal Permit is issued by Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Department.
Control No. 2003-00079                      DRO Dec 28, 2005
Application No. DRO-2005-01627               BCC District 3                               Page 3
Project No. -
       The Vegetation Removal Permit will be issued concurrent with the building permit or Land
       Development permit. The Applicant shall notify ERM at the time of submittal for the building
       permit or Land Development Permit so that the Vegetation Removal Permit may be activated.

   5. Incorporate existing native trees and under-story into the site plan and label them. If this
      cannot be accomplished, documentation describing why the trees cannot be incorporated
      shall be necessary. Tree surveys shall only include the native trees of 6 inches and greater.
      Labeling shall include the location of the native vegetation, tag number, species and Diameter

   6. A tabular tree list for all existing native trees and palms is required for the referenced project
      site prior to DRO certification. A tree survey will be required if specimen sized trees or
      significant stands of native trees exist on site. All tree surveys MUST be submitted to ERM
      no later that the Friday before DRO to allow sufficient time for staff review. CERTIFICATION

HEALTH (Mr. Shippey, 355-3136 ext 1212)

No comments were received to date.          Please contact the agency representative for additional

SCHOOL BOARD (Ms. LaValley, 434-8922 or Mr. DeYoung 434-7343)

No comments were received to date.          Please contact the agency representative for additional

COUNTY ATTORNEY (Ms. Taylor, 355-3388)

1. Need new consent, the one in the file is too old. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

PLANNING (Mr. Rupertus, 233-5315)

1. Per planning condition of approval 4, provide the Planning Division with a recorded copy of the
   unity of control covenant. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

2. Per planning condition 9, change the ordinance reference in the note above the Site Breakdown
   Chart from 2005-00013 to 2005-038. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

3. Per planning condition 10, change the ordinance reference in the right-of-way details from 2005-
   00013 to 2005-038. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

FIRE RESCUE (Mr. Brame, 233-0059)

No comments were received to date.          Please contact the agency representative for additional

ADDRESSING (Mr. MacDonald, 233-5316)
1. Developer must provide acceptable street names. Please contact the Addressing Section at
   (561)233-5316. COMMENT

BUILDING (Mr. Wasser, 233-5389)

1. Provide accessible parking spaces at: Retail buildings #3, #6 and #7. Office building #2. Provide
   5 accessible parking spaces at Office building #1 based on 143 required. CERTIFICATION

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW (Mr. McGuire, 233-5222)

1. The following comments are based on plans prepared by Land Design South dated 11/16/2005.

2. The Architectural Review Planner is D. G. McGuire.         COMMENT

3. This project shall comply with Article 5.C, prior to final site plan certification.   CERTIFICATION

4. This application contents are deficient in its required materials. Please review the DRO submittal
   requirements and Article 5.C.1.F. Our review cannot be completed at this time. Provide the
   following items: a.     Colored elevations; b.       Architectural finishes (manufacturer or material

Control No. 2003-00079                           DRO Dec 28, 2005
Application No. DRO-2005-01627                    BCC District 3                              Page 4
Project No. -
     specifications for roof, color chips or paint samples, etc) c.       Types of building materials; d.
     Roof types, pitch and material; e.    Detail and orientation of all faade-mounted and site lighting
     fixtures; f.  A color and finish schedule shall be keyed to each elevation that indicates the color
     and finish to be applied to every surface; g.       Perimeter wall/fence detail; h.     Detail or a
     manufacturer's cut sheet for the proposed medallion; i.       Detailed Pedestrian Amenities Plan.
     Include manufacturer's cut sheets or thorough details for each amenity. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

5. All electrical, air conditioning, and fixed mechanical equipment, such as satellite dishes, shall be
   screened from view on all sides by an opaque barrier constructed of compatible materials, color
   and character of the building or equivalent landscaping.                  (Article 5.C.1.H.1.a.3)

6. Please revise the elevations to be compliant with the facade requirements of Article 5.C.1.H.1.c
   as follows: a. Provide a primary and secondary exterior treatment of at least two different
   materials, textures or finishes. Minimum treatment to be 20 percent. Note location and
   treatment on the elevations. (Article 5.C.1.H.1.C.1.2.a). CERTIFICATION ISSUE

7. Revise the justification statement under 3.a. (4)(d) roof top equipment to be consistent with the

8. The 2.06 acre pedestrian oriented zone design proposed within the DRO submittal is significantly
   different than the details approved by the BCC. Revise the POZ details.    CERTIFICATION

9. The screening island for the pharmacy drive-thru on Building F has been removed. Revise to

10. The outdoor seating area indicated on the BCC plans and located to the west of Building E is not
    indicated on the DRO submittal.    CERTIFICATION ISSUE

11. The details on the regulating plan are inconsistent or are only half completed.              Revise.

PARKS & RECREATION (Ms. Matthews, 966-6652)

1. Based on the proposed 132 dwelling units .80 acres of on site recreation is required. The plan
   submitted indicates there will be .82 acres of recreation provided, therefore, the Parks and
   Recreation Department standards have been addressed COMMENT

2. Per U.L.D.C Article 5, Sec. D.2.G.2.b. Permits for no more than 52 dwelling units shall be issued
   for this development until the required improved recreation area has been constructed in its
   entirety and opened for use by the development's homeowners (BLDG PERMIT: MONITORING -

WATER UTILITIES (Mr. Galicki, 493-6122)

1. Please confirm adequate water and sewer concurrency with PBCWUD. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

2. Please add 30' by 40' lift station site to the site plan. CERTIFICATION ISSUE

3. A utility pre-design meeting is recommended. COMMENT

4. If any relocations/modifications to the County's existing facilities are required that are a direct or
   indirect result of the development, the developer shall pay for the complete design and
   construction costs associated with these relocations/modifications

PREM (Mr. Banting, 233-0200)

1. PREM has no comment. COMMENT

LWDD (Ms. Kraus or Mr. Crone, (561)737-3835)

1. This petition is located on the North Side of the District's Lateral No. 19 Canal but not adjacent to
   same. COMMENT

2. Lake Worth Drainage District has no objection to the certification of the referenced petition.


1.   Overhead power lines are located on the east property line. Locate the power line easement on
Control No. 2003-00079                          DRO Dec 28, 2005
Application No. DRO-2005-01627                   BCC District 3                               Page 5
Project No. -
      the site plan.   COMMENT

 2.   Pursuant to Article 2.D. and Technical Manual, provide the tree requirement chart on the site
      plan. Interior tree count for both residential and commercial shall be revised to meet current

 3.   The preserved trees need to be marked and barricaded for protection during site construction.
      Contact Landscape Section staff prior to issuance of any construction or clearing permits. This
      comment will be recommended as a Condition of Approval. COMMENT

c:    Petition File

 Control No. 2003-00079                       DRO Dec 28, 2005
 Application No. DRO-2005-01627                BCC District 3                              Page 6
 Project No. -