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Duration: 1 year

Who is the course for?
Individuals with a level one qualification or some basic knowledge and skill in design pattern making or garment construction.

What do I need?
A qualification at level one, or some knowledge of pattern cutting, garment construction, design or craft skills. A keen interest
in fashion and clothing is essential.

What will I study?
    •    Use of sewing machine/equipment, understanding of patterns, lay planning and cutting out, fabrics and fabric use,
         garment manufacture.
    •    An understanding of technical competence and manipulative skills in advanced pattern cutting where the primary
         blocks have been developed into secondary blocks prior to adaptation into patterns
    •    An understanding of the development of new fabrics and the constraints on garment design

What will I gain?
ABC Pattern Cutting level three certificate with a supporting portfolio of technical notes and examples of work.

Where will this lead?
Develop of skills in making own clothes or progression onto levels a three National Diploma in art design or fashion or City &
Guilds 7923 Creative Studies fashion or related craft courses.

Methods of assessment:
Continual assessment and feedback of course work and a portfolio of work which is checked by ABC external verifier.

Additional Information
A practical way of obtaining accreditation whilst learning new skills and producing own garments.
Some candidates may wish to buy specialist equipment for this course, information will be provided by staff.

Please be aware that if you have a criminal record or a medical condition there are some occupations where you will find it
difficult to gain employment.

If you require any confidential guidance on these matters please contact our Advice and Guidance team, or alternatively
tutors in the department.

Subject to funding, and availability, the following assistance can be requested by anyone attending a college course:-

    •    Additional one-to-one support for people with specific learning difficulties
    •    Interpreters
    •    Care officers
    •    Mobility officers, for the visually impaired
    •    Assessment to find out what your needs are and how best they can be helped
    •    Assistance with travel

Please Note

    •    Where costs are quoted in this document they are correct at the time of publication, but may be changed
    •    Timetables are given as an indication only, these may vary
    •    Weeks shown are the maximum number expected
    •    The formation of a class is conditional on enrolments which the College considers sufficient
    •    The College reserves the right to close or reduce the hours of any class for which the attendance has ceased to
         justify its continuance.
    •    All classes are filled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
For Further Details

For further information, please contact:
Information Office
Chesterfield College
Infirmary Road
Chesterfield S41 7NG.
Tel: Chesterfield (01246) 500500 Ext 1562.

Course Code: 3707
Revised Date: 21/02/2008
Topic Code: FA02

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