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									                                                                                    InfoSheet 9
                                                                                      Version 3.4

        A quick-reference list of LINUX
Logging in and out                               mailsize   display the size of your electronic
ssh      secure remote login to another                     mail Inbox
         computer                                mailname display the mailname of somebody
sftp     securely transfer files to or from               in Durham
         another computer
exit     exit from a program or a window, or     Printing
                                                          display your current number of
Managing your files and directories                       printing credits
ls       list the files in a directory           lp         send a job to a printer queue
cp       copy files                              lpstat     display jobs waiting to be printed in a
mv       move or rename files                               printer queue

rm       remove a file or a directory            cancel     remove job(s) from a printer queue

mkdir    make a new directory
                                                 Text editors
cd       change to another directory
                                                 pico       simple text editor
pwd      display the pathname of the current
         working directory                       emacs      powerful text editor
find     find a file in a directory tree         vi         LINUX text editor
quota    display your disk quota and usage
du       display the number of disk blocks
                                                 Compressing and archiving files
         used per directory or file              gzip       compress files
chmod    change the access permissions for a     gunzip     uncompress files
         file or a directory                     tar        read and write tape or file archives
                                                 eject      eject floppy disk, CDROM, etc, from
Looking in files                                            a drive
less     browse through a text file              dos2unix convert text file from DOS format to
cat      concatenate or display a file                    UNIX/LINUX format
head     display the first few lines of a file
tail     display the last few lines of a file
                                                 Managing your processes
                                                 ps         display the status of current
wc       display a count of lines, words and
                                                 bg         resume running a suspended
spell    report spelling errors
                                                            process in the background
grep     search a file for a particular set of
                                                 fg         resume running a suspended
                                                            process in the foreground
diff     display line–by–line differences
                                                 kill       terminate a process
         between two text files
                                                 history    display a list of the most recently
                                                            executed commands
Electronic mail
                                                 script     make a transcript of a terminal
pine     read and send electronic mail                      session
Getting help                                            exit      exit or logout
man          display the online manual pages, or        Ctrl/Q    unlock scrolling after locking with
             find manual pages by keyword                         Ctrl/S
                                                        Ctrl/C    escape from current process
What to do if things go wrong                           Ctrl/D    end input, or exit from process
quit         possible exit command                      Ctrl/Z    suspend current process
bye          possible exit command

Further commands
                                                        ln        create a link to a file
Date and time                                           scp       secure remote file copy
date         display current date and time              umask     set the file permissions mask
time         time a command
                                                        About the system
Manipulating text files                                 who       display who is logged on
sort         sort and collate lines                     id        display information about your
cut          remove selected fields from each                     username
             line of a file                             groups    list a user’s group memberships
paste        join corresponding lines from several      hostname display the name of the computer
             files, or sequential lines from one file            you are using
split        split a file into pieces                   uname     display information about the system
comm         display lines in common, or lines not      df        display the amount of free disk
             in common, between two sorted lists                  space
uniq         remove or report adjacent duplicate        which     display the pathname or alias for a
             lines                                                command
expand       convert tab characters to spaces
unexpand convert spaces to tab characters               Customising your session
tr           copy a file, substituting or deleting      alias     create an alias for a command or set
             selected characters                                  of commands
fold         fold long lines at a given width           unalias   discard an alias
pr           prepare files for printing, perhaps in     env       display your environment variables
             multiple columns                           setenv    set an environment variable
                                                        unsetenv discard an environment variable
More about files
                                                        set       display or set shell variables
file         try to determine a file’s type from its
                                                        unset     discard a shell variable

To display more details about a command, type
        man commandname

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