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Brass Telescope Rings With Elegance

There is just something about a brass telescope that says elegance as
well as the days of the pirates at sea that make them more attractive for
many telescope lovers. Since the days of the brass telescope held in the
pirate ship’s captain’s hands, people have been enamored with the golden
color and its reflection of sunlight off the waters.

You can find a brass telescope in numerous sizes and shapes, including
ones that double as a key ring. Although quite small and somewhat
ineffective as a working telescope, they offer the status of owning a
brass telescope. Typically, a brass telescope will also itself telescope
such as the nine-inch scope will have two sections, telescoping closed to
be about five-inches long to fit in your pocket.

Lightweight hand held models can be as long at 35 inches when open,
telescoping from about 10 inches in length with up to five or six
sections. Many are also designed with a storage or collector’s case to
sit on a desk or display stand in your home or office. This type of brass
telescope is usually a real working model of a quality telescope and not
made just for show.

Brass Telescope Used As Spotting Scope

Possibly one of the more popular of the brass telescopes would those that
attach to a tripod and can be used as a spotting telescope. Coupled with
a brass tripod, many professionals place them as a decoration in their
office allowing them to survey areas outside their office windows.
Although mainly for decoration in an office, they can also provide a
certain degree of stress relief. Many of these are available with a
magnification zoom of 20 to 40 with an objective lens opening of 40 mm
for excellent image brightness.

For real collectors you can find a brass telescope mounted on a teak wood
stand to an extra level of elegance in the aged look. Stands will usually
rise to about five feet to be used with a brass telescope between 32 and
42 inches in length. These make excellent conversational items,
especially in a nautical décor.

Additional antique styles may include the small three-drawer type with
the front of the barrel encased in leather. This is a working telescope
and usually will be stored in a wood display box. It will measure under
six inches when closed and only about 14 inches when fully open.