The Architect Perspective

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					Value-Up Architectural Design Practices
Capturing Architectural Design with VSTS
Architectural Design Processes
Value-Up Architecture Principles
Benefits of a Baseline Architecture
Refining the Baseline
Architects turn requirements (scenarios and
QoS) into designs than can be built
Good architecture is easy to understand,
use and evolve
  Architectural Design Process Choices
   Practiced, upfront, independently of    Phased Application
   implementation                         Lifecycle Approaches

   Should evolve from implementation      Lifecycle Approaches
   and accommodate change
Architecture must be explicit, but can
emerge from the implementation
   Requires a Baseline Architecture
 A thin executable slice through the overall system that is designed
 to implement the most architecturally significant scenarios

   Synchronized with the implementation
VSTS Architect tools enable you to
   Model your data center and your application
   and run a validation report to identify conflicts
   between the two
   Generate code from your architecture models
                                               Baseline Architecture

Stable platform and protocols
for application development

            Plan for deployment and
            management of the
            production application
                                                                           Marketing plans to attract the right
                                                                           usage levels at a level of transaction
                                                                           throughput that the system is designed
                                            Can design reusable services   to accommodate
                                            across the enterprise

                                Enterprise Architect
                Top Down                                  Value-up architectural practices
                                                          seek to learn and apply lessons
                                                          learned from prior iterations
                                                          Better architectural design
                                                          decisions become more apparent
                                                          as the system is built
    QoS,                                                  Understand the difference
                                                          between decisions that need to
                                 Validation through       be made immediately and those
                               executable slices of the
                                     application          that can be made in later
                                                          Build a baseline system that can
                                                          be further developed and refined
                                                          in later iterations

                       Bottom Up
The VSTS Designers
Capturing and Validating QoS Requirements
Demonstration: Top Down Design
   Application Designer            System Designer
 Visually define service-      Compose and configure the
 oriented applications and     applications into reusable
 generate code                 systems and subsystems

Logical Data Center Designer     Deployment Designer
 Model logical data center     Validate application designs
 structures including          against a target data center
 networks, servers, and
 operational policies
Failing to design with QoS requirements in mind
will lead to customer dissatisfaction
QoS requirements that should be considered and
built into the architecture of the system include:
VSTS tools can be used to evaluate QoS issues
before implementation
Value-up architectural design is highly iterative
working from top down and bottom up
Architecture needs to be explicit, but can emerge
from the implementation
   This requires a Baseline Architecture
The baseline architecture benefits multiple
VSTS provides tools that support SOA design
   Help to keep the architectural design in
   synchronization with the implementation
   Help validate deployment constraints ahead of time