Depression by mikew56


Depression is a treatable illness that has affected millions of Americans
each year. It is an illness in which the brain's chemicals,
neurotransmitters, become imbalanced. Many people think that a person can
just "snap out" of it, but the truth is, the chemical imbalance can only
be treated with therapy and medicine. Some people have depression more
than others. For mild cases, depression can be treated by simply talking
about how you feel and about the things that affect a person's life.
Severe cases are a bit difficult. Many can become catatonic, physical
sick, and extremely ill because of their depression. For severe cases, a
person will be medicated and therapy is needed. A person may even be
committed to a mental facility so that others can monitor them more
closely for their own safety and the safety of others. Depression is now
being linked to genetics. It's not something that you can "catch" from
others and it isn't something shameful. Everyone hits bottom sometimes,
and sometimes you hit bottom harder than others. Depression can be from a
traumatic event, hormones, change in health, illness, or drugs.
People who suffer from depression are not just sad, they are lost. They
will have long periods of unhappiness and may even become very different.
They may become violent and angered or they could become a mop and
helpless. You can tell when someone's depressed because they begin to
carry themselves differently. They will slouch, become indecisive, and
will withdraw from close friends and family.
Depression doesn't allow lead to hurtful thoughts or suicide. A person
can be depressed without going that far. However, most people who get
depressed think about suicide at one point. This is when a person needs
the most support. No matter how hard they will try to pull away from you,
make sure that you let them know that you care about them. This is the
only advice that friends and family should try. As for treatment, the
person has to want to change their life before therapy and medicine will
help. Remember, the person who suffers from depression has to reach out
to recover.

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