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									   Lion Tales
                                                                                                         Lakeland El emen tary
                                                                                                         PTA Newsletter
                                                                                                         10050 O ak Se ed Lan e
                                                                                                         Lakeland, TN 38002
                                                                                                         Edited by: Carla Sohns

                                                                                                                 M ay 2009
Principal’s Corner - Nancy Rouse                                                                              Volume 9, Iss ue 5

     I would like to thank everyone for your kind emails              New Parent Check In System
and well wishes for my upcoming retirement. I will miss                   Beginning Tuesday, April 21st, a new Check-In system
all of my students, parents, teachers and staff. This is a            was installed in the main office. This system requires
huge step, but one that my family deserves. You will be in            parents to give their driver’s license to put in the machine
great hands with your new principal, Marcia Crouch. We                for scanning purposes. The machine will print out an
have worked together for many years and I am elated that              adhesive name badge, with the date, time and name of
Mrs. Crouch will be the one taking over the Lakeland                  the visitor for the parent to wear. This process is for the
Elementary principal-ship. She is a hard worker, who is               protection of your children. Please remember to bring
fearlessly dedicated to children. She will enjoy the hugs             your driver’s license with you anytime you are going to go
from our children and the unending support from the                   to the classroom or somewhere other than the
most wonderful parents around. I hope you have a                      office. Also, you must have your driver’s license to check
wonderful, fun-filled summer vacation and much                        a student out of school.
continued success at Lakeland Elementary School. I will
treasure my time spent with each of you.
                                                                                           Important dat es
   Mrs. Nancy Rouse, LES Principal                                      April
                                                                          30 Recorder Ense mble Concert
End of the Year Close-Out                                                      9:30 a m for K-2, 2:30 p m for 3-5 & 7 p m for Parents
     We have to close out our bookkeeping for the school                May
year. Please adhere to these dates and reminders, so that                  1 Fifth Grade Ta lent Show 2:30 p m
your child’s report card is not withheld at the end of the                 4 Barnes and Noble Book Fair 4:30-8:30 p m
                                                                         4 – 8 Teacher Appreciation Week
                                                                           5 Third Grade Musical Perfo rmance
     May 8th will be the last day to be able to charge                         9:15 a m for PK-2nd & 7 p m for Parents
lunch. All lunch charges must be paid in cash. All library                     Papa John Night
books and fines are due on the 8th of May and this is the                  7 Fifth Grade Fie ld T rip to Bon Lin M iddle
last day for AR. Textbook fines are to be paid in cash by                      Third Grade Musical Perfo rmance
May 15th. The Bookstore will be closed May 18-27th. The                        2:30p m for 4-5th & 7p m for Parents
                                                                           8 Spirit Day
library will be closed May 20, except for research.                            Last day for AR 2-5th grades
                                                                          11 Fie ld Day- Kindergarten/AM & 3rd Grade/PM
                  invent now kids                                         12 Fie ld Day- 1st Grade/AM & 4th Grade/PM
                                                                               Te xas Roadhouse Night
          National Inventors Hall of Fame® Foundation, Inc.
                              presents                                    13 Fifth Grade Fie ld T rip to Arlington Middle
                                                                               Fie ld Day- 2nd Grade/AM & 5th Grade/PM
               Camp Invention                                             15 Preschool End of the Yea r Progra m 9:30a m
                                                                          18 First Grade Awards Progra m 9:30a m
                   coming to Lakeland Elementary                          19 Second Grade Awards Progra m 9:30a m
            June 8 th – 12th , 2009 from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm                20 Third Grade Awa rds Progra m 9:30a m
  For more information or to register, visit       21 Fourth Grade Awards Progra m 9:30a m
                                                                          22 Kindergarten Progra m & Reception in Classrooms
                 Want to participate?                                     25 Memoria l Day Ho liday - No School
    Send a check, made payable to Camp Invention,                         26 Fifth Grade Progra m & Reception in the Gy m
         to school for $185 (buddy discount).                             27 Last Day of School
              We will find you a buddy!                                 June
                                                                           5 Report Cards Mailed
   DIRECTED BY: Kim Louis ( &                          8-12 Ca mp Invention 9:00a m-3:30p m
       Miranda Manley (
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Principal’s Corner Continued - Marcia Crouch
Hello parents!!

    It is with GREAT excitement that I say hello to you. It is my honor and privilege to lead Lakeland
Elementary beginning next year. Filling Nancy Rouse’s shoes will be hard but I assure you that you will
receive the same commitment and dedication from me that she has given to you since the school
opened. Many of the teachers at Lakeland Elementary have worked for me before so I know what a
great staff you have.
    I realize that change is difficult. As the current Principal of Southwind Middle School, it’s hard for
me to say goodbye to a school where I have worked for 13 years. But change can also be good in that it
energizes us and helps us refocus!!
    I am sure you would like to know something about my background. I am actually a product of Shelby
County Schools beginning in 1965. I grew up in Germantown and graduated from Germantown High
School. I attended Lambuth University in Jackson, TN. My parents still live in Germantown. I began
with Shelby County Schools as a teacher at Mt. Pisgah Elementary School. I later became Assistant
Principal at Houston Middle School and then served as Principal at Crump Elementary. I have been at
Southwind Middle for the last 13 years. I have enjoyed each place I have been and feel that the
changes I have made along the way have been positive and far reaching.
    I am married to Steve who is an Inspector with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and we just
celebrated our 31st anniversary! We have two grown sons, Nick and Brett. Nick is married to Ashley
and they have two adorable children (I had to say that); Kaitlyn, age 3, and Jase, 18 months. Brett is
not married YET but it’s on the horizon!! Both Nick and Brett live and work in the Memphis area so I
am very spoiled to have my family close.
   I am so excited about being with you in the
years to come. I want you to know that the same
                                                           Spring Fundraiser Results
                                                            by Shelia Neri, PTA Ways & Means
commitment to your children will be in place and
that my door will always be open to you. I have         CONGRATULATIONS LIONS on a job well done!
had the opportunity to meet many of you already
and thank you for your warm welcome.                          Our lion cubs sold over 1000 items worth
                                                        $11,618.50 in Kathryn Biech and Great American
   Marcia Crouch, 2009-2010 LES Principal             merchandise raising much needed money for our school!

                                                      Earning an ice cream party,
                       Art Club                               our TOP 5                    Our TOP 5
                                                         Class Sellers were:          Student Sellers were:
         I want to thank all the parents whose
  children came to Art Club during the school year.           1- Miller             1 - Blake Dorsey - Reed
  I had a great time with each of the different               2- Nelson             2 - Austen Mack - Roby
  groups. Your children were fun to teach, and                 3- Roby              3 - Kaila Purden - Nelson
  thank you so much for sharing them with me                 4-Windham              4 - Alli Sims - Windham
  during club time. Boys and girls keep up that                5-Profit             5 - Caleb -Daugherty/Profit
  sketching and I'll see you next school term!
         Bonnie Orange, Art                                              Way to go Lions!
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                                   CLASSROOM NOTES
              3rd Grade Field Trip                           Fifth Grade Talent Show
     Ms. Vaught’s 3rd grade class recently              The second annual Fifth Grade
went on a field trip to Brim’s Chip Factory.       Talent Show is on Friday, May 1st at
They learned all about the natural resources       2:30 pm. All fourth and fifth grade
used to make the products that Brim’s sells        students are invited to attend.
and sampled a few of the products. They also         We are looking for a parent who is willing
learned about production, assembly lines,          to video record the show so that we can burn
packaging                                          CD's of the event. If there is anyone who
and                                                would like to volunteer, please contact Mrs.
shipping.                                          Ortiz @
They had                                             Brandlyn Ortiz, Student Council
a wonderful
                                                                     3rd Grade Musical
                                                        My third grade classes, Mrs. David, Ms. Wright,
                                                   Ms. Cooper, Ms. Combs, and Mrs. Upton, will perform
Thanks, Brim’s!!                                   their musical on Tuesday, May 5th in the
                                                   cafeteria. The musical is called "Seussical". It is based
Lou Ann Vaught, 3rd                                on the many wonderful books of Dr. Seuss. They will
                                                   perform at 9:30 am for kindergarten, first and second
                   3rd Grade musical               grade students. There will also be an evening
       On Thursday, May 7th, the third grade       program for the parents at 7:00 pm.
 classes of Ms. Louis, Mr. Stephens, Ms. McNeer,      Dianne Zweber, Music
 and Mrs. Vaught will present the musical
 "Cantamos Americanos." The musical will take
 place on the cafeteria stage. The
                                                                        Classroom Science
 students will present the musical
 three times; at 9:30 am and 2:30 pm                      Mrs. Mazzone's 4th grade science
 for the school, and at 7:00 pm for                classes have discovered many things through
 family and friends. The program                   experiments this year. We will be using
 features the music of Latin America, with songs   weather tools soon to check the weather
 from Mexico, Cuba, and Chile. The music will be   ourselves, and then we will study safety and
 sung in both Spanish and English.                 first aid where the students will be teaching
    We look forward to seeing you there!           the class and demonstrating first aid
                                                   techniques. This is always a favorite unit for
   Amy Greenberg, Music
                                                   fourth graders because they learn skills they
                                                   can use in the future to help someone.
 PS: Don’t forget that the 4th & 5th grade
 Recorder Ensemble will present their Spring          I know they will all be wonderful fifth
 Concert on Thursday, April 30th at 7:00 pm for    graders!
 family and friends.                                        Mrs. Mazzone, 4th
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                                     Library News May 2009
                  On Monday, April 20th, Lakeland Elementary hosted children’s illustrator Christopher
                  Canyon. As he shared his books with faculty and students, he
                  explained how the ideas for his illustrations evolve. Mr.
                  Canyon also entertained students by singing some of the John
                  Denver songs from the books he illustrated while showing his
pictures on the screen. He answered questions from the library helpers during
lunch and gave an art lesson to selected members of the Art Club. The entire
day was made possible through the generosity of the Lakeland PTA. Our school
                                                 is very fortunate to have a
                                                 community of parents who
                                                 value literacy and support
                                                 the visiting author program. Also a big thank you
                                                 goes to Lakeland’s Papa John’s Pizza and McAlister’s
                                                 Deli for helping to provide lunch for the library
                                                 helpers who dined with Mr. Canyon, the LES
                                                 administrators, PTA members, and the library staff.

       Congratulations to Ms. Stevens’ first grade class! They had 100% participation in this year’s
“Booked for the Evening” program. Their class will receive an extra library time and popsicles during
the month of May. Ms. Reed’s second grade class came in second place with 95% participation, and Ms.
K. Wright’s second grade class finished third with 83% participation. All participants who returned
their forms on time received an autographed bookmark from our visiting illustrator Christopher Canyon.
       As we approach the summer months, remember to keep some time for reading and library visits
in your schedule. Research has shown that children who read during the summer months retain their
academic edge when they return to school in the fall. Most libraries have summer reading programs
that begin as soon as school is out. Visit your local branch and sign up.

             Happy reading!

             Jeannine Brown, LES librarian

                                  Sponsor Nights Have Paid Off
   Hey Lakeland Lions, can you believe that our         Papa John’s, May 12th at Texas Roadhouse and May
school year is coming to an end? We wanted to say       19th at Chick-Fil-A. Make sure you tell them whose
“thank-you” for all of your support for our spirit &    class you represent and how many are in your party,
sponsor nights.                                         because this helps to determine our monthly winner.
   We have made $203 from Chick-Fil-A and $1,050           Thanks for all your support and have a great rest
from Papa John’s and $570 from Texas Roadhouse          of the school year.
just for eating out - WOW! All of these funds help         Lakeland Lions-You Rock!
to support our school, so don’t forget to eat out one
                                                              Diana Crenshaw, PTA Student Recognition
last time during our May sponsor nights, May 5th at
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                                         Nominating Committee Report
 For those who were not able to a ttend the General Assembly meeting, I wanted to let you know who was voted
 into office for the 2009-2010 PTA Board of Managers. I want to gi ve them a huge thank you for taking on this
 role to make a difference a t Lakeland Elementary. -- Teresa Henry, Nomina ting Committee Chair

                 Principal – Marcia Crouch                                Book Fair Coordina tor - Traci Fisher
              President – Donna Wolfanger                             Book Fair Co-Coordinator – Jenny Thompson
                                                                         Calendar Coordinator – Hea ther Allen
              Secreta ry – Sara Anne Jacobi
                                                                    Campus Beautifica tion Coordina tor – Ki m Ha rdy
             Treasurer – Jennifer Konieczny
                                                                           Clinic Coordinator – Lori Glasscock
              Parliamenta rian – Becca Priddy                                   Historian - Open Posi tion
            1st VP/Progra ms – Brent McMurry                               Library Coordina tor – Ba rbie Hapke
           2nd VP/Membership – Angie Gilbert                       New Student Welcome Coordinator – Beth Nelson
         3rd VP/ Ways and Means – Teresa Ford                           Playground Coordinator – Scott And ress
                                                                     PTA Room Parents Coordina tor – Janet Miller
       4th VP/Heal th & Safety – And rea Jackson
                                                                         Room Parents Coordina tor – Lisa Bucks
    5th VP/Publicity & Newsletter - Carrie Dinwiddie
                                                                    Student Recogni tion Coordinator - Ca rla Sohns
      6th VP/Parental Involvement – Teresa Henry                    Teacher Representa tive 3-5 - Johnna Herbison
          7th VP/Hospitali ty - Karen Woodward                        Teacher Representa tive K-2 – Lorna Miller
        8th VP/Legi slation – Michele Murga troyd                    Wa tc h D.O.G.S. Coordina tor – Ada m Ballard
              9th VP/Cultural Arts – Jill Lee                          Ways & Means Committee – Christy Ca sey
                                                                       Ways & Means Commi ttee - J ennifer Hill
      10th VP/Spiritual & Fa mily – Sherry Gla tzer
                                                                           Websi te Coordina tor – Beth Hodge

                     Clip and Earn Program - Save your Box Tops this summer!
                                   BOX TOPS & TYSON & CAMPBELL’S LABELS

              Keep up the great work clipping your Box
Tops. We have raised $2125 so far this year, and we are still
collecting for the 4th quarter. We will collect again next
year, so keep saving over the summer. Labels can be sent in
anytime and put in the “Box Top” box in the classroom.
                                                                              These are the end pieces to submit.
    Congratulations to the following winning classes who
received a Popsicle party and the spirit stick!                     Campbell’s labels are found on lots of products. Other
                                                                than soup, they can be found on Pepperidge Farm, V8
    Pre K – Ms. Keas           K – Ms. Miller                   drinks, and Prego sauces. Campbell’s labels need to be sent
    1 st – Ms. Norwood         2 nd – Ms. Buchanan                          in with the UPC and the “Labels for
    3 rd – Ms. David           4 th – Mr. Roby                              Education” logo only.
    5 th – Ms. Mayall
                                                                              This is the logo next to the UPC. Send in
Box Tops are worth 10 cents each and quickly add up. Box                      UPC and logo.
Tops can be found on hundreds of products such as
General Mills cereal, Pillsbury products, Huggies diapers,     If you have any questions, or would like to get more
Hamburger Helper and many more.                            involved, please email me at

    Tyson labels are worth 24 cents each. They are on the           Thanks,
end of the box or bag of Tyson chicken or appetizers. Send                    Andrea Jackson, Box Top Coordinator
in the entire end that has the A+ 1-2-3 logo.
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                   PTA President’s Note - Michele Murgatroyd
     I can't believe it is almost May. This is our last newsletter   will also have drawings for door prizes, and lots of
and the "lasts" of many things for many of us. My daughter is        fun! Please mark your calendars! I hope to see you all there!
one of the many kindergarten children about to graduate. It is           At the general meeting, we welcomed our new principal,
a milestone indeed. As I look forward to her graduation, I           Marcia Crouch to LES. We presented her with flowers and
can't help but feel a little sad that this year is almost            gave her a welcoming Lakeland "roar." We also gave a
over. Those of you who have children graduating probably             formal farewell to Mrs. Rouse. Even though Mrs. Rouse will
feel similarly. With the end of a school year come many              be leaving Lakeland, she will remain forever in the hearts of
"lasts" … Field Day, Awards Day, Talent Show, Teacher                our children.
Appreciation Week, Graduation, etc. Why not instead of                   Always remember...don't be sad that these milestones are
being sad that things are almost over, be glad they are     glad they happened!
happening and “dive in” one last time! It is never too late to
get involved at LES! Since we can't take back time, let's not            Michele Murgatroyd, PTA President
only “dive in”, but make a huge end of the year
SPLASH! You and your family will have a special time in              PS: Your LES PTA won several awards at the Tennessee
your lives that you can treasure forever!
                                                                     State PTA Convention. Each year, the great PTA's
     On Monday, May 4th, to help honor our teachers, Barnes
                                                                     throughout the state of TN get together to honor
and Noble will be hosting a book fair along with LES. From
4:30 - 8:30 pm, LES will receive 20% back from every                 outstanding local units and councils for their efforts to help
purchase (not including gift cards). Each teacher has created a      our children, families, and communities. We would not be
wish list that will be posted that night. On Tuesday, May 5th,       an outstanding PTA without all of you! THANK YOU!
your child can bring the item purchased and present it to his/
her teacher. All cafe items will count. So, come have dinner                               LES PTA won:
too! We can celebrate our teachers and raise money all at the
                                                                                        100% Membership
same time! GO LIONS!
     For those of you who attended our last general meeting,                         100% Teacher Membership
Texas Roadhouse was honored for their commitment and                                     Early Bird Award
support of LES. Imran Haider, the general manager, was                                      Iris Award
given a plaque. As great LES Lions, I know you will all come           3rd Place - Most Creative Membership Campaign for
out on Tuesday, May 12th from 4-10pm for our last Texas                                     "Dive-In"
Roadhouse family night of the year. We will be giving away
games, puzzles, and other prizes to the first 100 children. We              2nd Place - Health Program for "Lion Chef"

                                   Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4 th - 8th
Dear Parents,
   We wanted to give you some information regarding Teacher Appreciation Week which is May 4th through
May 8th. We have been collecting $2 per student for gifts for our Specialists (Art, Music, PE, Library,
Counselors, PT/OT, and Speech). If you have not sent in this donation, please do so via an envelope marked
Specialists. The daily schedule for the week is as follows:
   Monday, May 4th: Make a Card Day - please encourage the students to make a card.
   Tuesday, May 5th: Book/Favorite Snack Day - students can do anything from a book purchase
                         to a candy bar/snack purchase.
   Wednesday, May 6th: Office Supply Day - send the teacher something for the classroom.
   Thursday, May 7th: Gift Card Day
   Friday, May 8th: Teacher Luncheon - we will need help to serve from approximately 10:30 - 2:00.
                       Please let me know if you are able to help and I will make up a schedule.
Thanks for all of your help throughout the year. Your efforts have contributed so much to making
Lakeland Elementary a great school!!!
                      Janet Miller                                                   Lisa Bucks

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