Las Vegas Hotels by mikew56


									Las Vegas Hotels
Most Las Vegas hotels are equipped with the best of everything. There is
just as much entertainment in the hotel as there is on the strip. Some
hotels are a vacation in themselves.    There are some Las Vegas hotels
offer great food, fabulous entertainment and the best accommodations.
There are so many different hotels to choose from when you are planning a
trip to Las Vegas that you will have your choice of what you want and how
much you want to spend.
Convenience and Class
Many of the Las Vegas hotels are located centrally so that you are within
walking distance to all the sites and landmarks. This is great because
you do not have to worry about transportation or high costs of traveling
to see the attractions. The hotels are also loaded with many of the
luxuries to make your stay in Las Vegas more comfortable and convenient.
You will not have to go far for anything while you are staying at most of
the cities hotels.
Beautiful Rooms
Many of the hotels in this great city are so beautiful that you do not
even want to leave the rooms to see the other great attractions. They
are equipped with comfortable furniture and bedding. They also include
fabulous bathrooms with large bathtubs and great soaps and lotions.
These rooms however, are going to cost more, but they will defiantly be
worth it in the long run. Along with the bath and bed, you will find
that they are usually loaded up with great snacks and treats for you. If
you have a room with the snack and liquor bars, consider asking if they
are included in the room or if you are charged by what you use.
Great Casinos
Usually when you stay at a fancy hotel in Las Vegas, you will most likely
find a fabulous casino right in the hotel. This will save you time and
energy by not having to walk to another casino. You will probably also
get some sort of discount or maybe even a free drink or some free tokens
to gamble with. It may not seem like much, but it is better to get
something for free than nothing at all.
Great shows and performers
Most of the higher-class hotels will offer you some form of
entertainment. They will either have an entertainer or show to some form
of excitement to enhance your stay at their hotel.
Cost of your hotel
Remember if it is cheap, then it may not be as great as it sounds. Most
of the hotels are a little more expensive, but they are defiantly work it
in the end. However, sometimes you will may come upon a deal and get the
best of everything that Las Vegas has to offer for a fraction of the

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