Air Travel Tips by mikew56


									Air Travel Tips
Lets face it, taking an airplane is the fastest way to get to any
destination that is too far to drive. There are some people who love to
fly and then there are some that absolutely hate to fly and would do
anything to get out of it. There are some strategies that you can do to
make your air traveling a more pleasant and smarter way to travel.
What to pack
The worst part of traveling by plane is the deciding what to pack. You
should always try to pack lightly and only take what you are going to
need. You have to remember that you are going to have to lug around your
luggage and you do not want to hurt yourself every time that you do just
Make sure that you take enough underwear for the entire time that you
will be there. You also want to take along at least one outfit for
everyday. Take the clothes that you will be most comfortable in and that
are suitable for the climate where you are going. If you are going on a
business trip, then make sure that you bring clothes that are suitable
for your business needs.
Motion sickness
If you get sick easily while riding on an airplane, then you may want to
think about bringing along something to ease your pain. The most
important thing to remember is to take any medicine for this before you
start to fly. Most of the drugs used to help motion sickness are
designed to stop it before it starts. If you forgot to take the
medication, there are always bags handy if you feel like you are going to
be sick.
Arrive at the airport early
When you are taking a plane, the best advice to you is to get there
early. There is so much security at the airports that you are sure to
get held up and there is a chance that you may miss your flight if you do
not give yourself enough time. Allow lots of time for any possible
delays that can come up at any unexpected time during your air travel
Pack some fun
Flights can be boring if you are traveling alone or with children. One
way to avoid boredom or nervousness is to pack some fun things to do.
Crossword puzzles, books, hand help games and even headphones are a great
idea. This will keep your mind occupied and if you have little ones that
need to be kept quiet or calm, coloring books are a big help for them.

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