NVS Premix is a specially formulated product con-        Storage and Handling                                    C. Place the product over a gravel surfaced roof-
taining NVS Concrete Aggregate, additives, and           A bag of NVS Premix contains cement that must              ing material to a 11¼4-inch (32 mm) thickness.
Type I Portland cement. It is packaged in a 40-          be kept dry and away from moisture or the                  All loose gravel must be removed prior to
pound bag. When mixed with water, it becomes             cement will set in the bag, rendering the product          application of the product.
NVS Lightweight Insulating Concrete. NVS Premix          useless. Therefore, store the product in a dry loca-    D. When Insulperm Insulation Board is to be
was designed to facilitate NVS application on both       tion until ready for jobsite delivery and use. On the      incorporated into the system, place a mini-
small jobs and jobs where difficulty exists in setting   jobsite, the product must be protected from mois-          mum 1¼8-inch (3 mm) coating of NVS Premix
up application equipment.                                ture until it is mixed with water. When stored in a        over smooth surface substrates or 1/8-inch
                                                         dry location, the product has a shelf life of six          (3 mm) above the gravel surface on a gravel
Small Jobs                                                                                                          surfaced substrate before embedding the
NVS Premix is ideal for small jobs. It eliminates the
                                                                                                                    Insulperm. Place the appropriate thickness of
need to bring cement bulkers to the jobsite and          Mixing Instructions                                        Insulperm into the NVS Premix coating within
reduces setup cost, speeding job completion.             One bag of NVS Premix requires approximately               30 minutes and step the board into place. Fill
                                                         4.5 gallons of water and should be mixed thor-             the holes in the Insulperm product with NVS
Difficult Job Site Conditions
                                                         oughly until a uniform consistency is achieved.            Premix and top the surface of Insulperm with a
NVS Premix is suitable for inner-city jobs where
                                                         Adjust the water quantity to control the fluidity of       minimum 1-inch (25 mm) thickness of NVS
street access is limited and equipment set up is
                                                         the mixed product. Adding more water will make             Premix.
difficult. It also solves pumping problems associ-
                                                         the product more flowable and adding less water         E. Avoid rooftop foot traffic for the first 24 hours
ated with tall buildings, as the product can be
                                                         will make the product less flowable. Sufficient            or until the surface can withstand foot traffic
taken to the rooftop via elevator, and be mixed
                                                         water should be added to make the product finish           without indenting.
with water at that point.
                                                         to a smooth surface.
Repairing Lightweight                                                                                            When Insulperm is being stair-stepped to provide
                                                         Application Procedures                                  slope to drain, the maximum change in thickness
Insulating Concrete
                                                         Temperature Limitations: NVS Premix must not            of the Insulperm at the step is 1 inch (25 mm).
NVS Premix is recommended as a compatible
                                                         be installed when the air temperatures will fall
material for the repair of lightweight insulating con-
                                                         below 32°F during the 24 hours following applica-       Repair Application:
crete. NVS Premix is preferred over gypsum for
                                                         tion of the product.                                    A. Mark the outline of the area of the existing
repairing lightweight insulating concrete because it
                                                                                                                    lightweight concrete to be prepared.
is Portland cement based. When used as a repair          Substrate Limitations: NVS Premix can be                B. Make a vertical cut in the existing lightweight
product, a minimum 1-inch (25 mm) thickness is           placed over structural concrete substrates in new          concrete to a minimum 1-inch (25 mm) depth
required. NVS Premix can also be used as a               construction and over existing asphalt topped              around the marked area.
patching compound for nail divots, if lightweight        roofing systems in reroofing construction. For new      C. Remove the existing material to a minimum
insulating concrete nails are removed from an            construction, the product should be placed                 depth of 1 inch (25 mm) or to the lightweight
existing roof deck.                                      directly to the concrete substrate. For reroofing          concrete that is in good condition, whichever
                                                         applications where an occupied building is                 is greater.
NVS Premix Product Characteristics
                                                         involved, the existing roof systems must be made        D. Sweep or vacuum the area to remove all loose
Bag Weight              40 pounds                        watertight prior to application of NVS Premix in           debris.
                                                         order to protect the building’s interior.               E. Dampen the surface of the area with water to
Bag Yield               13 board feet
                                                         Application Over Approved Substrates:                      ensure that the existing substrate does not
                        1:3.5 Cement Volume to                                                                      remove excessive amount of water from the
Mix Ratio                                                A. Any areas of the assembly where moisture is
                        NVS Aggregate Volume                                                                        cement during the setting process.
                                                            present must be removed and replaced with
Wet Density             64 +/- 4 pcf                        compatible materials, bringing the area back         F. Mix and pour NVS Premix into the repair area
Dry Density             38 +/- 3 pcf                        to level with the surrounding surfaces.                 and finish to a smooth surface. Avoid roof top
                                                         B. Place the product over structural concrete and          foot traffic for the first 24 hours or until the sur-
                        300 psi minimum                     smooth surface asphalt topped roofing to a              face can withstand foot traffic without indenting.
                                                            1-inch (25 mm) minimum thickness. All sur-           Patching Nail Divots:
                                                            faces should be cleared of loose debris prior to     A. Dampen surface area of nail divot.
                                                            application.                                         B. Apply NVS Premix into the surface depression.
                                                                                                                 C. Smooth and feather edge into existing sur-
                                                                                                                    rounding area.
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