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									                                   WARNING SIGNS WHICH
                                   INDICATE THE PERSON AND/OR
                                   COMPANY IS NOT CERTIFIED…

                                     •   Newspaper/flyer ads, which do not
                                         include the individuals or
                                         company’s contractor certification
                                         number, C xxx or U xxx prefix.
                                     •   Business Tax Receipt
                                         (Occupational License) is a tax
                                         paid to the county allowing an       YOU…CAN HELP YOURSELF!!
                                         entity to work within county
                                         perimeters, this is not a license.   Simply by making three (3) telephone
Each year the staff of the           •   A large down payment requested       calls, you can greatly reduce your risk
Construction Industry Licensing          before work begins.                  of loss to an uncertified contractor.
Board of Palm Beach County           •   Statements such as “It will be
                                         cheaper if you obtain your own       1st …call to obtain a second bid for the
assists the public in recovering         permit.”                             work to be done.
several hundred thousands of         •   Oral contract only.
dollars in would-be losses.          •   The contractor prefers to work on    2nd…call to obtain a third bid for the
                                         weekends or after hours.             work to be done.
YOU…can be your best defense         •   Someone other than the
against losses by not dealing            person/company you contracted            3rd…call Palm Beach County
                                         with obtains a building permit.       Contractors Certification Division at
with uncertified contractors….
                                     •   Unable to provide a copy of their    233-5530 to confirm that your bids are
                                         certificate of insurance             from certified contractors or go to our
Using a qualified, licensed                                                                 web site at
contractors is not just a good       IT’S YOUR MONEY, PROTECT IT       .
idea…IT’S THE LAW.

Rev. 06/06
The Construction Industry Licensing Board of Palm
Beach County and Contractors Certification Division
were established to protect the citizens of Palm      Help     us   help  you…verify  the                    A GUIDE TO
Beach County, through a certification system of 48    certification of competency of a
                                                                                                        PROTECTING YOURSELF
construction trades.                                  contractor before you enter into a
                                                                                                          FROM UNCERTIFIED
Some of the trades affecting homeowners include:
                                                                     WARNING                         CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS
   •   Electrical
   •   Plumbing
   •   Acoustical/Suspended Acoustical Ceiling        Hiring an unlicensed contractor, while
   •   Air Conditioning                                                                              CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LICENSING
   •   Aluminum Specialties
                                                      possibly saving a little money, could result
   •   Building Contractor                            in one or more of the following:                 BOARD OF PALM BEACH COUNTY
   •   Burglar Alarm
   •   Carpentry
                                                         •   Paying for the work twice.
   •   Carpentry-Finish
   •   Communication & Sound Systems                     •   Insurance coverage problems.
   •   Concrete Forming and Placing                      •   Poor workmanship and or
   •   Decorative Metal                                      construction that do not meet
   •   Drywall
   •   Fabric Awnings                                        building code standards, resulting
   •   Fence                                                 in the work being torn out and re-
   •   Garage Door                                           done.
       General Contractor
       Glass & Glazing
                                                         •   Possible code enforcement actions
   •   Hurricane Shutter/Awning                              with daily fines to the property
   •   Insulation                                            owner.
   •   Irrigation Sprinkler                              •   Loss of eligibility to the State of
   •   Lightening Protection System
   •   Marine
                                                             Florida’s Homeowners’
   •   Masonry                                               Construction Recovery Fund.
   •   Painting                                          •   Delays with title insurance when
   •   Paver Brick
                                                             selling the property.
   •   Paving                                                                                         Contractors Certification Division
   •   Plastering
   •   Residential Contractor                                So before hiring an unlicensed            Dept. of Planning, Zoning & Building
   •   Roofing                                            contractor, ask yourself this question:              (561) 233-5525
   •   Septic Tank                                                                                           Fax (561) 233-5554
   •   Signage
   •   Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repair                          Is it worth the risk?                   or go to our web site at
   •   Swimming Pool Construction                                                           
   •   Tennis Courts                                    CONTRACTORS CERTIFICATION DIVISION
   •   Tile & Marble                                         2300 N. Jog Road, Ste. 2W-61
                                                                                                          PALM BEACH COUNTY
   •   TV Antenna & Satellite Dish                         West Palm Beach, FL. 33411-2741
   •   Window & Door                                                                                 BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS
                                                                    8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                                                                   Monday through Friday
Rev. 06/06                                                            (Except holidays)
                                                             (561) 233-5525 - Fax (561) 233-5554

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