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					Pool landscaping

Pools lights give your pool a whole new look of life. If you are someone
who is lucky enough to enjoy the please of having their very own backyard
pool, then take advantage of the opportunity to decorate it. There are
many different pool landscaping ideas that you can come up with to make
your pool and patio area your very own sanctuary, right in your backyard.

For around the outside of the pool
For some pools, the landscape around the pool may seem boring or messy.
There are a few things you can do to dress it up a little. Add some
plants and flowers around the pool. Place some decorative stones or
rocks in between the flowers.   Mulch is another great way to camouflage
the disturbed dirt around your pool.

If you are someone who absolutely loves the outdoors and spends as much
time there as indoors, then there is no reason why you cannot decorate it
just like you would a room in your home.

Positioning your furniture
It does not seem like much, but just by carefully placing every piece of
furniture just perfectly can make a huge difference in your pool
landscape. Accessories are very important also. Garden statues, potted
plants, candles, and even pillows on your pool furniture will create a
warm and inviting space.

Canopy for the pool
If your pool is in an open area, you may decide to add a canopy over the
patio or deck to create a better space for outdoor entertaining. By
doing a simple tent or canopy, you can ensure that all of your outdoor
plans will not be ruined by bad weather.

Fences and gates
One very important thing when you have a pool in your backyard is safety.
It is always a good idea to have a fence with a locking gate around an in
ground pool. This is especially true if you have small children. There
are lots of different choices you can make when it comes to a fence.
There are different styles and colors so that you can match your home

Privacy is essential for pools
Privacy plays an important role when it comes to having a pool. Fences
that are high and have slats that are close together will create a
feeling of privacy for you and your family when you are lounging around
and enjoying your backyard pool.

Storage units
Anyone who has a pool knows that there are plenty of chemicals and
accessories to store. You will need a place to keep your loungers and
inner tubes. You do not have to go with the normal plastic storage
units. There are plenty of designs that you can come with to make your
pool area look better.