bathroom remodeling by mikew56


									Finishing touches for bathroom remodeling

At last, the last tile is set and the last drop of paint applied. The
contractors have completed the heavy, dirty stuff and it’s now time to
make your remodeled bathroom truly your own with a few personal touches.
After all, with bathrooms evolving more into personal spas above and
beyond the basic necessities, your imprint becomes all the more

All it really takes is some simple details of your own:

•     Hang a shelf along a wall for displaying framed prints or small
•     Fill antique bowls or shaving mugs with pretty toiletries, such as
soaps or bath salts.
•     Consider adding a piece of outdoor furniture like a wicker chair or
table if there’s room for it.
•     Line an entire wall with mirrored cabinets. They will make the room
look larger and more open.
•     Colorwash wood cabinets.
•     Try a colored stain to revive wood cabinets or a vanity. Mix and
match colors by using a light-colored stain for the background and then
applying a brighter color to some of the drawers.
•     Add fresh flowers or flowering plants to the room.
•     Include wall vases, old watering cans or window boxes to hold your
favorite flowers. If your bathroom has a linen closet with a door,
replace the door with a framed trellis or a reproduction of a Victorian
screen door.
•     Attach a beveled mirror to the wall over the sink and frame it with
•     Make a big change with your shower curtain. A cloth curtain will be
more expensive, but it will also look better, adding a truly classy note.
Next best will be a nylon/cotton curtain. Either of these now come in a
variety of styles and colors. Don’t bother with plastic - they look
cheap, and they don't wear well. A clear shower curtain will be just
plain tacky.
•     With a multi-colored curtain, choose new towels and bathmats in
colors that reflect those colors. For a striped shower curtain, get some
solid towels in coordinating colors. Don’t match the pattern exactly,
though, because it will look like too much.

You might well think of a few more ways to add your touch. Feel free to
get creative and try new things. Your house, and especially the bathroom,
are a statement of your style and personality that family and friends
will experience up close and personally. Don’t doubt your ability to
express yourself!

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