The DuPont Council Protests DuPont Award at the National

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					 The DuPont Council Protests DuPont Award at the
 National Safety Council
    The DuPont Council was joined by over fifty            attendees with a Timeline of DuPont Health
 other USW members and others in the                       and Safety Failures/Toxic Map, wore the
 international labor union movement to decry the           bright orange T-shirts with the USW logo and
 safety award given by the National Safety                 slogan, “DuPont - US Jobs and Environment
 Council (NSC) to DuPont at its yearly                     at Risk”, distributed a USW International
 conference last week. The Council believes                Report entitled “Not Walking the Talk:
 DuPont’s health and safety record should have             DuPonts Untold Safety Failures,” and with
 disqualified the chemical giant from receiving the        the solidarity of our USW brothers and
 safety group’s 2006 Green Cross for Safety                sisters, stood in silent protest, wearing our
 Award. (Please see the adjoining chart to see             orange tees, during the speech of Ellen
 how other Green Cross Award recipients may                Kullman, who accepted the Green Cross on
 have earned their award.)                                 behalf of DuPont. Many also held signs with
    In addition to the National Safety Council,            slogans based from the report during her
 we attended the 17th World Congress on Safety             speech. Afterwards the whole group left en
 and Health at Work, where more than 5,000                 masse. Also worth noting is that Chad
 people from 110 countries were present. The               Holliday was scheduled to give the keynote
 Congress is held every three years and it was             address, but left town beforehand.
 the first time this event was held in the US.                The council encourages you to read the full
 Attendees from labor, government, academia,               report on DuPonts Untold Safety Failures by
 corporations and media were there to share                going to and clicking
 emerging safety research, trends, best practices          on the “Safety Failures” tab.
 and innovations to improve safety at work and                The council’s goal was not to embarrass
 at home. DuPont was the “Premier Sponsor”                 DuPont at the joint conferences, we let the facts
 of the World Congress.                                    do it for us. DuPont knows it can buy positive
    At the joint conferences, we hand-billed               publicity, but it can’t buy the truth.

National Safety Council Green Cross for Safety Medallion Recipients
 Award Year         Company                  2004 Donation          2003 Donation
 September 2005     DuPont                   $20,000 to $39,999*    $20,000 to $49,999** + several other donations

 March 2005         Liberty Mutual Group     $20,000 to $39,999     $20,000 to $49,999

 2004               Daimler Chrysler         $100,000 or above+     Several Specific Donations

 2003               Kenny Construction Co.   $40,000 to $99,999     $50,000 and above

 2002               Ryder Systems            $40,000 to $99,999     $10,000 to $19,999

 2001               Intel Corporation        $20,000 to $39,999     $20,000 to $49,999

 2000               AK Steel Corporation     $10,000 to $19,999     $20,000 to $49,999

                                                                                DuPont Council Newsletter Page 3
       Tragedy strikes
       worker in
       Brazil, as
       DuPont gets
       safety award.
      A worker at the DuPont facility in Camaçari,            The Brazillian union has previously called
   Brazil died in an explosion on September 22,            attention for the necessity of a bigger investment
   2005. The explosion killed the operator                 in safety for employees at this facility. This year,
   Leandro Vieira Aiming, 27 years old, who had            two accidents already had occured in Camaçari,
   worked for the company for six years. The day           on July 5th and August 23rd. In July, an
   before, the National Safety Council awarded             increase of pressure in a column of the aniline
   DuPont with its Green Cross for Safety Award.           unit resulted in an improper reaction, causing
      The explosion happened in a filter that              the release of formed polymer, CO2, water and
   contained dicloronitrobenzene and was felt at least     a trace of hydrochloric acid.
   5 km away. The Union of Chemistries and                    The August accident involved an operator who
   Petroleiros (BA), who directly contacted the            discovered a potential phosgene release. The
   DuPont Council with this terrible news, entered a       worker attempted to close the valve to prevent a
   formal denunciation against DuPont at the               bigger accident, but ultimately broke his hand.
   Regional Office of the Attorney General of Work         Prior chemical spills and accidents also occured in
   asking for a formal investigation of the accident.      2001, 2000 and 1999 at the facility.

     Worker injured at DuPont
     Niagara Falls, NY
         Unfortunately, a worker was injured in an
      accident at the DuPont Niagara Falls, New York
      plant. An operator’s leg was hit by a fork truck
      and his leg was broken. At this time, he is doing
      good and all hopes are for a full recovery.

         The fork truck was new and had just recently
      been put into service. Even though it had all the
      proper safety devices at the time of the accident,
      it was taken out of service and re-evaluated, and
      a number of changes were made to improve the
      operation of the truck. This was an unfortunate
      accident that only proves new equipment should
      be fully evaluated and operators should have
      proper training before equipment is put into             USW members at the National Safety Council in
      service.                                                 Orlando, Florida.

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