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									Camping Tents

If you are going camping in the wilderness, then you know that a tent is
something that is a must have. There is no worse feeling than being in
the wide open and having a rain cloud lingering overhead. Shelter is
something that you should have when camping and the most popular form is
a tent. Camping tents come in all shapes and sizes and it can save you a
lot of aggravation.

What to look for in a tent
When you are looking for the perfect tent to fit you and your camping
needs, there are lots of things to look for. The shape of tent, weight,
size, tent poles, and set up time will be the most important items to
look for. The first thing to look for is to make sure that the tent will
fit in or on your car. After that, look for a tent or tents that will
accommodate you an all of the other campers.

Size of your tent
Size is so important when it comes to your tent. You need to make sure
that you have enough room for you and all of your campers. You will want
enough space for everyone to be able to stretch out and feel comfortable
in. Remember you need to be able to get enough sleep when you are
camping. You want to make sure that you will have enough room to sit up
and move around in. One thing to remember too, is that the manufactures
of these tents sometimes over judge how many people it will accommodate.
If the tent says that it will hold two people, it will but with not much
room for anything else.

Look into the weight of the tent
If you are hiking to reach your destination, then you may want to take
into consideration how much your tent will weigh you done. You will have
your backpack and other necessities, and you do not want to be weighed
down by a tent. If you are driving to your camping destination, then
think about the vehicle that you are going to be driving. If you have a
heavy-duty vehicle, then you have nothing to worry about.

Material of the tent
Most tents that you buy today are made of lightweight nylon or taffeta.
This is a strong and durable material that will take all kinds of the
different weather abuse that is possible when camping. Most of the
materials that tents are made out of are waterproof. This is a wonderful
feature for when the storm clouds start brewing.

Easy to assemble
Another thing to look for when picking a tent is how easy it is to put
up. You want to be able to assemble your tent with few tools. The tent
should only take a short time to put up because you do not want to spend
a lot of time on the assemble of your tent. Camping is for navigating
nature and not worry about how and when you are going to get your tent

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