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					This list is for guidance only.

These figures are based on the weekly local housing
allowance figures shown. The rent that you are being
charged may not be the figure that local housing
allowance is based on.

• If you have savings or investments up to £6000,
  we ignore this when we work out your LHA.
• If you have savings or investments of £6000.01
  to £15,999.99 this will reduce the amount of LHA            LOCAL HOUSING ALLOWANCE
  you are entitled to.
• If you have savings or investments over £16,000 you are
  not eligible for LHA.
                                                             QUICK GUIDE – PRIVATE TENANTS
• If you have people living with you who are 18 years
  and over, we take a fixed amount from your
  LHA. The amount we take depends on                               Greater Glasgow BRMA
  their circumstances and income.

If you want to talk to us about this information you can      (Busby, Eaglesham, Giffnock, Clarkston,
contact customer services on (monday – friday 8.00am –       Newton Mearns, Thornliebank & Muirend)
6.00pm) Telephone: 0141 577 3002 or visit the offices at
Barrhead (Main Street) or Giffnock (Eastwood Park)
or e-mail:

• The information on this leaflet is for guidance only
  and is not a statement of the law. We will not be
  responsible for any loss you may suffer as a result
  of relying on any information in this leaflet.

This leaflet is available in different formats e.g. large
print, audio tape and if you require this to be translated
into another language we can arrange for an interpreter
to discuss the content with you. Please contact customer
services on 0141 577 3001.
These figures are based on the weekly LHA figure shown. The rent you are being charged may not be the figure we base LHA on. If your weekly net
income on the quick guide is less than the amount shown in the column relevant to your circumstances, you should apply for benefit.

Which Category do you fall into?                                                       Approximate weekly LHA rate
                                                  Shared Room           1 Bedroom          2 Bedrooms          3 Bedrooms     4 Bedrooms      5 Bedrooms
Your net income is all income you receive              * £69               * £104             * £127              * £150        * £230           * £276
(including benefits, tax credits and
maintenance) less any tax and national               weekly             weekly net         weekly net          weekly net       weekly        weekly net
insurance                                          net income            income             income              income        net income       income
Single person under 25                                  157
Single person over 25 but under 60                      170                  224
Single parent with one child                            243                  297                333
Single parent with two children                         299                  353                389                 424
Single parent with three children                       356                  409                445                 480          603
Single parent with four children                        412                  466                501                 536          659               730

Couple over 18 but under 60                             207                  260
Couple with one child                                   280                  334                369
Couple with two children                                336                  390                425                 461
Couple with three children                              392                  446                481                 517          640
Couple with four children                               448                  502                538                 573          696               767

Single pensioner over 60                                236                  290
Pensioner couple over 60                                304                  358
Single disabled person                                  197                  251
Couple Disabled                                         246                  300
Single persons under 25 are entitled to shared room rate only.
One bedroom rate for – a couple; someone over 16 yrs; two children of the same sex under 16 yrs; two children under 10 yrs; a child (someone under 16 yrs)
From 6 April 2009 the maximum rate of LHA payable will be restricted to the five bedroom rate.
* Please note these rates are guidance rates and may change on a monthly basis.
For current rates please phone customer services on 0141 577 3002 or access our website at

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