Goal setting by mikew56


									Goal setting is only the first step

Goal setting is more than writing your goals on a sheet of paper. It is a
trigger for you to plan, toil, persevere and achieve your goals. It will
work if your goals are realistic, and your desires genuine. Otherwise, it
will be nothing more than mere words on a sheet of paper.

Goals have to be real, not just “great sounding”. Many a times it feels
good to let the world know of your dreams and aspirations. But the
question is: Are you really made for it? When setting goals it is
important to remember that your goals must be consistent with your
background and abilities.

There are six areas where you need to set goals. These are: family,
finances, career, health, education and spiritual needs. All these goals
are interlinked, though each is a goal in itself and needs independent

The best way to set goals is to write them down because they act as a
constant reminder of where you are and where you want to be. However, it
makes sense to review these goals frequently, and make necessary
modifications without losing track of your ultimate goal. This does not
mean you have failed but that you understand your true potential.

All goals must be specific. Instead of setting a goal of finding   a better
job, try and define what a better job means to you. Is it higher   income
or is it more power and satisfaction? Ideally, you must list two   or three
possibilities. The more information you put down, the clearer is   the
final outcome.

There is no harm in dreaming big, provided that the big is achievable
given your present circumstances. Also, the goals should be set in a
positive frame of mind. They must exude optimism and confidence. You must
work for what you want, not for what you want to leave behind.

You must remember that setting goals amounts to taking position at the
start line. You now have to run with others to achieve them.

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