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                                                                                                 August 04, 2002
                                                                                                  Mid-Term 2004

Wesley College over the years has stood for the freedom of the human spirit and the community of all her sons; to
whatever race or religion they may belong. Wesley has consistently demonstrated that Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils
and Burghers can study, work, play and live together without creating any damaging racial or religious prejudices.
Wesley College OBU (UK) has since its inception followed the example of our Alma Mater in promoting unity
among the Sri Lankans in the UK.

                                             Message from the President
                           It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be elected the 8th President of the
                           Wesley College Old Boys Union (UK) at the 11th Annual General Meeting of
                           the Union, held on Sunday 25th January 2004.

                           I aim to continue in the same direction as all previous presidents, where the
                           main objective has always been to support our Alma Mater. Monetary
                           assistance will continue to meet Wesley’s academic and sports requirements.

President:                 Our OBU has always been active in the UK and this trend will continue, to
Dennis Azariah             offer a social and sports platform to meet and greet Wesleyites both in the UK
                           and around the world. I appeal to all Wesleyites in the UK to actively
                           participate in all fund raising projects, and all other social and sports activities
Secretary:                 this year.
Azahim Mohamed

                           The OBU’s continued progress depends entirely on the efforts and support
Treasurer:                 extended by Wesleyites in the UK. My humble request is for those Wesleyites
Tharanga Jayasinghe        who have yet to join the Union to do so now and make our Union stronger so
                           that more assistance can be given to Wesley College, Colombo.

                           This year the AGM has elected a very able Committee with more younger
Paul R. David              members to continue the good work. I have every confidence that our main
                           objective under which this Union was formed, to assist Wesley College
                           Colombo, will be achieved by the Committee during this year.

                           To close the message here is something we all should remember.

       Annual              Anger Anger is a motivator, but it is clearly a very destructive force as well.
 Double Blue Ball          So which way are we going to use it? Shout as loudly as you like. Only action
Sat 2nd October 2004       changes things. With best wishes,
 ~ Details inside ~
                                                            ORA ET LABORA
                                                             Dennis Azariah
                                                                              Wesley College OBU (UK)

                    Executive Committee for 2004/2005
Patron:                   Rev William A Holden and Mr C J T Thamotheram
Vice Patrons              The Principal Wesley College Colombo
                          Rev Wilfred Pile
                          Dr Louis Adhihetty
President:                Dennis Azariah
Vice Presidents:          Layton Vanderputt
                          Ranjith Rosa
                          S Ravindran
Secretary:                A Azahim Mohamed
Treasurer:                Tharanga Jayasinghe
Membership Secretary:     Shenthil Rajandran
Social Secretary:         Rex Devadason
Sports Secretary:         Ananda Thevathasan
Editor/PRO:               Paul David
Committee:                Iqbal Cader, Jai Lameer, M.I.M. Lhahir, Sesiri Jayasena, A. Arooran,
                          Ghanzanfar Hamid, Arivanda Ranasinghe, Shirash Pathirana, Kusil de
                          Zoysa Sriwardene and Ranjith Chandrasena.
Hon Auditor:              B Balachandran FCMA

                     Wesley College OBU (UK) Contact
                   Telephone Numbers & E-mail Addresses
President                Dennis Azariah
                         Tel. 020 7732 9869
Secretary                A. Azahim Mohamed
                         Tel. 020 8952 2105
Treasurer                Tharanga Jayasinghe
                         Tel. 020 8488 2646
Membership Secretary     Shenthil Rajandran
                         Tel. 0798 540 8043
Sports Secretary         Ananda Thevathasan
                         Tel. 020 8673 3529
Social Secretary         Rex Devadason
                         Tel. 0172 782 8026
Editor/PRO               Paul David
                         Tel. 020 8464 2515

                                                                                Wesley College OBU (UK)

                           Double Blue Ball 2004
                         Twelfth Anniversary Special

                            The 12th Annual Double Blue Ball
                            of the Wesley College OBU (UK)

                                        will be held on

                                Saturday 2nd October 2004

                                   from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

                               At the Wembley Plaza Hotel
                                      Empire Way
                                       HA9 8DS

                                    Tickets cost £35
                          which includes a welcome drink and
                               sit-down meal with wine

                  The sit-down Dinner will commence at 8.15 p.m.

                        Music by Mike Cooke and the Islanders

                                      Free car parking

  The tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from any committee member,
                          or contact any of the following: -

Rex: 0172 782 8026               Paul 020 8464 2515               Ghanzanfar 020 8577 4021
Dennis 020 7732 869              Iqbal 020 8848 3572              Azahim 020 8952 2105
Ana 020 8673 3529                Tharanga 020 8570 8208           Shenthil 0771 7707 218
Jai 020 8660 0363                Sesiri 020 8373 1520             Arooran 020 7289 9890
Ranjith Rosa 020 8905 6025       Ravi 020 8951 3986               Shenthil 0771 7707 218
This is our main fund raising event and the success of this dance will go a long way to assist our
Alma Mater in many needy projects undertaken by Wesley. Please give your full support and
make this annual event a success.
                                                                                 Wesley College OBU (UK)

                                News from Colombo
New Building Project - Shelton Wirasintha Memorial Building

Wesley College has commenced a new building project which will be dedicated to the late Mr
Wirasintha who principalled and guided Wesley during a dark period of her history. The
foundation was laid on the Founders Day 2nd May 2002 by Rev. Noel Fernando, Manager of
Wesley and President of the Methodist Church, amidst a representative gathering of parents, Old
Boys, Teachers and Students. The guests of honour were Mrs Mariel Wirasintha, wife of the late
Mr Wirasintha and Ms Dushyanthi and her daughter.

The building will provide additional classrooms for Advanced Level Students, a Junior Science
Lab, a Canteen, Technical Skills Rooms and a scout den. The Principal, Mr M.A.P. Fernando,
discussed the plans for this building in detail with several of our members who visited the
College this year. The increased facilities for the Advanced Level classes will encourage more
students from Wesley College to take the University Entrance Examination.

The estimated cost of the building, which has already reached first floor level, is Rs 9-10 million.
The Principal of Wesley College appeals to all Old Boys in foreign countries to generously
support this worthy cause. Already several OBU members have donated individual amounts of
£100 each. Please send your donations to our Treasurer or to: -

Hatton National Branch, Borella Branch,
Name of Account : Wesley College Building Fund
Account No. : 00550004933

Once again the Wesley College First XV Rugby Team has made a promising start to the season.
Wesley played 3 matches so far.
Wesley beat Carey College 32/3
Wesley beat St Thomas’ 13/5
Wesley beat Isipathana 18/13 The win against Isipathana was after 41 years
(Wesley OBU (UK) donated £500 towards retaining the College Rugby Coach)

Wesley College did extremely well in the Inter School Drama Competition. Wesley reached the
final and came a very close runner up. Well done!
(Wesley OBU UK donated RS30,000.00 towards the College Play)

                                                                                  Wesley College OBU (UK)

                   Annual Festival of Cricket 2004
              Organized by the Sri Lanka OBA’s in the UK
The Festival of Cricket was held on Sunday 20th June 2004 at the Civil Service’s Sports Ground,
Chiswick, London. This year 22 Old Boys Unions took part in the tournament.

Wesley OBU (UK) led by A. Arooran, won the first round match, beating Holy Cross OBA but lost
in the second round to St Sebastians.

Scores: (Round One) 4 overs
Wesley 83 For 3 in 4 overs, Shivas Mohamed 32 Roshan Perera 20 Gopi Sivasundra 20.
Holy Cross 33 Runs, All out in 33 overs, Shiva Mohamed 2 for 10.
Wesley outplayed Holy Cross College by 45 runs. Incidentally Wesley’s score of 83 runs was the
highest in this year’s tournament.

Scores (Round Two) 4 overs
Wesley 33 for 4 in 4 overs, Gopi Sivasundra 22 no lost to St Sebastian’s 34 for no wks in 3.3 overs.

                   Sri Lanka Cricket Association UK
                 OBA’s over 35 Cricket Tournament 2004
                         ~ Wesley Champions ~
Wesley OBU (UK), led by Sesiri Jayasena won the over 35 Cricket Tournament 2004, beating
Royal OBA in the finals. The tournament was held on Sunday 18 th July at Civil Services Ground,

Wesley was grouped with Colombo Hindu and St Sebastians in the first round. The results were: -
Wesley vs. Colombo Hindu (8 overs).
Wesley 81 for 1 – Don 53 Sesiri 25 beat Colombo Hindy for 8 Priyantha 2 for 17 Don 2 for 17,
Sesiri 2 for 15.
Wesley 85 for 3 – Sesiri 25 Surash 15 and Don 12 beat St Sebastians 65 for 9 Don 2 for 20
Priyantha for 18 Arooran 2 for 20.
Semi Finals
Wesley vs Ananda
Wesley 95 for 4 Sesiri 53 Surash 24 Don 15 beat Ananda 53 for 9 Arooran 3 for 12 Priyantha 2 for
26 Sesiri 2 for 18
Finals – Wesley met our traditional rivals Royal in the final. It was an exciting match with a
dramatic finish when Wesley’s keeper made a diving stumping to run out the Royal batsman and
prevent them scoring the winning run.
Wesley 81 for 3 Don 33 no Sesiri 13 Surash 12 Andy 12 beat Royal 80 for 3 Priyantha 2 for 19
Sesiri Jayasena of Wesley won the Best Batsman award.
Man of the Tournament was Don Jayawardene, also from Wesley College.
Wesley made the highest score in this year’s tournament which was 95 runs in 8 overs against
                                                                               Wesley College OBU (UK)

                 The Joint Wesley OBU/Methodist OGA
                        Annual River Boat Dance

                          Saturday 24th July 2004
                                           on board
                               ~ M.V. Viscount ~

This year was the first time we had our River Boat Dance on the M.V. Viscount, a brave ship.
M.V. Viscount was one of the ships that braved the Nazi artillery to evacuate the British and
allied soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk during the Second World War.

M.V. Viscount has been refurbished and provided an ample lounge for guests with the dance
floor on the upper deck. We had an excellent turn out and it was an ideal night for a boat dance.
The Sri Lankan Buriyani was very tasty and was enjoyed by all. The dancing was nearly non-
stop and resulted in many thirsty people keeping the bar staff busy.

The Boat Dance was a successful social event again this year and the OBU made a net profit of
more than £400.

                                                                                       Wesley College OBU (UK)

                    Message From The Membership Secretary
      Please remember to renew your Membership for the year 2004. If you are not a member,
      please join the OBU and support us.

      Members who have yet to pay their subscription of £10 per year are requested to post a
      cheque, made out to Wesley College OBU (UK) to: -

      Shenthil Rajandran, 42 Heath Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 2NN

      Old Boys, or their sons, who wish to join the Membership of the OBU are requested to
      contact the Membership Secretary on 020 8577 4021, or 07717 707218 (mobile) or complete
      and forward the attached membership form. Email:

                          Wesley College OBU (UK) Website
       Our Website address is

       This site will continue to be maintained by Dr N.D. Amerasekera and we thank him for all his efforts
       and time spent. We also take this opportunity of thanking Mr Bill Deutrom for his sponsorshop of
       the site.

  -     keep Wesleyites in the UK and the rest of the World updated on matters concerning the College
  -     improve communications between Wesleyites
  -     provide an up to date Directory of the Wesleyites in the UK
  -     generate more efforts to support the future needs of Wesley College

      We once again thank Dr N.D. Amerasekera for all his effort and time spent maintaining and extending
      the scope of our OBU website.

                               Donations to Wesley College
Wesley College OBU (UK) with the assistance of Bill Deutrom (Australia) has donated blazer material
for the Cricket Team to Wesley College Colombo. The Union has responded to this request which was
made by the Principal of Wesley, Mr M.A.P. Fernando.

      Zimbabwe Tour “A dream come true” for Farveez Mahroof
Farveez Mahroof (19) is the only Wesleyite to win Colours for five years and when he made his test debut
at Harare he became the next Wesleyite after the late Sritharan Jaganathan to play test cricket for Sri

To receive a test cap is the dream of many an aspiring schoolboy who takes up cricket seriously. For
Mohamed Farveez Mahroof the one-day internationals and Test cap came within a space of 11 days and
he described the sudden elevation from schoolboy to one of national cricketer as a “dream come true”.
Farveez has since progressed with his Test Cricket career, playing against the South African team in Sri
Lanka. The Wesley College OBU (UK) wishes Farveez the very best for the future.

                                                                                    Wesley College OBU (UK)

                               Cricket Calendar 2004
The following cricket events took place this year: -

6th June               vs. SLIA / St. Peters OBU

20th June              Festival of Cricket 2004 – Civil Service Sports Ground, Riverside Drive,
                       Dukes Meadows, Chiswick, London W4 2SH

11th July              vs. Royal OBA (over 35’s) for the Sam Thevathasam Challenge Trophy, Venue

Senior Cricket Team

Captain:               Sesiri Jayasena

Wesley OBU took part in the Sri Lankan Airlines sponsored Rugby 7’s Tournament on 30th August 2004
at Harrow Rugby Club, Wood Lane Lane, Harrow. The Team Captain was Rizan Fairouz.


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