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                                   YOU MUST HAVE
                                                    You give but little when you

                                                    give of your possessions.
Maureen Thomson
                                                    It is when you give of
Michael Carney
                                                    yourself that you truly give.
Nolene De Costa
                                                    ~Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

                                                                        COVER LOCATION:
Maria Tiganis                                                                 Clock Tower
Desireé Johnson                                                          ON THE COVER:
Ingrid Jones
                                                                 Suit R3 500 and Jumper R250

MANAGING EDITOR                                                    Robert Daniel Victoria Wharf
Lizl Stephan
ART DIRECTOR                                                      Fresh Water Pearls R3 600,                                                                                                          2          | Waterfront News
Tenille Stander
                                                                Dress R950 and Silk Sash R350
Beverley Pender                                                 all from Philosophy Victoria Wharf                                                                                                    4          | Waterfront Trends
Martha Dimitriou
                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHER:                                                                                                                 6          | Fashion & Accessories
Estelle Dietrich                                                             Johan Wilke
021 417 1266
                                                              PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT:                                                                                                              18 | Gems & Jewellery

Candice Bridgens                                                          Owen van Rooyen
021 417 1229
                                                                              STYLIST:                                                                                                               26 | Health & Beauty
Published on behalf of the Victoria & Alfred
Waterfront (Pty) Ltd by                                                    Isabella Niehaus                                                                                                          32 | Home & Décor
New Media Publishing
PO Box 440
                                                                      STYLIST’S ASSISTANT:
Green Point
                                                                         Sarah Bartholomew                                                                                                           38 | Leisure & Pleasure
                                                                        HAIR & MAKE-UP:
                                                                                                                                                                                                     50 | Fun & Games
Tel 021 417 1111
Fax 021 417 1112                                                    Miriam Bartholomew
Irna van Zyl                                               Dirk (Outlaws Models), Palesa (Max Models),
                                                                                                                                                                                                     60 | What, When & Where
                                                                                                                                                                                                     64 | From Us To You!
Naomi Herselman
John Psillos                                                             Kiah (Faces Models)
Bridget McCarney
Lucrezia Wolfaardt
                                                                                                                                   COMPETITION RULES
Nadiema Hardy                                                                                                                      1.SMSS WILL BE CHARGED AT R3.00 PER SMS.                                             OTHER PARTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE COMPETITIONS MAY NOT ENTER.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              www waterfront co za 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ARTIST IMPRESSION OF VICTORIA WHARF EXTENTION AND BREAKWATER PARKING GARAGE
The V&A Waterfront is expanding!

                                                                          It’s an exciting era in the               Adequate parking for visi-       able if you plan to stay a while;
                                                                          existence of the V&A Waterfront:     tors to Victoria Wharf is always      alternatively, the Victoria Wharf
                                                                          a time of flourishing transforma-     a high priority. The Breakwater       undercover garage is perfect
                                                                          tion, change and growth.             parking garage, which has been        if you’re just popping in and
                                                                                                               earmarked to accommodate the          out. There is also parking in the
                                                                              Seventy new high-fashion         additional shoppers to the new        Portswood Square garage.
                                                                          stores are being built to extend     stores, is close to completion.
                                                                          your shopping pleasure. These                                                   You do not necessarily have
                                                                          stores include top local brands           Since October this year, 220     to pay for parking at the V&A
                                                                          and fabulous international labels.   new bays have been opened             Waterfront, as there are 410
                                                                          More coffee shops are also           and during December some 480          free bays within a short walking
                                                                          on the cards, as shopping and        additional bays will be made          distance of Victoria Wharf. You’ll
                                                                          browsing can take their toll on      available. In March 2007 the          find them at Mini Table Mountain
                                                                          your stamina!                        striking three-level parking garage   behind the new Breakwater
                                                                                                               – with retail stores on the ground    parking garage, in the area next
                                                                               The latest outlets form part    floor causing loads of excitement      to the Table Bay Hotel, and at
                                                                          of the new two-level extension       for both male and female shop-        the Security Building behind         The exciting 1st edition V&A Waterfront photographic book
                                                                          of the existing Victoria Wharf       pers – will be complete.              Ferryman’s Tavern.                   by international photographer, Gerald Hoberman is now
                                                                          shopping centre. This 12 500m2                                                                                  available at Waterfront Information Centre, Waterfront
                                                                          extension is scheduled to open in         In the meantime, parking             Thank you for supporting us      Information Kiosks and selected stores throughout the V&A
                                                                          October 2007.                        in the Ulundi and Granger Bay         during our transformation!           Waterfront. R165.00
                                   or call (021) 408 7600 for more info
                                                                                                               undercover garages is avail-
           Be inspired by the
                                                         BLING                                                   METALLICS
           following trends                              Bling is still                                          Gold is this seasons hottest
                                                         king, or is it                                          metal. It can be a scarf, a
           when you decide on
                                                         queen? And                                              bag, the heel of a shoe
           that special gift:                            it’s not just for                                       or just an old-fashioned
                                                         adults, it’s for                                        piece of jewellery.
 *Spot this trend
  on page 33                  COLOUR                     kids and their
                                                         best friends
                              Primary colours are back   too. Woof!
                              in vogue. The ocean
                              is by far the biggest                                                                                             *Spot this trend
                              trendsetter this season.                             *Spot this trend on page 47                                      on page 10


                                                                                                                                                *Spot this trend
                                                         Natural products has slowly and steadily                                                   on page 14

                                                                                                                                                                   IMAGES: ISTOCKPHOTO
                                                         made their way into all aspects of our lives
                                                         – for your home as well as your body.                   Prints are everywhere – from floral-inspired
                                                         Look out for fragrances inspired by the the             men’s shirts to animal prints on shoes.
                    *Spot this trend on page 34          ocean or décor items made from wood.
                     It’s dress-up time, and this season’s look
                     is inspired by elegance. Boho has given
                     way to figure-defining glamour – suits
                     are sharper, dresses are nipped in at the
                     waist and classy accessories add the
                     finishing touch. Lady-like handbags and
                     silk ties are right on trend. Sunglasses
                     are huge. Prints have made a comeback
                     – for men and women. Look out for
                     funky florals and cheeky animal prints to

                     mix with your neutral basics. After all,
                     fashion is also about fun.

                     Shirt R750 Democratic Republic Victoria Wharf
                     Jeans R2 160 Denim Gallery Victoria Wharf
                     Open-Toe Black Shoes R495 San Marina Paris Victoria Wharf
                     Purple Pattern Dress R2 575 Marion & Lindie Victoria Wharf
                     Location: Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront
Beaded Headband R325 Evita Peroni Victoria Wharf
Belt R325 Pringle Victoria Wharf
Metallic Purse R195 Hepker’s Leatherwear Victoria Wharf
Cow Pumps R1 200 Paradoxo Victoria Wharf
Zebra Purse R350 Gallery of Exotics Alfred Mall
Snake Skin Clutch Bag R3 690 The Safari Club Victoria Wharf
Golden Purse R245 Slate Victoria Wharf
Shirt R650 & Tie R390 from Café Coton Victoria Wharf
Sunglasses R2 800 Extreme Eyewear Clock Tower

Fabric R499/5.5m Lavalava Alfred Mall
Mens Watch R1 350 Timberland Victoria Wharf
Nike Shox Trainers R1 399.95 Cross Trainer Victoria Wharf
Snakeskin Bag R2 500 Me Jane Victoria Wharf
Lacoste Bag R1 095 Waterfront Leathers Victoria Wharf
Black Sandals R895 Birkenstock Shoes Victoria Wharf 9
Knitted Cardigan R660 Miss Sixty and Energie Victoria Wharf
White Dress R1 295 Slate Victoria Wharf
Bronze Shoes R645 San Marina Paris Victoria Wharf
Carvela Whisky Leather Shoes R1 195 Spitz Victoria Wharf
Polo Flats R599 Revolution Shoes Victoria Wharf
Python Bag R10 367 Lorenzi Victoria Wharf
Location: Clock Tower, V&A Waterfront
Yellow Bag R450 Bayete Clock Tower
Mint Bag R4 450 House of Busby Clock Tower
Striped Sandals R1 400 Earthaddict Victoria Wharf
Gold Sandals R1 500 Ortega Victoria Wharf
Yellow Shoes R1 500 Sun Godd’ess Victoria Wharf
Floral Shoes R999 Camper Victoria Wharf
Pink Striped Shoes R199 Planisphere Victoria Wharf
Mother-of-Pearl Handbag R399 Accessorize Victoria Wharf
Gold Chain Belt R350 Guess Victoria Wharf
                              CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
         Stefano Ricci Shirt R4 250 Grays Victoria Wharf
                   Striped Tie R795 Dunhill Victoria Wharf
        Gucci Sunglasses R3 200 Eyelights Victoria Wharf
     Beverly Hills Guess Bag R899 Frasers Victoria Wharf
       Feathered Shawl R220 Carol Nevin Victoria Wharf

Linen Jacket R2 999 Michael R Victoria Wharf
Golf Shirt R180 Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre Quay 4
Jeans R475 Levi Store Victoria Wharf
Floral Shirt R1 500 Fabiani Victoria Wharf
Crocs R499 Sunshine Colour Crocs Barrow Victoria Wharf
Sunglasses R2 950 Extreme Eyewear Barrow Victoria Wharf
Beaded Shoes R300 Shoes of Flavour Waterfront Craft Market
                               CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
                  Scuba Watch R799 Swatch Victoria Wharf
                Jeans R2 160 Denim Gallery Victoria Wharf
               Baby Doll Set R249 La Senza Victoria Wharf
             Pink Top R380 Diesel Style Lab Victoria Wharf
          Ladies Striped Top R179 Yacht Squadron Quay 4
    Striped Top with Gold Detail R295 Lover Victoria Wharf
                      Wrap Dress R345 Soto Victoria Wharf
                 Jacket R675 Morgan de Toi Victoria Wharf
                      Jumper R590 Sailwear Victoria Wharf 15
Skirt R375 Cape Union Mart Travel & Safari Victoria Wharf
              Grey Suit R10 000 D’Squared² Victoria Wharf
     CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:                                   Orange T-Shirt R145 Seven Ounce Victoria Wharf
     Pink Bag R150 Truworths LTD Victoria Wharf             Bag R98 Keedo Victoria Wharf
     Blue Shirt R189 Keedo Victoria Wharf                   Bandana R39.95 Naartjie Kids Victoria Wharf
     Striped Top R198 The Official Logo Store Alfred Mall    Pixie Top R139.95 Naartjie Kids Victoria Wharf
     Denim Shorts R395 Guess Kids Victoria Wharf            Legginettes R119.95 Earthchild Victoria Wharf
     White Dungarees R260 Seven Ounce Victoria Wharf        White Shoes R199.95 Naartjie Kids Victoria Wharf
16   Blue Vintage T-Shirt R275 Seven Ounce Victoria Wharf   Beaded Star R69 Chameleon Crafts Alfred Mall
                       CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
 T-Shirts from R64.95 Naartjie Baby Victoria Wharf
      Kids Hi-Top Shoes R145 Rage Victoria Wharf
    Alice Band R66 Indygo Artwear Victoria Wharf
          Kids Watch R199 Swatch Victoria Wharf
Kids Slops R100 Havaianas Barrow Victoria Wharf

     JEWELLERY   Sparkle through the festive season with
                 show-stopping diamonds, big brilliantly
                 colourful gems and precious pearls,
                 or keep it simple with a classic timepiece.
                 Trends come and go, but precious
                 metals never disappoint – give your
                 loved ones silver, gold or platinum for a
                 gift that lasts a lifetime. Chunky costume
                 jewellery is covetable this season, so wear

                 yours day and night. The cuff is summer’s
                 most wanted accessory.

                 Lemon Quartz Necklace R25 020 Charles Greig Jewellers Victoria Wharf
                 Black V-Neck Dress R750 Cleo Victoria Wharf
                 Suit R6 995 Hugo Boss Victoria Wharf
                 Location: Nelson Mandela Gateway to Robben Island, V&A Waterfront
                                              CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
                               Diamond 17.04-Carat Heart Necklace
                                 R160 000 Olga Jewellers Victoria Wharf
                                  18-Carat White Gold, Blue Topaz &
                                Diamond 0.78-Carat Earrings R22 500
                                    Kamaldien Exclusive Victoria Wharf
                            Blue Necklace R290 Made in SA Clock Tower
                   Solitaire Platinum & Diamond 1.03 & 1.02-Carat
                    Earrings R229 000 Shimansky Collection Clock Tower
           Crystal Cuff R129 Zun Victoria Wharf 18-Carat White Gold &
Diamond 1.02-Carat Pendant R69 998 Diamond International Clock Tower

                                          CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
                 Black Necklace R1 250 African Allsorts Clock Tower
        Silver Cuff R600 d’Argent Jewellery Barrow Victoria Wharf
     Emporio Armani Watch R2 999 Real Time Barrow Victoria Wharf
                         Sterling Silver Thomas Sabo Ring R2 500
                                      The Carat Shop Victoria Wharf
                   Platinum & Diamond 0.75-Carat Ring R54 780
                                  Shimansky Collection Clock Tower

Watch R1 199 Fossil Victoria Wharf
Pink & Purple Stone Bracelet R150 Lulu Belle Victoria Wharf
18-Carat White Gold Diamond 0.72-Carat Leaf Pendant R9 740
Blue White Jewellery Victoria Wharf
Necklace R1 230 Indaba Lifestyle Victoria Wharf

                                            CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
    18-Carat White Gold and Diamond 1.09-Carat Detailed Earrings
                                  R19 600 Harris Jewellers Alfred Mall
      18-Carat White Gold and Diamond 1.34-Carat Heart Pendant
                              R36 086 Diamonds of Africa Clock Tower
18-Carat White Gold, Tanzanite 7.61-Carat and Diamond 0.64-Carat
                    Ring R138 500 Tanzanite International Clock Tower
                18-Carat White Gold and Diamond 1.92-Carat Ring
                                R85 690 Tanur Jewellers Victoria Wharf
          8-Shaped 18-Carat White Gold Diamond 0.90-Carat Ring
                                   R9 990 Lorraine Efune Victoria Wharf
18-Carat White Gold, Diamond 1.11-Carat & Tanzanite 10.27-Carat
                  Bangle R199 550 Uwe Koetter Jewellers Alfred Mall

     Multi-Coloured Necklace R4 398 Michal Negrin Alfred Mall
     Blue Crystal Necklace R185 Zun Barrow Victoria Wharf
     18-Carat White Gold & Diamond 12.61-Carat Necklace
     R225 110 Murdocks Victoria Wharf
     Sterling Silver Necklace R2 450 Jewellery by Zahava Victoria Wharf
     Bracelet with Wood Detail R3 150 African Designs Waterfront Craft Market
     Beaded Necklace R420 Crystal Fantasy Victoria Wharf
     Brown Button Necklace R99 Truworths Victoria Wharf

Gecko Choker R7 450 Alon Shina Victoria Wharf
Grey Fresh Water Pearl Necklace R2 200 Pearl Culture Victoria Wharf
Pearl and Diamond Ring R6 900 Pearl Culture Victoria Wharf
Philippa Green Cuffs: Green R640, Clear R610 African Beaders Clock Tower
HEALTH BEAUTY   Indulge in pampering products inspired
                by nature like earthy body butters,
                mineral salt body scrubs, mud masks,
                alcohol free shaving creams or
                skin tone lip gels. The look is natural
                with dramatic access colours like blue
                and green. Splash-on perfumes that
                inspire and invigorate. Invest in the two
                hottest beauty items that will definitely
                turn heads – a hair styling iron and a
                vibrating head massager.
Glass Perfume Bottle R635 Alfred Mall Gallery Alfred Mall
Honeybush and Rooibos African Body Scrub R65 Healthy Life Victoria Wharf
Honeybush and Rooibos African Body Butter R75 Healthy Life Victoria Wharf
Mr Cobbs Gentleman’s Perfume R695 Mr Cobbs The Barber Victoria Wharf
Silver Shaving Brush R3 330 The Old’e English Shaving Shop Victoria Wharf
GHD Classic Hair Stying Iron R1 600 Partners Hair Design Victoria Wharf
Golden Apple Body Butter R120 The Body Shop Victoria Wharf

Lipgeleé R95 M.A.C Victoria Wharf
Plushglass - Pretty Plush R115 M.A.C Victoria Wharf
Kérastase Chroma Reflect Hair Mask R260 Frank Fowden Victoria Wharf
Dermalogica Hydro-Active Mineral Salts R255 s.k.i.n Pierhead
Ahava Purifing Mud Mask R239 Tablebay Pharmacy Victoria Wharf
Ahava Mineral Foot Cream R170 Waterfront Pharmacy Victoria Wharf
Vibrating Head and Joint Massager R119.50
Aromatic Apothecary Victoria Wharf

                                    CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
        Lacoste Inspiration 75ml R550 Stuttafords Victoria Wharf
     Island Michael Kors 100ml R699 Scent Sation Victoria Wharf
           Mimo’s Cologne 100ml R79 Mimo & Co. Victoria Wharf
30          Versace Man 100ml R625 Stuttafords Victoria Wharf
            A well-chosen gift becomes a
            treasured possession – especially when
            it’s something beautiful for the home.
            Look for well-crafted classic pieces in
            wood, silver and leather or choose
            whimsical ornaments that don’t take
            themselves too seriously. With 2010
            around the corner, a plasma screen is top
            of the family’s wish list. Cooking is the
            new sex, and kitchen paraphernalia has
            become more desirable (and gorgeous)
            than ever.
            Cappuccino anyone?

            Mirrored Wreath R115 Biggie Best Victoria Wharf
Agate Slice and Stand R115 Picture Gems Waterfront Craft Market
David Reade Perfume Bottle R765 Pa Kua Victoria Wharf
Double Espresso Coffee Maker R9 998 @Home Victoria Wharf
Carved Bowl R1 200 Waterfront Woodturners Red Shed Craft Workshop
Zimbabwe Solid Silver Candlesticks R15 000 per pair
Brione Antiques and Furniture Victoria Wharf

Vase With Shells R840 Flowers Forever Victoria Wharf
Aguma Lizard R6 800 Donald Greig Bronze Sculptures Victoria Wharf
Ottoman R2 900 Resonance Clock Tower
Feet Candle Holder Set R65 Phingo Ebony Wood Carving Clock Tower
Giraffe Bowl R850 Delagoa Clock Tower
Brown Twister Candle R29 Waxit Red Shed Craft Workshop

                                    CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
                      Leggy Lamp R1 495 Kapow Victoria Wharf
    Ricci Lovlots Crystal Animal R9 205 Spilhaus Victoria Wharf
          Celtic Mirror R290 Art At Work Waterfront Craft Market
       Spiral Candlestick R96 Out Of This World Victoria Wharf
Round White Candle R39 Illumino Candles Waterfront Craft Market

Ice Creams R75 Exclusive Books Victoria Wharf
Ice Cream Scoop R240 The Zwilling JA Henckels Shop Victoria Wharf
Milkshake Maker R199.95 Boardmans @ Edgars Victoria Wharf
Wire Pears R50 each Master Wire and Beads Waterfront Craft Market

Giraffe R1 450 African Allsorts Clock Tower
Leaf Motif Candle R55 Sunset Candles Waterfront Craft Market
Mosaic Clock R170 Bolland Pottery Red Shed Craft Workshop
Ice Trays R29.99 each Woolworths Victoria Wharf
Cow Cushion Cover R150 Far Flung Red Shed Craft Workshop
Tuna Tin Candle Set R40 Sunset Candles Waterfront Craft Market
LEISURE PLEASURE   Splurge on gifts that really give pleasure:
                   a carefully selected wine, a special book
                   or a rare collectors’ item. Allow yourself
                   to be swept off your feet by the digital
                   revolution – with the click of a button on
                   your new cellular phone or digital camera,
                   you can send memorable moments to
                   friends and family across the world.

                   H.M.S Victory Handcrafted Models from R3 500 to R40 000
                   Model Shipyard Clock Tower
                                            THIS PAGE FROM LEFT:
      Leatherman R1 099 Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre Quay 4
The Ultimate Rock Collection CD R149.99 Musica Megastore Pierhead
                               Torch/Lighter R190 Jeep Victoria Wharf
              Stainless Steel Hip Flask R84 Cock ‘n Bull Victoria Wharf
      Star Walker Ball Point Pen With Diamond 0.03-Carat R3 080
                                            Mont Blanc Victoria Wharf
               500g Jacobs Coffee Beans R60 La Playa Victoria Wharf

                                         CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
 Fujitsu Siemens Dual Core Laptop R11 999 Audiovision Victoria Wharf
                  Sony Cybershot R2 795 Kodak Express Clock Tower
Garmin Nuvi 310 R5 799 Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre Quay 4
                      Nikon Binoculars R699 Audiolens Victoria Wharf
          LG HD Plasma Television R24 999 Audiovision Victoria Wharf
           Kodak Digital Camera R2 999 Kodak Express Victoria Wharf
                        THIS PAGE CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE:
                   Camelbak Lighter R140 Cape Storm Clock Tower
        Penguins Stopped Play R143 Exclusive Books Victoria Wharf

                 Cigar Ashtray R400 Club Macanudu Victoria Wharf
Wind-Up Torch R399 Cape Union Mart Travel & Safari Victoria Wharf
               Swimming Goggles R189 Total Sports Victoria Wharf
  Safeway Micro Tuning Hi-Fi System R399.99 Clicks Victoria Wharf 43
                                                      CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
           ‘Blue Bulls’ Beer Glass (set of two) R96.90 Flag World Victoria Wharf
                                          Swirl Glass R29 @Home Victoria Wharf
                                Martini Glass R52 Taung Trading Post Quay Four
                                   Bottle Opener R40 Primi Wharf Victoria Wharf
     Silverthorn Sparkling Wine R127 Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar Victoria Wharf
                               ‘Can-Can’ Tongs R120 Carrol Boyes Victoria Wharf
                                         Ice Crusher R400 @Home Victoria Wharf

     2GB iPod Nano R2 599 Apple Centre Victoria Wharf
     iPod Hi-Fi R2 999 Apple Centre Victoria Wharf
     ‘The Sims’ PC Game R199.95 Musica Victoria Wharf
     Simonsig Brut Rosé R84.75 Vaughan Johnson’s Wine Shop Pierhead
     Biltong Chopper R175 Joubert & Monty Victoria Wharf

Red Collar R20 Canine Café Waterfront Craft Market
Chewy Bone R20 each Canine Café Waterfront Craft Market
Red Leather ID Collar R85
Dog’s Life Barrow Victoria Wharf
ID Tag for Pets R20 (includes engraving)
Pet ID Tags Waterfront Craft Market

                                      CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
     Sony Ericsson Cybershot Phone R3 999 Cellucity Victoria Wharf
                        Motorola PEBL R3 280 MTN Victoria Wharf
                Skype USB Phone R395 Gadget Guru Victoria Wharf
                      Motorola KRZR R3 609 Cell C Victoria Wharf

FUN GAMES   The clutch of a baby’s fingers around a
            soft toy; a toddler’s disbelieving smile at
            the antics of finger puppets; the laughter
            and yells of competitive youngsters – and
            adults – racing remote-controlled toys ...
            these are the things that warm the
            cockles of one’s heart. Take time to allow
            the innocence and freedom of childish
            games to be fun for all.

            Premium X-Box 360 R3 699 CNA Victoria Wharf
                                        CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
                       Blow-up Ball R5.95 Pick ‘n Pay Victoria Wharf
Paul Frank Orange Bag R299 The Greatest T-Shirt Shop Victoria Wharf
                            Sea Globe R55 Sea Palace Victoria Wharf

     Piper Cub Plane R999.95 (includes battery, charger & radio) Pastimes Victoria Wharf
                                           CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT:
Large Round Rainbow Lolly R19.95 Sweets From Heaven Victoria Wharf
                             Labbit R210 Toi Toy Barrow Victoria Wharf
           Ladybird Money Box R35 Atmosphere Waterfront Craft Market
       Finger Puppets R35 each Puppet Collection Waterfront Craft Market
     Bear R75 Pure Solid 13 Victoria Wharf
     Sheep Soft Toy R65 Small Talk Waterfront Craft Market
Roboreptile R799.95 Peggity’s Toys Victoria Wharf

Dolphin Boat R1 499 Pastimes Victoria Wharf
Zebra Money Box R120 Out Of Africa Victoria Wharf
Heart Timer R110 Two Oceans Aquarium Pierhead
Baby Amore R299.95 Peggity’s Toys Victoria Wharf
Springbok Plush Toy R260 Springbok Barrow Victoria Wharf
                                        CLOCKWISE FROM TOP:
       Dolls’ Pram R100 Society for the Blind Waterfront Craft Market
            Pewter and Wood 4-Game Set R220 CNA Victoria Wharf
Monkey & T-Shirt In Bag R130 Crazy ‘Bout Cape Town Victoria Wharf
    African Doll R210 Community Creations Red Shed Craft Workshop
                                                                                                                                                                                                             &JANUARY 2007 EVENTS CALENDAR
THE ICE LOUNGE ON THE                     VODACOM BRILLIANT SUMMER               Sun 31 Dec: Smooth into the New         LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW,                including Blossom and Dexter, at
KNUCKLE                                   CONCERTS @ 5 O’CLOCK                   Year with GHFM                          LET IT SNOW!                             the Cartoon Network Village. Play
Venue: next to Musica Megastore           Venue: V&A Waterfront                  Mon 1 Jan: Jamali                       Venue: Workshop 17                       on the mega jumping castle and
Fri 3 Nov to Tue 28 Feb                   Amphitheatre                           Tue 2 Jan: Red Shift                    Fri 1 Dec to Wed 31 Jan                  climb the jungle gyms. Get your
09:00–18:00: adults R50,                  The fabulous line-up for the festive   Wed 3 Jan: Los Latinos                  10:00–20:00                              face painted by Blossom and friends
children R35                              season comprises:                      Thur 4 Jan: Renee Fourie                R10 entry per person. Entry fee          and stand a chance to win great
From 18:00: adults over 18 only           Sun 10 Dec: Zamar                      Fri 5 Jan: Hoax                         includes one activity; R5 for each       prizes in Dexter’s brain-busting quiz.
R75 (including complimentary              Fri 15 Dec: Hot Water                  Sun 7 Jan: Andile                       activity thereafter. Tickets avail-      And don’t forget to watch all the
cocktail)                                 Sat 16 Dec: Nobel Square/              Sat 20 Jan: Cole Street                 able at the door.                        characters saving the day in the
                                          Reconciliation Day Celebrations        Sun 21 Jan: Carmen                      There’s no need to travel to Europe      Cartoon Hero’s Show.
                                          Sun 17 Dec: Southern Gypsy Queen       Sat 27 Jan: Hi-5                        to experience a white Christmas!
                                          Mon 18 Dec: Ernesto Latino             Sun 28 Jan: Cat Stevens Tribute         Enjoy a winter wonderland during
                                          Tue 19 Dec: Go Summer Tour: Prime                                              the heat of Cape Town’s summer
                                          Circle, Blood Money and Driverlane     HOLIDAY FUN                             at the Snow Village, situated in the
                                          Wed 20 Dec: The Stone                  VENUE: CLOCK TOWER SQUARE               V&A Waterfront’s new multi-purpose
                                          Thur 21 Dec: Rian Ungerer              Fri 8 Dec to Sun 7 Jan                  centre, Workshop 17. Experience
                                          Fri 22 Dec: Go Summer Tour:            10:00–20:00                             the thrills of a 40-metre snow ramp
                                          Parlotones, Wonderboom, Evolver        Children of all ages will enjoy this    (the longest ever built in South Af-
                                          and Fevertree                          fun-filled venue. Activities include a   rica), a six-metre ice climbing-wall,
                                          Sat 23 Dec: J                          simulator, the ever-popular bungee      ice-skating rink, snowman building
A pioneer event for the African           Sun 24 Dec: Christmas with Rae         bounce, a paraswing, a small            and snowball fights. The 1000m²
continent, some 60 tons of ice            and Friends                            carousel and a zero-gravity area.       area will provide hours of delight for
will be used to create a 200m²            Tue 26 Dec: Go Summer Tour:                                                    the young-at-heart.                      LOVELIFE AIDS DAY CONCERT

                                                                                                                                                                                                           DECEMBER 2006
entertainment environment. Brought        The Springbok Nude Girls, The          CHRISTMAS TREE                                                                   Venue: V&A Waterfront
to V&A by Thor Ice, masters of            Finkelstiens, and Scarlet Box          MERRY-GO-ROUND                          CARTOON NETWORK VILLAGE                  Amphitheatre
ice carving and ice engineering in        Wed 27 Dec: DNA Strings                Venue: Market Plaza                     Venue: Market Square                     Sat 2 and Sun 3 Dec
South Africa, the sub-zero venue is       Thur 28 Dec: Jakkie Louw               Fri 1 Dec to Sun 14 Jan                 Sat 2 Dec to Sun 7 Jan                   12:00–17:00
created completely with ice: from         Fri 29 Dec: Smooth into the New        09:00–21:00                             10:00–18:00                              LoveLife is providing info-tainment
the walls, pillars and children’s slide   Year with GHFM                         Ride around the Christmas tree for a    (gates close at 17:30)                   as part of the activities around
to the seating, bar and hand-carved       Sat 30 Dec: Smooth into the New        donation of R5. Proceeds go to the      R15 per child                            World Aids Day on 1 December,
sculptures.                               Year with GHFM                         Reach for a Dream Foundation.           (under 2 and over 16 years free)         promising an exciting programme
                                                                                                                         Join all your favourite characters,      that is interactive and entertaining.
RIVERBOAT JAZZ BAND                     figure-skaters will be performing          The finals of this national model       PHOTOS WITH FATHER CHRISTMAS              began in the 1860s when crews
Venue: Ferryman’s Tavern                circus acts, juggling, acrobatic stunts   search competition takes place at      Venue: The Barrow Court,                  from the ships anchored in the bay
Sun 3, Sun 10 and Sun 17 Dec            and clownery on ice. Their talent,        the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre.       Victoria Wharf                            challenged each other. This year
18:00–21:00                             expertise, energy are breathtaking.       Semi-finalists from around the          Sun 10 Dec to Sun 24 Dec                  local crews will compete against
Established back in 1978, Cape          The programme is performed to             country will compete for the title,    09:00 - 21:00                             each other to re-enact some of these
Town’s Riverboat Jazz Band is still     well-known music excerpts such as         Face of Fashion. The energetic         Ho, ho, ho! Father Christmas              memorable moments.
providing fine entertainment to          Moscow Nights, the can-can from           fashion show’s highlights include      wants find out what you want for
lovers of light jazz. Summer 2006       Orpheus in the Underworld, Sarah          performances by top local musicians.   Christmas. Come along and have            NOBEL SQUARE FIRST
heralds the start of their eighth       Brightman’s Harem and many                                                       your photograph taken with him.           ANNIVERSARY
consecutive season of highly success-   popular Russian melodies. This is a       FATHER CHRISTMAS ARRIVES!                                                        Venue:
ful Summer Sundays at                   first for Cape Town!                       Parade along Quay 6 from the           KFM 94.5 ROCKING AROUND THE               Sat 16 Dec
Ferryman’s. This is a band that loves                                             Table Bay Hotel to the                 CHRISTMAS TREE WITH ABSA                  Join us to commemorate the first
entertaining and should not to be       HUMMER® H2 PROMOTION                      Amphitheatre and then to Snow          Venue: V&A Waterfront                     anniversary of Nobel Square.
missed.                                 Venue: Clock Tower Square                 Village at Workshop 17.                Amphitheatre
                                        Fri 8 to Mon 11 Dec                       Sat 16 Dec                             Sat 16, Sun 17 and Mon 18 Dec
THE SPECTACULAR ICE CIRCUS              10:00–18:00                               12:00–15:00                            19:30–20:30
Venue: North Wharf                      If you think that the SUV market has      Calling all boys and girls, moms and   Join Kfm’s Nic Marais and Ryan
Fri 8 to Tue 17 Dec                     become little more than a collection      dads, grannies and grandpas! Father    O’Connor and rock around the
At 19:00 and 21:00                      of over-inflated station wagons and        Christmas will be making a grand       Christmas Tree. Sing along to your
Direct from Moscow to Cape              glorified mini-vans, then you’ll be        entrance at the V&A Waterfront         favourite festive songs. Entertain-
Town, this group of young Russian       blown away by the Hummer H2.              this year. Come along and help all     ment includes a children’s choir, local
                                        It’s a SUV in a class of its own,         your friends from Cartoon Network      minstrels, and guest appearances          FRESH PRODUCE MARKET
                                        setting new standards in this market      including Johnny Bravo and Blossom     from well-known musicians. Buy            AND PETTING ZOO
                                        segment – and it will be available        welcome Father Christmas. With the     a candle and help the Reach for a         Venue: Waterfront Craft Market &
                                        shortly in South Africa as a right-       parade, dancing, magic, illusions,     Dream Foundation                          Wellness Centre
                                        hand drive and fully SABS-approved.       singing and a chance to meet                                                     Sun 17 Dec
                                                                                  Father Christmas (and tell him what    WP ROWING REGATTA:                        09:30–14:00
                                        FACE OF FASHION FINALS                    you would really really want for       SENIORS EVENT                             Stock up on last-minute Christmas
                                        Venue: V&A Waterfront                     Christmas), it’s going to be simply    Venue: V&A Waterfront Marina              goodies from a sumptuous choice
                                        Amphitheatre                              magical!                               Sat 16 Dec                                of farm fresh produce including
                                        Sat 9 Dec                                                                        08:00–16:00                               fruit, vegetables, cheeses, olives,
                                        19:00                                                                            Competitive rowing in Table Bay           and home-baked goodies. Indulge
your taste-buds, while the kids      CARRIGALINE SINGERS                      Take a trip down memory lane                    heart-thumping, adrenalin-pump-                The Waterfront Craft Market
play at the petting zoo. Weather     Venue: V&A Waterfront                    with a visit to our monthly Antiques            ing, action-packed event you will              and Wellness Centre is hosting a
permitting. For more information,    Amphitheatre                             Market. Browse the stalls, and                  ever attend! Ever wanted to host               number of exciting workshops this
call Amanda on (021) 408 7697        Wed 3 Jan                                then stop for coffee or a delicious             your clients at a corporate event              festive season during which you
or email craftevents@waterfront.     19:30–20:30                              smoothie. Whether you are a collec-             they will never forget? And have               can make your own special gifts.                               The Carrigaline Singers have per-        tor or a browser, there is something            the most unimaginable thrill of
                                                                                                                                                                               Childrens Mosaics
                                     formed all over the world, including     for everyone. For more information,             your life? Fantastic Racing hosts              • 4 December and 20 January
GOVERNOR’S CUP 2006                  at the Royal Albert Hall in London.      call Amanda on 021 408 7697                     corporate racing event packages                  Craft Workshop for Kids
Venue: North Wharf                   They entertain you with favourites       or email craftevents@waterfront.                in Cape Town and Johannesburg.                 • 6 December
Sat 23 Dec to Sunday 31 Dec          from Mozart to The Beatles.                                              These involve world-class racing                 Pottery Painting Workshop
Starts at 14:00 on Thur 28 Dec                                                                                                cars at a choice of four tracks,               • 6 - 8 December
The Governor’s Cup 2006 is           UNDER AN IRISH MOON                      CAPE TOWN JAZZATHON                             including the F1 track at Kyalami in             Life Drawing Art Class
a unique yachting race to the        Venue: theatre@thepavilion               Venue: V&A Waterfront Amphi-                    Johannesburg.                                  • 9 December and 14 January
beautiful island of St Helena. The   Every Thursday, Friday and               theatre, Clock Tower Square,                                                                     Glass Découpage
race fleet prepares and leaves from   Saturday night in January                Market Square and North Wharf                   FRESH PRODUCE MARKET AND                       • 19 December
the North Wharf on 28 December       At 20:00                                 Thurs 11 Jan to Sun 14 Jan                      PETTING ZOO                                      Mosaic Workshop
2006 at 10:00.The race starts at                                              13:00–22:00                                     Venue: Waterfront Craft Market                 • 14 December and 30 January
                                     A tribute to the music legends
14:00 in Table Bay.                  of Ireland performed by Cedric           The 11th annual Cape Town                       & Wellness Centre
                                                                                                                                                                             A visit to the Craft Market is your
                                     Vandenschrik, Amanda Tiffin and           Jazzathon is a four-day jazz festival           Sun 28 Jan                                     opportunity to view art and craft in
NEW YEAR’S EVE ENTERTAINMENT         Dave Ledbetter. It features the          – free to the public – to promote               09:30–14:00                                    action, purchase unique hand-made goods, and
Venue: V&A Waterfront                music of Riverdance, U2, The Corrs,      top South African musicians to local            Bring the kids and head to the                 when you need to take a break our Wellness
Amphitheatre                         Van Morrison, The Commitments,           and international markets. Visit                fresh produce market. Stock up                 Centre offers a variety of treatments from
Sun 31 Dec                           The Cranberries, Chris de Burgh for the full                on farm-fresh produce including                massage to pedicures or a tarot reading. Kids,
22:00–02:00                          and Ronan Keating, to name a             programme line-up.                              fruit, vegetables, sumptuous                   Santa’s post box is waiting for your wish list
                                                                                                                                                                             - don’t delay!
As always, the only place to be      few. Booking is essential; call 021                                                      cheeses, olives, and home-baked
on New Year’s Eve is the V&A         419 7661.                                FANTASTIC RACING                                goodies. Indulge your taste buds               For further information please contact (021)
Waterfront. Don’t miss out on the                                             Venue: Clock Tower Square                       while the kids play at the petting             408-7840 or
action, with party entertainment     ANTIQUES MARKET                          Thurs 18 Jan to Sat 20 Jan                      zoo. Weather permitting. For         
from top local bands and, of         Venue: Waterfront Craft Market           10:00–18:00                                     more information, call Amanda
course, the spectacular fireworks     & Wellness Centre                        Race world-class racing cars around             on (021) 408 7840 or email                     Open 9:30 to 18:00 daily.
display at midnight!                 Sun 7 Jan                                world-class racetracks in South                         Extended shopping hours 9:00 to 21:00 from
                                                                                                                                                                             18 December to 7 January.
                                     09:30–18:00                              Africa! This is the most nail-biting,
                                                                                                                                                                             Closed on Christmas Day.
                                                                            *All information was correct at time of going to print. For more information call 021 408 7600
                                ACCESSORIES                                 Alfred Mall Gallery              021 419 9507      BOOKS, CDs & DVDs                               JEWELLLERY
                                Accessorize                  021 425 7701   Biggie Best                      021 425 8315      Exclusive Books                  021 419 0905   Blue White Jewellery            021 419 9556
                                Alon Shina                   082 373 7229   Brione Antiques and Furniture    021 421 9090      Musica                           021 418 4722   Charles Greig                   021 418 4515
                                African Beaders              021 419 0795   Carol Nevin Designs              021 425 2507      Musica Megastore                 021 425 6300   D’Argent Jewellery              021 419 0306
V&A Waterfront Gift Directory
                                Birkenstock                  021 421 4066   Carrol Boyes                     021 418 0595                                                      Diamond International           021 421 1888
                                Camper                       021 425 3937   Delagoa                          021 425 3787      HEALTH & BEAUTY                                 Diamonds of Africa              021 421 1852
                                Crystal Fantasy              021 418 0103   Donald Greig Bronze Sculptures   021 418 4515      Aromatic Apothecary              021 418 0648   Harris Jewellers                021 425 6412
                                Evita Peroni                 021 418 0900   Fellowes Interiors               021 419 5555      Extreme Eyewear                  021 421 1179   Jack Friedman                   021 419 6014
                                Eyelights                    021 419 9222   Indaba Lifestyle                 021 419 4246      Frank Fowden Hair Salon          021 419 3186   Kamaldien Jewellers             021 425 5530
                                Extreme Eyewear              021 421 2445   Pa Kua Lifestyle                 021 418 8528      M.A.C                            021 421 4886   Lorraine Efune                  021 418 1870
                                Frasers                      021 418 0718   Renosance                        021 418 6002      Metropolitan Cosmetics           021 418 4896   Michal Negrin                   021 421 2354       Necklace
                                Fossil                       021 425 4438   Spilhaus                         021 425 4102      Mr Cobbs, The Barber             021 418 2427   Murdocks                        021 419 0302
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  R4 950
                                Gallery of Exotics           021 419 9225   The Zwilling JA Henckels Shop    021 418 7941      Scent Sation                     021 425 6428   Ntinga Jewellers                021 425 8613
                                Hepker’s Leatherwear         021 419 4552                                                      s.k.i.n                          021 425 3551   Olga Jewellers                  021 419 8016
                                House of Busby               021 421 9060   AV, ELECTRONICS & PHOTOGRAPHY                      Table Bay Pharmacy               021 418 4556   Pearl Culture                   021 419 2574       Friedman
                                Lorenzi                      021 419 0359   Apple Centre          021 425 1942                 The Body Shop                    021 7521       Shimansky                       021 425 9888       Quay 4
                                Lulu Belle                   021 418 6263   Audiolens             021 425 2804                 The Old’e English Shaving Shop   021 418 8068   Shimansky Jewellers             021 421 2788
                                Me Jane                      021 419 6484   Audiovision           021 421 1055                 Vitacare Pharmacy and                           Tanur Jewellers                 021 418 5525
                                Mont Blanc                   021 421 5015   Cell C                021 418 2357                 Skin Care Clinic                 021 425 2426   Tanzanite International         021 421 5488
                                Nine West                    021 418 7164   Cellucity             021 418 1306                 Waterfront Pharmacy              021 421 2256   Uwe Koetter                     021 421 1039
                                Occhiali Sunglasses          021 425 2489   Kodak Express         021 418 7498
                                Paradoxo                     021 421 9849   Kodak Express         021 425 9000                 JUNIOR                                          MAJOR STORES
                                Pearl                        021 418 0702   MTN                   021 425 1521                 Crazy ‘Bout Cape Town            021 419 9474   @Home                           021 408 9000
                                Planisphere Shoes            021 418 8719                                                      Earthchild                       021 421 5033   Boardmans @ Edgars              021 419 8766
                                Rage                         021 419 1206   BARROWS                                            Guess Kids                       021 421 8825   Cape Union Mart                 021 419 0019
                                Revolution Shoes             021 421 4115   Jewellery by Zahava              021 418 8358      Indygo Artwear                   021 421 4466   Cape Union Mart
                                San Marina Paris             021 418 8844   Njaro                            021 421 1345      Keedo                            021 421 6743   Adventure Centre                021 425 4559
                                Spitz                        021 421 4595   Partners Hair Design             021 419 7580      Mimo & Co.                       021 421 5722   Clicks                          021 418 3800
                                The Safari Club              021 418 0574   Real Time                        021 418 8532      Naartjie Infants                 021 419 0733   CNA                             021 418 3510
                                Waterfront Leathers          021 418 1115   Sunshine Colour Crocs Barrow     083 696 2091      Naartjie Kids                    021 421 5819   Edgars                          021 419 8766
                                Zun                          021 421 5381   Swatch                           021 421 0155      Naughty Co.                      021 421 2398   Pick ‘n Pay                     021 418 3614
                                                                            The Carat Shop                   021 418 8256      Peggity’s Toys                   021 419 6873   Stuttafords                     021 419 7063
                                ART, DECOR & INTERIORS                      The Official Logo Store           021 425 4090      Seven Ounce                      021 425 8006
                                African Trading Port   021 419 5364         The Springbok Barrow             021 421 6742                                                                                   Ribbon R5.95/m,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gift Boxes starting at R10
                                                                                                      Wine Gift Box R27                   Christmas Snowglobe R577
                                     Animal Sugar Bow R450                                                                                                                                              Hallmark Victoria Warf
                                                                                                   Original T-Bag Design                  Martha’s Vineyard
                                     Tiger’s Eye                                                     Waterfront Craft Market              Victoria Wharf
                                     Alfred Mall
Truworths              021 409 7260           Puppet Collection        084 284 0840        UNIQUE FOODS, WINES & FLOWERS                        WOMEN’S WEAR                                            Christmas
Truworths LTD          021 418 5520           Small Talk               083 448 8043        Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar 021 425 5701             Cleo                             021 421 6020         Decorations
Woolworths             021 415 3411           Society for the Blind    021 448 4302        Flowers Forever             021 419 7522             Diesel Style Lab                 021 425 5777              R45 each
                                              Shoes of Flavour         082 811 6699        Healthy Life                021 421 5443             Etincelle                        021 421 3044           Ngwenya
MENSWEAR                                      Sunset Candles           083 441 9863        Joubert & Monty             021 418 0640             La Senza                         021 425 0825                 Glass
Café Coton             021 421 6095           Toi Toy                  083 653 5847        La Playa                    021 418 2800             Marion & Lindie                  021 419 4251
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Victoria Wharf
Denim Gallery          021 425 3859           Waterfront Woodturners   083 303 5170        Mugg & Bean                 021 419 6451             Miss Sixty & Energy              021 419 1147
Dunhill                021 425 3190           Waxit                    082 374 9251        Primi Wharf                 021 419 8750             Morgan de Toi                    021 425 4760
Fabiani                021 425 1810                                                        Sweets from Heaven          021 419 8941             Nine West                        021 418 7164
Grays                  021 425 3190           SPECIALITY, CURIOS & GIFTS                   Vaughan Johnson’s Wine Shop 021 419 2121             Ortega                           021 421 3615
Hugo Boss              021 421 3052           African Allsorts          021 421 1179                                                            Philosophy                       021 425 1398
Markham                021 418 5518           Aquarium Gift Shop        021 418 1970       UNISEX                                               Slate                            021 421 2554
Micheal R              021 421 6339           Chameleon Crafts          021 425 3066       Cape Storm                      021 419 8882         Sun Godd’ess                     021 421 7620
Robert Daniel          021 419 6483           Club Macanudo             021 425 4715       Cape Union Mart
                                              Cock ‘n Bull              021 421 1860       Adventure Centre                021 425 4559         WATERFRONT CRAFT MARKET & WELLNESS CENTRE
WATERFRONT CRAFT MARKET AND                   Flag World                021 418 5545       Cape Union Mart                                      Experience the best on offer at SA’s largest indoor
RED SHED CRAFT WORKSHOP                       Gadget Guru               021 421 4061       Travel & Safari                 021 419 0019         Craft Market. Unique décor, furnishings, fine art,
African Designs       021 465 7772            Hallmark                  021 425 7692       Democratic Republic             021 419 5553         specialty food, clothing, novelties and more.
Art At Work           021 855 0982            Kapow                     021 421 3364       D’Squared                       021 425 5270         Rejuvenate body and mind at our Wellness Centre.
Atmosphere            083 268 2866            Lavalava                  021 425 5065       Earthaddict                     021 425 1667         Open seven days a week 9:30 to 18:00.
Bolland Pottery       083 360 5206            Martha’s Vineyard         021 421 5710       Geri                            021 425 9281         Telephone 021 408 7840 for further information
Canine Café           082 573 0747            Ngwenya Glass             021 418 0654       Guess                           021 421 0110         or refer to the Waterfront Craft Market and
Community Creations   021 421 5683            Out Of Africa             021 418 5505       Jeep                            021 418 6295         Wellness Centre brochure.
Dog’s Life            082 749 9342            Out Of This World         021 419 3246       Levi Store                      021 425 3046
Far Flung             021 425 3090            Pastimes                  021 421 1191       Lover                           021 419 8683         KEY
Fay’s Miniature World 021 785 1093            Phingo Ebony Wood                            Made in SA                      021 419 9475         IN BLACK = Victoria Wharf, Waterfront
Havianias             082 444 2448            Carvings                  082 757 9995       Pringle                         021 418 5282         Craft Market and Red Shed Craft Workshop
Illumino Candles      072 179 5434            Porcupine                 021 425 8644       Sail Wear                       021 425 4244         IN LIGHT BLUE = Clock Tower/ Alfred Mall/
Master Wire and Beads 082 758 7466            Pure Solid 13             021 421 9556       Sõtõ                            021 421 1079         Pierhead/Quay 4 and other
Original T-Bag Design 083 628 7499            The Greatest T-Shirt Shop 021 419 9475       The Crosstrainer                021 419 9369
Pet ID Tags           072 240 6828            Model Shipyard            021 419 1858       The Greatest T-Shirt Shop       021 419 9475         FOR MORE INFO, CALL WATERFRONT
Picture Gems          083 997 5133            Tiger’s Eye               021 419 9403       Timberland                      021 421 3552         INFORMATION ON 021 408 7600
                                              Taung Trading Port        021 421 7878       Total Sports                    021 418 5528                       Ceramic African Lady R1 250
                                                                                           Yacht Squadron                  021 421 1412
                                                                                                                                                                       Fellowes Interiors
                                                                                                                                 Angel R12                                    Victoria Wharf
                                      200g Ground Coffee R29.90,                       Ceramic Dolphin R370        Fay’s Miniature World                          63
                                      Mug R45 Mugg & Bean                              Porcupine                      Waterfront Craft Market
                                      Victoria Wharf                                   Clock Tower

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