Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure _SPCC_ Plan

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					Spill Reporting Procedure
This Standard Operating Procedure provides direc-
tions to follow if a suspect substance is released or                                                 Spill Prevention Control and
                                                                                                     Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan
When to Call
In all situations, life-threatening and non-life threaten-
ing, anyone who discovers what he/she believes to be
a release of a suspect substance should immediately
report the release to the appropriate officials.

Who to Call
If release appears to be:
Life-threatening .......................................... dial 9-911                                         Did you know?
Indoors and non life-threatening, call Division of
Research Safety ..............................................333-2755
                                                                                                               A spill of only one gallon
Outdoors and non life-threatening, call Division of
                                                                                                               of oil can contaminate a
Safety & Compliance ....................................265-9818                                               million gallons of water.
If no answer,
call Campus Public Safety Dispatch...............333-1216                                                      The purpose of the Spill
                                                                                                               Prevention Control and
What to Say
                                                                                                               Countermeasure Plan is
Have the following information handy if it can be
obtained safely:                                                                                               to prevent discharge of oil
• Location of the release (address and phone number
  of facility)                                                                                                 into navigable waters of the
• Date and time of the release                                                                                 United States or adjoining
• Type of substance released
• Estimate total quantity released                                                                             shorelines.
• Estimate quantity that entered a storm sewer,
  sanitary sewer, Boneyard Creek, or Embarras River
• Source of the release
• What media was affected – inside building or
  outside to land, water or air
• Cause of the release
• Damages or injuries caused by the release
• Actions used to stop, control or mitigate the effects                  1501 South Oak Street
  of the release
                                                                         Champaign, Illinois 61820
• Whether any life is threatened by the release – is an
                                                                         265-9828 / Fax 333-4294
  evacuation needed?
• Who else was contacted?
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan
oil pollution prevention regulation                      What is the SPCC Plan and how is it                       What about training?
The Environmental Protection
                                                         implemented?                                              Annual training is required for University employ-
Agency’s Oil Pollution Preven-                           The SPCC Plan is a written commitment of every-           ees and students who handle oil-filled equipment,
tion Regulation is identified                            thing the University will do to prevent and clean up      or dispense petroleum oil, fuel or cooking oil on
as Title 40, Code of Federal                             oil spills to water. It includes standard procedures      campus. EC provides SPCC coordinators with
Regulations, Part 112 (40 CFR                            to protect the drains, streams and land areas that        regularly scheduled campus-wide training as
112). It requires that facilities subject to the regu-   collect storm runoff from our campus. Annual              well as job-specific sessions if needed. Training
lation prepare and implement a plan to prevent           training in spill prevention is required by law and       includes instruction in the correct handling and
any discharge of oil or oil products into navigable      is a key component of Plan implementation.                disposal of oil, the types of spills that can occur
waters or adjoining shorelines of the United                                                                       on campus and ways to prevent them, and actions
States. The plan is referred to as a Spill Preven-                                                                 an individual can take in case of a spill.
tion, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan.            What are the roles of the
                                                         Division of Safety & Compliance and
Why must the University of Illinois                      environmental Compliance?                                 What must campus units do?
have an SPCC Plan?                                       Safety and Compliance (S&C) advises and consults          All campus units storing or using oil products
The University of Illinois at                            in matters relating to the health and safety of           are responsible for implementing spill prevention
Urbana-Champaign stores                                  faculty, staff, students, visitors and the environment.   procedures and assuring that operating personnel
over 2,200,000 gallons of oil                            Environmental Compliance (EC) is responsible for          receive the appropriate training. It is important
including gasoline, diesel fuel,                         maintaining a campus-wide SPCC Plan as well as            that campus units inform S&C when storage
motor oils, hydraulic oil,                               responding to spill emergencies. EC works closely         tanks are installed or removed so that the SPCC
oil-based coolants, and even cooking oil. The            with campus units to identify and assess oil storage      Plan can be updated. Some departments may also
University is required to develop, maintain              sites and operating procedures. EC also assists units     be asked to correct specific SPCC deficiencies in
and implement an SPCC Plan because there is              in correcting SPCC deficiencies.                          order to come into regulatory compliance.
potential at certain campus sites for oil to spill
to the Boneyard Creek or to the Embarras River,
either directly or through campus storm sewers.