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Summary            Large and Small General Management Experience
Qualifications:    All aspects of Software Product Development
                   All aspects of Corporate IT Department Management
                   Cross Divisional Strategy and Team Management
                   International Market Development
                   Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Business Development

2001 to Present    Self Employed
                   Retired from CCC Information Systems to focus on personal goal of writing fiction. Two
                   books in progress.

2000 to 2001       CCC Information Systems, Inc. – Chicago, Illinois
                   Executive Vice President
                   Reporting to CEO. In charge of all internal IT and of Product Development. CIO reported to
                   this position. Staff of 450. Budget of $60 million. Company produced software and services
                   for the insurance industry. Involved in contract negotiations, outsourcing decisions, purchase
                   and license decisions.

                   Heavily involved in strategic planning and growth planning.

                   Heavily involved in business development planning.

                   Interfaced with other senior executives, especially sales, to improve the technical to sales and
                   service relationship.

                   CCC rolled its DriveLogic ―dot com‖ subsidiary back into main company, impacting primarily
                   the Product Development group.

1998 to 2000       UNIMAX SYSTEMS, Inc. – Minneapolis, Minnesota
                   Number 4 in the Deloitte and Touche Minnesota Fast 50 Technology Companies—1999, with
                   a cumulative 5 year revenue growth rate of over 2000%. A $4 million (revenue) private
                   software company with 45 employees, specializing in management software for telephony

                   Chief Technical Officer
                   Reporting to CEO. CEO was past CTO. Brought on board to address the lack of a long term
                   strategic plan that allows company to break free of slow profits and slow market penetration.

                   Primary duties included: New product area definition, proposal writing, business plan
                   development, process definition, strategic direction, new opportunity assessment.

                   Solidified strategic plan focusing on Enterprise Management, Directory Services, Business-to-
                   Business E-commerce, and tactics for market penetration. Development market analysis and
                   business plan. Sold ideas to board of directors who approved the plan.

                   Created and owned the Professional Services organization: process creation, proposals,
                   offering definition, business model.

                   Directly involved in face to face meetings with investment groups and corporate partners to
                   close deals and articulate vision. Relationship building.

                   Developed new product strategy and feasibility, including market and business analysis.
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1997 to 1998         EDVIEW CORPORATION – Minneapolis, Minnesota
                     A privately held startup Internet software & service company focusing on content for the K-12
                     market and Internet safety/security for that market. Loss of investment capital has caused
                     company to restructure—technology sold to Apple Computer.

                     Chief Technology Officer
                     Reporting to COO. Brought on board to take the product from proof of concept to reality.
                     Additionally, chartered with developing life cycle strategy, diversification strategy.

                     Delivered commercial products within 8 months of starting on both a Macintosh and Windows
                     platform. EdView concept was only product to ever be endorsed by the National Association
                     of Secondary School Principals and other associations. Internet site also won the "Internet Site
                     of the Week" from Ziff-Davis.

                     Delivered strategic plan for lifecycle of product, which features to implement when, and
                     upgrade process.

                     Delivered strategic and business plan outlining future markets in medicine and law leveraging
                     existing technology.

                     Co-developed marketing materials, such as product positioning, FAQs geared toward market,
                     and press releases.

                     Co-developed strategic alliance business plans with other software companies, such as N2H2.

                     Managed product development, including online service and Ecommerce.

1994 to 1997         CERIDIAN CORPORATION - Bloomington, MN

                     A $1.3Billion (revenues) Information Services, Defense Electronics and Human Resources
                     Management Corporation

                     Ceridian is the information services company that was formed out of the breakup of Control
                     Data Corporation. Its primary businesses are focused on HR, Payroll services and software.
                     Ceridian runs its business as a portfolio of companies with varying degrees of interaction
                     between them.

                     Strategic Business and Technology Officer - Computing Devices International (CDI)
                     Government services group. CDI was Ceridian company (recently sold to Raytheon) focusing
                     on government services, both hardware and software. Government Services group was a
                     ―startup‖ within the company.

                     Reported to VP of Business Development. The Government Services Group was formed to
                     investigate business opportunities across multiple Ceridian Companies aimed at the federal
                     government agencies as they moved toward outsourcing non core businesses. Initial focus
                     was on HR and Payroll services, with data warehousing, document management, and other
                     services secondarily examined.

                     Significant portions of role were developing very high level architectures for proof of concept
                     with government CIOs and CFOs. Deliverables included architectures and business cases for
                     each market situation with particular US and Canadian government agencies in mind.

                     Tangible result was the creation and transfer of a Canadian implementation team to Ceridian
                     Employer Services to execute the business. This unit is still part of Ceridian, post CDI sell

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                     Director of Strategic Planning - Ceridian Employer Services (CES) Division.
                     Reported to VP, Business Development.
                     CES does outsourcing payroll and tax filing for a significant portion of the Fortune 500—
                     handling billions of dollars in transactions per year. Ceridians Tesseract software is used by
                     most large organizations that do their payroll internally. Smaller divisions concentrate on
                     workflow and HR self service software. CES grew and continues to grow significantly
                     through acquisitions.

                     Recruited from Microsoft to lead a major $150M reengineering effort for this $400M
                     division—ran a cross divisional slice of entire organization.

                     Acted as a ―closer‖ on major outsourcing deals.

                     Matrix managed 5 directors (marketing, sales, service, development) and acted as liaison with
                     subsidiaries. Total of 350 reporting to project—which represented an entire cross section of
                     Ceridian’s functional areas.

                     Acted as the primary liaison between senior executive management and project.

                     Within two months identified, and brought to the attention of senior executive management
                     technical and business issues that were key to success or failure of project. Later in depth
                     analysis by IBM’s consulting arm confirmed initial analysis.

                     Guided overall new process planning, architecture, product development, productivity
                     enhancements, life cycle and rollout planning that survived the demise of new product line.

                     Acted as the CIO/MIS director during period where role was unfilled.

                     Developed transition plans to ensure customer base was not impacted by new technology.


1990 - 1994          MICROSOFT CORPORATION - Redmond, WA

                     Program Manager, Advanced Consumer Technology (ACT) Group
                     Advanced Consumer Technology Group was focused on taking new technologies from the
                     Advanced Technology group and external technologies and creating viable products from
                     those technologies.

                     Program Manager, International Systems

                     Responsible for the development of the Middle Eastern and Far East Windows product set.

                     Program Manager/Software Design Engineer-Test/Software Test Engineer, Personal

                     The institute is a non profit organization associated with the University of Washington and
                     focuses on state level issues.
                     Research Analyst

                     Performed statistical analysis of economic data including forecasting of future income trends
                     and regression analysis, and co-wrote studies for the Office of Economic Development of the
                     State of Washington. Co-authored studies based on analysis. Created a system of online data

   Stanislav Fritz                                                                         Phone: 612-448-6986

                     preceded the WWW and the now popular trend of data via the Internet.

1986 – 1988          Institute for Policy Studies – Baltimore, Maryland
                     The institute is associated with the Johns Hopkins University and concentrates on a number of
                     national policy studies.

                     Research Analyst
                     Research including survey analysis, and efficacy of various bank and mortgage programs.

EDUCATION            MA - Public Administration (concentration in Foreign Policy), University of Washington,
                     Seattle (1990)

                     MA - International Studies (concentration in International Business and International Political
                     Economy), University of Washington, Seattle (1990—Completed all graduate course
                     requirements. Degree pending language proficiency exam).

                     BS - Electrical and Computer Engineering, Johns Hopkins University (1988)


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