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                                    SUPERVISOR, PAYROLL
                                     (Supervisor Designation)
                                           (Range 43)


Under general direction of the Director of Fiscal Services, the Supervisor, Payroll is responsible for
all aspects of generating payrolls and processing the fringe programs through the payroll system;
assists the Director of Fiscal Services and Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Administrative
Services with program and policy development relating to payroll; performs complex payroll
accounting duties; supervises and evaluates payroll technicians and clerical staff as assigned; and
performs other related duties as required.


This position is distinguished by the requirement to provide an intermediate level of supervision
within Fiscal Services and to exercise a high degree of independent judgment. Performance of
duties requires a working knowledge in interpreting and applying federal, state, and District policies
and regulations, Education Code, negotiated agreements, payroll accounting and the organizational
structure. The Supervisor, Payroll advises on complicated payroll transactions, including those that
are unusual and infrequent, having little or no precedent. The incumbent will assist the Director of
Fiscal Services in all aspects of the operation of the Payroll Office. This position requires the
supervisor to perform all aspects of payroll operations.

The performance of duties by the incumbent will contributes to institutional effectiveness by
facilitating payroll processes required for District operation. This shall contribute to institutional
effectiveness by assuring accuracy and compliance with payroll, tax withholding, retirement credit
reporting, and state and federal reports related to income and payroll.


   Provide information to District staff regarding payroll policies and procedures; investigate
   complaints and recommend corrective action, as needed;
   Research and evaluate compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
   Coordinate and monitor payroll operations to ensure accurate and timely processing of all
   aspects of District payroll and benefits payments with deadlines established by the county;
   Prepare accurate and timely payroll tax and retirement deposits;
   Prepare and reconcile quarterly and annual state and federal reports and submit in required
   Prepare and reconcile W-2’s according to applicable laws and regulations;
   Supervise, train, evaluate, oversee, monitor, and review the work of technicians, clerks, and
   clerical staff;
   Provide payroll accounting for the Cafeteria Plan and tax-Sheltered Annuity programs in
   accordance with IRS guidelines;
   Ensure accuracy of calculations, and deductions for benefits, taxes, retirement reporting, etc. for
   all District personnel;
   Confirm effective dates of employment and salary rates provided;
   Reconcile payroll and benefits reports and process appropriate changes;
   Resolve discrepancies;
   Adhere to specialized accounting requirements for numerous District programs;
   Provide technical assistance and training to employees and departments for all payroll-related
   questions and information requests;
   Maintain confidentiality of payroll information;
   Create, compile, and interpret statistical records;
   Maintain and update the Position Control software module in conjunction with Human
   Resources staff;
   Assist with the development of the salaries and benefits aspect of the annual budget;
   Serve as liaison with the payroll software provider. Identify and/or solve software limitations;
   Create, update, and maintain spreadsheets and word processing documents;
   Operate 10-key calculator and utilize an alpha-numeric keyboard;
   Operate standard office equipment including but not limited to: personal computers,
   telecommunications equipment, printers, copiers, fax machines, typewriters, cash registers, and
   other office equipment;
   Provide a variety of paraprofessional and professional level financial recordkeeping and
   accounting services as they relate to payroll;
   Research, learn, and implement legal requirements and technical skills, as instructed;
   Research, recommend, understand, and apply federal, state, and local policies and procedures,
   laws and regulations, as they relate to the Payroll Office;
   Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the
   performance of duties;
   Communicate effectively orally and in writing;
   Demonstrate a sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic,
   cultural, and ethnic backgrounds of staff and students and of staff and students with physical
   and learning disabilities.


Duties may require the physical ability to:

   Work with a computer-based financial management system;
   Understand and utilize a complex chart-of-accounts;
   Prepare clear, concise, and complete oral and written reports;
   Perform manual tasks and utilize technology with speed and accuracy;
   Understand and carry out complex instructions, both oral and written;
   See for the purpose of reading regulations, laws and codes, rules and policies, and other
   printed matter;
   Hear and understand speech at normal levels;
   Speak so that others will be able to understand a normal in-person and telephone conversation;
   Sit or stand for extended periods of time;
   Lift and/or carry 25 pounds;
   Exert manual dexterity sufficient for keyboard and other office equipment operation.


Education and Experience:
• Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or closely related field and four (4) years of payroll or
   accounting office experience, or
• AA degree in accounting or closely related field and seven (7) years of qualifying professional
   and/or paraprofessional payroll or accounting office experience.

   Experience in an educational or other governmental setting.
   Experience in the preparation of state and federal payroll tax reports;
   Experience with educational payrolls and benefits.

                                                                                 Supervisor, Payroll
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Or any equivalent combination of education and experience.

Knowledge of:

   Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as related to payroll;
   Pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes and regulations;
   Security and benefits programs, regulations, policies, and procedures;
   Electronic data entry and computer statistical program;
   Computer programs necessary for record keeping and databases;
   Current technologies, personal computer, and associated software such as word processing,
   spreadsheet, presentation, and integrated accounting software;
   Correct English usage: grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation.

                                                    Board of Trustees Approval: 03/01/2006

                                                                           Supervisor, Payroll
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