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					Halloween Party Games

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So you want to have a Halloween party, but are unsure how to keep the
kids entertained while they are there.

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So you want to have a Halloween party, but are unsure how to keep the
kids entertained while they are there. After all, there is only so much
pizza and candy that a kid can take! If you are tired of the traditional
games, like costume contests and bobbing for apples, here are a couple of
alternatives that can help keep everyone entertained.

Spooky Storytelling

On a creepy night like Halloween, telling spooky stories can help set the
mood. Before the party, you will want to take a small deck of index cards
and write story-starting phrases. You will want at least one per party
goer, and more if you want the game to continue longer. Keep them
appropriate to your party's age group, but you can include things like:

It was a dark and stormy night...
The door creaked open and we saw...
The witch cackled over her cauldron, stirring what looked like...
I peaked under the bed and saw...
There was a knocking at the window and...
I heard a horrible scream and I knew...

To play the game, sit everyone in a circle and dim the lights. Consider
having a flashlight to pass to the person whose turn it is to tell the
tale. Have everyone pick a card, and then someone starts the story. Set a
timer for one or two minutes, and that person has to start the story with
the phrase on their card. When the timer goes off, the flashlight gets
passed to the next person, who then continues the tale with the phrase on
their card. This continues at least until everyone has a turn, or longer
if you have the time.

Mummy Memory

Get a large serving tray and fill it with small Halloween goodies. Toy
spiders and bugs, stickers, pumpkins, and other Halloween party favors
can be a good way to go (plus, you can recycle these items into the
goodie bags to go home when you are done). Cover the tray with a cloth,
and give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. Remove the cloth, giving
everyone a minute or two to study the tray, and then recover. Everyone
should then try to write down everything that they remembered, with the
person remembering the most winning a prize.

Terror Tag

You need a larger, empty room for this game. Before the game starts,
secretly assign each person to be a ghost or a mortal. An easy way to do
this is to give each person a slip of paper with their designation on it
– but make sure they know it is to be a secret! You should always have a
much higher ratio of mortals to ghosts, so most of the time one or two
ghosts will be plenty. Then, turn down the lights so that it is dark in
the room (or you could blindfold players). Have them go about the room,
shaking hands with other players, and whispering to them if they are
ghost or mortal. If you shake hands with a ghost, you must freeze in
terror. This continues until there are only ghosts left.

Halloween party games can be fun to play and help pass the time. If you
need more ideas, consider giving any of your regular party favors a
Halloween twist and using them.