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									Don’t Shoot the Messenger

         Access DES
      Patient Experience
     NI GP Patient Survey
               ACCESS DES
 4 Key Dimensions:
a. Opportunity of a consultation with a GP or
   appropriate primary care professional
   i.   By the end of the second normal working day after the day
        on which the request was made (48 hour access) for
        clinical advice or treatment, where this is requested;
b. Opportunity to book appointments in advance of 24
c. Ease of telephone access
d. Opportunity to be seen by a preferred GP (without a
    ACCESS DES (cont’d)
– Practices asked to ‘sign-up’ to all 4
  dimensions of the DES
– Board has issued a template for this purpose
  which practices should complete, sign and
  return within the specified timeframe
– An Initial Payment (approx £1750 per NI
  average list size) will be paid to practices
  upon receipt of completed ‘sign-up’ template
    ACCESS DES (cont’d)
– Local press campaign undertaken by Board
– Notice will be prepared by Board for display in
  prominent position/s by practices (failure to
  display in prominent position may result in
  reduced monthly payment)
– Boards to monitor practices’ compliance with
  access criteria achievement.
       Telephone Access
Practice need to monitor
Consider acceptability/unacceptability of
message e.g. length
Time caller has to wait
Suggest BT audit facility.
QOF Patient Experience 7 & 8
– The percentage of patients who, in the
  appropriate national survey, indicate that they
  were able to obtain a consultation with an
  appropriate health care professional within 2
  working days
        P E 7 & 8 (cont’d)
– The percentage of patients who, in the
  appropriate survey, indicate that they were
  able to book an appointment with a GP more
  than 2 days ahead
           PE 7 & 8 (cont’d)
– Dependant upon the results of the national
– A sliding scale will apply to payments
    PE 7      70-90% (23.5 points)
    PE 8      60-90% (35 points)
    National Patient Survey
Draft survey to be available by November 2008
Initial mail-out to patients will take place on
5thJanuary 2009 (anticipate some type of
launch/publicity/press coverage at this time)
Mail out being managed by IPSOS Mori on
behalf of DPSSHSNI
(IPSOS Mori also responsible for conducting
 Patient names & addresses supplied by CSA
(all data protection requirements in place)
National Patient Survey (cont’d)
 Sample size – same for all practices (but
 this aspect currently under discussion)
 Patients aged 18 years + included
 Two reminders will be sent to patients who
 have not returned questionnaires
 (February & March)
 Aspiring to 40% return rate per practice
 Final closedown – 31 March 2009
National Patient Survey (cont’d)
 Payment under PE 7 & 8 will refer to questions 8
 & 11
 Q8 Last time you tried, were you able to see a
 GP or other health care professional on the
 same day or in the next 2 days that the surgery
 or health centre was open
 Q11 Last time you wanted to book an
 appointment with a GP or other healthcare
 professional more than 2 days in advance, were
 you offered an appointment?
National Patient Survey (cont’d)
 – The preceeding questions ask the patient if
   they tried to book an appointment in the past
   6 months – those patients who have not tried
   in the last 6 months, are exempt from
   answering Qs 8 & 11 ( but even if they do
   answer it will not be counted in the practice’s
   results for payment purposes).
National Patient Survey (cont’d)
 The remaining questions have been
 included by DHSSPSNI as part of a
 national survey to ascertain patient views
 on general medical services (a similar
 survey has been conducted in England
 over the past two years – this is the first
 time it has been introduced into N Ireland).

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