Kennesaw Mountain Alma Mater by maclaren1


									                              CREATE THE KELL ALMA MATER!!!

What is an alma mater?
The term “alma mater” (Latin for “nourishing mother”) has two meanings—the first is as a symbol of your school
(high school, college, etc.) When you graduate from Kell, you would tell people that KHS is your “alma mater.”

The other meaning of the term is as a school song or anthem. An alma mater is simply a short poem turned into song.
The alma mater that is created over the coming months will be the school’s song forever!

So what exactly is going on?
Between April 16th and the end of finals in May students may submit lyrics for an alma mater. Any student may
submit an entry for consideration, and students may submit as many entries as they like. We ask that the submissions
be no longer than 12 lines (3 stanzas), and entries must include your name, grade, and homeroom teacher’s name.

What do I do?
Get creative and write lyrics for an alma mater. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a poem or song before in
your life—ANYONE can submit an entry, and if it is well thought out and portrays the school in a positive light, it will
be strongly considered! The beauty of this alma mater is that it will be entirely student-created.

Where do I turn in my lyrics?
When you have written lyrics, submit them to the Guidance office or you may turn them in to Mr. Roth in the band
room (room 2402). You may submit as many entries as you want, and you may also work with friends to create an
entry together if you would like!

How do I write an alma mater?
An alma mater is typically written in 4-line stanzas (see the back of this page for reference) and usually consists of
vocabulary depicting very lofty ideals and phrases (honor, glory, pride, etc.). Typically, school colors and mascots are
incorporated into the lyrics of the alma mater.

Does it have to have a title?
No! Some schools simply call it “Alma Mater,” while some actually have a title. It’s completely up to you.

Does it have to rhyme?
Not necessarily. However, you’ll notice in the sample alma maters on the back of this page that many do rhyme. Still,
rhyming is NOT a necessity.

When is this due?
Anytime from April 16th until the last day of finals before the end of the school year (May 22nd).

What will happen after all the submissions have been handed in?
The entries will be collected and reviewed by a committee of administrators, teachers, former students, and current
student government officers. Over the summer, this committee will narrow them down, and when you return to
school in August, you will have the opportunity to vote on which lyrics you like the best. The submission with the
most votes will become the new Kell Alma Mater and will be premiered at Homecoming in October.

Do I need to write a melody?
No. After the lyrics have been decided upon, we’ll fit the lyrics to a popular hymn or well-known melody. If,
however, you have a certain melody in mind as you write the lyrics, you may include the melody in with your

                                   SAMPLES OF COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL
                                              ALMA MATERS

UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA                                COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL (Colorado)
“Alma Mater”                                         “Alma Mater”
From the hills of Georgia's northland                Mountains rising to the sun,
Beams thy noble brow,                                Towering o’er the plains.
And the sons of Georgia rising                       Heads held high we stand as one,
Pledge with sacred vow.                              And proudly we proclaim:

Alma Mater, thee we'll honor,                        We are Columbine!
True and loyal be,                                   We all are Columbine!
Ever crowned with praise and glory,                  Let the world be told,
Georgia, hail to thee.                               Blue and silver we uphold

UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS                            KENNESAW MTN. HIGH SCHOOL (Georgia)
 “Glory to the Green and White”                      “Alma Mater”
Singing glory to the green,                          In the shadow of the mountain
Singing glory to the white,                          Alma Mater, hail to thee!
For we know our university is                        We vow to glorify and honor
striving for the right,                              The Mustang legacy.

Down the corridor of years,                          Hail to Kennesaw Mountain
We'll forget the joys and tears,                     Our alma mater dear,
But North Texas, North Texas,                        We shall ever praise you
We love!                                             And always hold you near!

                                                     LASSITER HIGH SCHOOL (Georgia)
UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI (Florida)                        “Alma Mater”
“Alma Mater”                                         Dear Lassiter your praise we sing
Southern suns and sky blue water,                    And honor to your name we bring.
Smile upon you Alma Mater;                           Our steps are led in days of youth
Mistress of this fruitful land,                      Within your walls to seek for truth.
With all knowledge at your hand,
                                                     Here learn to serve, to love, to live
Always just to honor true,                           And to the world our best to give.
All our love we pledge to you.                       You are building for the future years
Alma Mater, stand forever                            With hope and confidence ‘mid smiles and tears.
On Biscayne's wondrous shore.
                                                     Led on by honor’s radiant star
                                                     Your glory still shall shine afar.
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS                               We will cherish you when hearts grow old
“Hail, Illinois!”                                    And revere your maroon and gold.
Hail to the Orange,
Hail to the Blue,
Hail Alma Mater,
Ever so true!

We love no other
So let our motto be
Victory, Illinois! Varsity!

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