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					                                                               SUMMER 2003

in touch                                        with the


Songs to thee Wisconsin, ever let us sing,
Praise to alma mater, ever let us bring.
Queen of all the west, college we love best,
Queen of all the west, college we love best.

May thy sons and daughters in thy jubilee,
See the dawn of greater, grander things to be.
May thou e’er inspire, heav’nly wisdom’s fire,
May thou e’er inspire, heav’nly wisdom’s fire.

May we ever cherish memories of thee,
See the dawn of greater, grander thigs to be.
Queen of all the west, college we love best,
Queen of all the west, college we love best.
Program News
                                          Dear Alumni,                                 Following up on the focus of the last
                                                                                  newsletter, we continue to do what we can
                                                  On June 9, shortly after fac-   to recruit under-represented minority stu-
                                             ulty members shuffled the            dents. This summer is full of activities such
                                             Classes of 2003 and 2004 out the     as the Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity
                                             door to internships, they wel-       Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE),
                                             comed 38 students to the Class       the Southwestern Area Health Education
                                             of 2005! This exceptional group      Center’s (AHEC) Health Careers Camp, the
                                             of students will have the            Summer Collegiate Experience Program,
                                             Medical Sciences Center to           and the UW-Parkside Pre-College DOC
                                             themselves this summer while         Program. We have one student, Abby
                                             they take “Gross Human               Stuht (Class of 2003), participating in the
                                             Anatomy” and “Anatomical             Wisconsin Express Program, where she will
                                             Applications in Physical             work on an interdisciplinary health care
                                             Therapy.”                            team in an economically disadvantaged area
                                     One of the highlights of spring semester     of Milwaukee. In May, faculty member Bill
                              was the Program’s 7th Annual Visiting               Boissonnault and I met with the Physical
                              Lecture, delivered by none other than Ben           Therapy Program at Howard University in
                              Massey himself, PT, APTA President. Mr.             Washington, D.C., and devised a plan for the
                              Massey’s lecture was entitled "APTA’s Vision        sharing of case studies in our respective cur-
                              2020, the DPT, and the Autonomous                   ricula, faculty exchanges, and collaborative
                              Practitioner." In addition to meeting with          student projects. In addition, a Council for
                              faculty and students, Mr. Massey met with           Minority Advancement in the Health
                              physical therapists at the University of            Professions, of which I am a member, has
                              Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Meriter             been established as a campus-wide resource
                              Hospital, St. Marys Hospital Medical Center,        for department chairs recruiting minority
                              and the Veterans Administration Hospital            candidates. The UW-Madison campus may
                              about the APTA’s vision, paving the way for         be large but it is very cohesive when it
                                        further discussion on the DPT             comes to common goals!
                                        degree. Michele Thorman (WPTA                   I am sure you have heard about the
                                        President and UW-La Crosse ACCE)          tough fiscal challenges the UW-Madison is
                                        and I followed up with a presenta-        facing. Although the PT Program’s budget
                                        tion on the DPT and professional          was impacted by the budget cuts, we are for-
                                        development at a WPTA Southwest           tunate to be so well-supported by the
                                        District Meeting; similar discussions     Medical School, the Department of
In touch is published twice annually    are planned to take place at other        Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, and our
by the University of Wisconsin–
Madison Physical Therapy Program, a
                                        districts around the state. As UW-        alumni. I would like to take this opportuni-
Section of the Department of            Madison, UW-La Crosse, and UW-            ty to thank you for your continued support,
Orthopedics and Rehabilitation.
                                        Milwaukee work to develop a collab-       especially in these difficult fiscal times.
Lisa Steinkamp, PT, MS, MBA
Program Director                        orative DPT program, we expect
Jessica Adsit                           issues to inevitably arise so please
Design and Layout                       feel free to contact us with any ques-
Please send correspondence to:
                                        tions you may have.
Lisa Steinkamp, PT, MS, MBA
Program Director
Physical Therapy Program
5175 Medical Sciences Center
1300 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608) 263–9427
FAX: (608) 263–6434
     Visit us on the web at:

                                                                                   Student News
Outreach                                               sale, students donated $500 to the American
      Prior to returning to school for spring semes-   Cancer Society and $500 to the Pittsburgh-
ter, students participated in a health fair at the     Marquette Challenge. The semester ended with
Madison Boys and Girls Club, where they educat-        numerous graduation festivities, including a grad-
ed the public on balance, flexibility, range of        uation ceremony at the Kohl Center and a
motion, reflex testing, and gave chair massages.       Program banquet at the Memorial Union.

Semester Activities                                    Notable Achievements
      Once spring semester                                                       Jenelle Deatherage
began, students contin-                Scholarship Winners                  was featured as a
ued with monthly activi-                                                    "Newcomer to the U.S.
ties, attending the WPTA                                                    Rankings" in the December
Legislative Day in             •   Margaret Kohli Scholarship:              2002 issue of Track and
February, sponsoring an            Melissa Elsing                           Field News magazine. She
Open House for friends,        •   UW PT Alumni Scholarships:               lowered her mile best to
family, and prospective            Jill Buelow, Drew Strope, and            4:31.58 last summer.
students in March, and             Abby Stuht                               Jenelle came in third in the
volunteering at the WPTA       •   Barbara Ellen Gerlich-Hoefeyzer          1500 meter National Indoor
Spring Conference in               Scholarships: Tiffany Houdek and         Track and Field
Oconomowoc in April. In            Amy Maaske                               Championships.
May, students returned to                                                        Amy Maaske ran the
the Milwaukee area, but        •   Jean Roland Scholarship:                 Walt Disney World
this time via bus to a             Sarah Fish                               Marathon in Orlando, con-
Brewers game, wearing          •   Caroline, Clara, Charles and             tributing all donations to
hippie gear and enjoying           Mildred Harper Scholarships:             the Amputee Coalition of
a blast into the past, with        Trish Bartoli and Angie Solberg          America.
a theme of "A Long             •   Amelia Doyan Scholarship: Jill                Next year’s class offi-
Strange Trip." Spring              Buelow                                   cers are Jim Cumming,
semester also produced                                                      President; Masako Ochiai,
student/faculty forums         •    Paralyzed Veterans of America           Vice President; Katie
on current events and life          Scholarship: Sarah Fish                 Falish, Treasurer; Susanne
after graduation.              •    WPTA Chris Crivello Scholarship:        Midland, Secretary; Mary
Following multiple mas-             Angie Solberg                           Arena and Trish Bartoli,
sage fundraisers and                                                        Class Representatives.
another popular clothing

Students prepare to spend time in the                  Students threw a surprise baby shower for
Intensive Care Unit (ICU).                             Julie Sherry!
Faculty News
                      Bill Boissonnault                                  Jill Thein-Nissenbaum
                       Bill Boissonnault was inter-                       Jill Thein-Nissenbaum was
                      viewed for the Skin Cancer                         invited to be on the American
                      Foundation’s "Sun and Skin                         Board of Physical Therapist
                      News" publication.                                 Specialties (ABPTS) Sports
                                                                         Specialty Revalidation
                                                                         Committee, which met in St.
                                                         Louis, MO. in May. Jill began the DSc
                      Reenie Euhardy                     Orthopaedic and Sports Tract Program at the
                       Reenie Euhardy will be the        Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
                      Program’s new Pre-Admissions       this summer.
                      Advisor, replacing Lucy Wall,
                      who is now the Assistant Dean
                      for Admissions in the Medical                       On a sad note, the PT Program
                      School. (Congratulations Lucy!)                     will be losing Mark Erickson.
                                                                          Mark has taught in the UW-
                                                                          Madison PT program for 11
                      Barb Morgan                                         years. He and his wife, Kris
                       Barb Morgan was invited to                         Erickson, PT, MS, will be moving
                      present her research on the                         to the Milwaukee area, where
                      "Effects of Intermittent Hypoxia                    Carroll College will gain Mark’s
                      on Endothelial Function in Rats"   expertise. We wish Mark and Kris the best of
                      and a poster on the "Effects of    luck with their new life!
                      Hydration Status on Baroflex
      Function in Humans" at the Experimental
      Biology Meeting in San Diego in April.              With Gratitude
                                                          The University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                          Physical Therapy Program faculty would
                      Julie Sherry                        like to acknowledge the following
                       Julie Sherry and her husband       companies for their equipment loans.
                      Marc Sherry, PT became proud        The faculty thanks these companies for
                      parents to Bennett Joseph on        exposing the Program’s students to
                      March 23rd. Congratulations         up-to-date innovations in physical agent
                      Julie and Marc!                     technology.

                                                          Ultrasound units
                      Lisa Steinkamp
                       Lisa Steinkamp attended the        Chattanooga
                      last conference in the Big 10       Vector and Forte combination ultra-
                      (CIC) Academic Leadership           sound/Estim units
                      Program series on "The
                      University of the Future."          Empi
                                                          Epix TENS unit, Vectra TENS unit, Focus
                                                          NMES unit, and Dupel Iontophoresis

                                                          Phoresor II Iontophoresis units

                                                          Myotrace surface EMG biofeedback unit

                                                                                                       Alumni News
More Alumni Keep in Touch!                                       Halima S. Ahmadu (1999): Just became the new spine clini-
                                                                 cal specialist at Meriter; applied for residency program in San
Sherrill W. Price (Winks) (1956): After 17 years in Arizona,     Francisco, CA with Kaiser Permanente.
my husband and I have returned to Wisconsin to be with our
                                                                 Lauren Nelson-Bobb (1999): Working full-time in outpatient
children.                                                        clinic in Eau Claire. We just had our first child, Logan, on
Sandra (Sandstrom) Heibst (1960): Retired. Member of             2/12/03.
Board of Directors of Over the Rainbow Association – provide     Ann Kaminski (2001): co-authored a publication in the May
housing for physically handicapped adults.                       2003 Chest journal entitled "Cardiorespiratory Effects of
Sally Middleton Sutkowski (1960): Getting ready to retire        Added Dead Space in Patients with Heart Failure and Central
from orthopedic therapy at the end of May, to help daughter      Sleep Apnea."
with her new twins, nice job change – this new job will be       Don’t forget to send any changes in name, mailing or
much harder than therapy ever was… will miss therapy so          email address, phone or fax number to Pat Mecum,
much. Has been a wonderful experience all these years!           Program Secretary, 5185 MSC, 1300 University Ave.,
Theresa M. (Helwig) Baron (1992): I recently opened              Madison, WI 53706!
Integrity Sports Medicine with my husband, Dr. Derek Baron,
who’s a Doctor of Chiropractic. Our clinic is in our home town
of Rhinelander, WI. (home of the Hodag) and has been grow-
ing successfully by leaps and bounds since August 2001! We
both are quite proud of our business and look forward to many
more years of happiness and success.

                                       CRAZY KIDS

Lou Busby prepares to take off in a “Cardiovascular              Ben Massey, PT, APTA President, enjoys Wisconsin’s
and Pulmonary Aspects of PT Treatment” lab.                      “cheesehead” tradition as the 7th Visiting Lecturer.

Donor Gifts
       We would like to show our appreciation to the following individuals and businesses who
       made donations to the University of Wisconsin–Madison Physical Therapy Program during
       the past year.
       We are grateful for your contributions and recognize that many of the Program’s facility
       improvements, activities, and scholarships would not be possible without you!
       Thank you!

       Contributions from June 1, 2002–May 31, 2003

       $500.00-$1,000.00                Robert L. and Susan Helm            Angela M. Baeten
       Richard T. Campbell              Susan M. Hingst                     Bruce G. and Karen A. Barnes
       Suzann K. Campbell               Le A. Hoffmann                      Margie K. Barnes
       James R. and Pamela F. Carlson   Jill A. Jackson                     Robert J. Barrett
       Richard L. and Catherine S.      Kristine T. Jackson                 Mary L. J. Bausch
       Easterday                        Ruth M. Jaeger                      Joyce E. Beekman
       Janet L. Headrick                Jeffrey F. Jarvi                    Anita M. Belonger
       Warren W. May                    Mary E. Jast                        Jennifer L. Bennin
       Mary J. Meng                     Geoffrey J. Kaplan                  Leann K. Biesterfelt
       Barbara J. Morgan                Diane M. Killeen                    Beryl E. Bilderback
       Daniel R. and Jennifer L. Wade   Cynthia M. Klingbeil                Roger and Patricia A. Birkett
                                        Carla B. Kramoris                   Nancy J. Bloczynski
       $250.00-$499.00                  Laurel A. Ling                      Brian J. Borchardt
       Patricia K. Behrend              Kathryn M. Lyons                    Ellen C. Braatz
       Merrie L. De Grand               Ruth J. Mackey                      Shelley S. Brenholt
       Marlene J. Deschler              Karen C. Magnuson-Bernard           Michael A. Brodzeller
       Patricia L. Gomavitz             Gladys M. Manke                     Mary H. Buck
       Berdean D. and Shirley M.        Richard L. and Lorena J. Marquart   Sarah J. Burdick
       Jergenson                        Sarah J. Mc Donald                  Sharon A. Burreson
       Kathryn K. Johnson               Ruth M. Meyer                       Tony J. Busse
       Helen L. Loewi                   Eleanor A. Minshall                 Susan Butler
       Nora L. Munagian                 Colin S. Munn                       Sylvia K. Byam-Brauer
       Judith G. Neigoff                Jane E. Nee                         Katherine A. Chase
       Nancy J. Patton                  Janet M. Nordstrom                  Barbara A. Christensen
       Susan J. Pokorney                Joan K. Ostermeier                  Bette M. Clement
       Cynthia E. Rusher                Helen E. Owens                      Kelly J. Colgrove
       Robert C. and Laura C. Seipel    Colleen M. Petras                   Robert H. Corby
                                        Colette T. Pientok                  Kathryn L. Cramer
       $100.00-$249.00                  Sandra L. Plummer                   Michael N. and Beth Dana
       Karen L. Barefield               Diana L. M. Radtke                  Marilyn H. Dardich
       Mary T. Battista                 Barbara A. Roepke                   Jean R. Darling
       Mary J. Bauhs                    Anne M. Roland                      Bonnie J. Davidson
       Gary and Janet Bezucha           Julie L. Rosen                      James E. and Randee P. Dayhuff
       Steven and Nancy K. Blatnik      Janice A. Schindler                 Mary E. De Melle
       William G. Boissonnault          Susan D. Schroeder                  Mary S. Dowling
       Jeffrey A. Brunner               Katherine S. Scott                  Sue E. Drecktrah
       Mary E. Campbell                 Laurie D. Seckel                    Richard M. Duerr, Jr.
       William R. Canovan               Kathleen A. Shields                 Barbara J. Dunham
       Emilie E. Capone                 Elizabeth A. Stoffel                Liza B. Dunn
       Donna J. Cech                    Philip E. and Mary K. Stone         Florence M. Extrom
       Linda R. Connelly                Kenneth J. Turek                    Cathy R. Fehring
       Mary A. Daley                    Randall S. Weideman                 Kurt F. Feierstein
       Suzan K. Daugherty               Susan M. Wichman                    Ellen M. Ferris
       Deborah J. Dennis                Robert A. Wiedl                     Lisa M. Fischer
       Mary J. Duffee                   Tracy P. Wilde                      Nadine D. Foley
       Lisa L. Dutton                   Barbara M. Wise                     Margaret A. Foss
       Bonnie J. B. Eckhoff             Rebecca L. Young                    Nancy A. Foubert
       Benedict L. Gierl and Karla R.                                       Gail F. Friedl
       Hayter                           $1.00-$99.00                        Donna Z. Frisque
       Jean E. Glatte                   Charron F. Andrews                  Rose M. Fritz
       Jeffrey J. and Sandra L. Grady   Barbara J. Asay                     Marilla E. Fuge
       Elizabeth E. Grotz               Jerry S. and Melissa M. E. Aul      Walter T. Fula
                                                                            Elaine L. Gabrek
   6   Kristine M. Hallisy              Mary B. Badke
                                                                                     Donor Gifts
Brian C. Gajafsky                Sharon C. Peterson                Donations to Funds other
Kathleen M. Gallion              Virginia K. Peterson              than the General Fund
Rose M. H. Gilligan              Kathleen M. Picard                Physical Therapy Student
Christine A. Gridley             Emily J. Pine                     Scholarship Fund
Barbara L. Griffith              Laura J. Pizer Gueron             Catherine S. Easterday
Catherine L. Grzywacz            Donna J. Plaisted                 Richard L. Easterday
Karen K. Haas                    Alfred H., III and Patricia A.
Lois H. Harrison                 Plummer                           Margaret Kohli Scholarship for
Christine E. Henning             Katherine M. Pulsipher            Physical Therapy
Brian J. and Tammy R. Herman     Joan M. Quinn                     Nadine D. Foley
Sara A. Hodgkins                 Sara H. Rassbach                  Janet L. Headrick
Julie A. H. Holschuh             Pamela S. Reichardt               Emily J. Pine
Sharon K. Holy                   Sara L. Rhodes
Craig J. Howe                    Mary B. Royer                     Mary Mckinney Edmonds
Irene B. Hughey                  Wayne H. Ruhland                  Minority Recruitment Fund
Heather R. Husby                 Beverly S. Rybar                  Kristine M. Hallisy
Silvia L. Jensen                 Marie A. Sargent                  Warren W. May
Jean M. Jentz                    Linda L. Schink-Boers             Barbara J. Morgan
Marta J. Jindra                  Jaclyn S. Schmidt
Kristine A. Johnson              Stacey L. Schmidt                 Physical Therapy Visiting Lecturer
Catherine V. N. Jones            Carol A. Schneider                Fund
Kathryn J. Jones                 Christopher M. Schrantz           Mary J. Meng
Ellen L. Kane                    Margaret A. Schueller
Jason H. Kaster                  Alice M. Schwalbe                 Jean L. Roland Memorial
Amy M. Katz                      Lynn M. Seitz                     Scholarship Fund
Stephen P. Kaufman and Jane F.   Elizabeth A. Seymour              Anne M. Roland
Bukacek                          Judith A. Shanley
Marianne K. Klais                Kristyn G. Shannon                Matching Gift Company
Mary A. Kloppedal                Paula R. Sorensen                 Donors
Anne M. Klug                     Shawn M. Steiner                  Donnelley R R And Sons Company
Thomas A. Knoebel                Mary J. N. Stitt                  Motorola Foundation
Gail E. Koehler                  Gwyneth G. Straker                Northern Trust Company
Lindsay A. Koepke                Steven C. Straub                  Saint Paul Companies Inc
Constance J. Koerner             Steven J. Strehlow                Sbc Communications Inc
Robert D. W. Komes               Peter A. Sytsma                   Shell Oil Company Foundation
Laurie B. Kontney                Molly M. Thoma
Kimberly A. Kranz                Donna A. Thomas                   All gifts were donated to the
Kristin M. Kreitzer              Nancy L. Thompson                 Physical Therapy General Fund,
Denise E. Krystek                Mary A. Tracy                     unless otherwise designated.
Mary H. Larsen                   John E. and Katherine A.
Cynthia J. Lederman              Uffenbeck                         We aim to report donor gifts as
Phyllis A. Lehman                Sandy E. Uszler                   accurately as possible. Should you
Kathy J. Lemley                  Mary L. Van Hoorn                 have any questions, corrections,
Stephen A. Lewandowski           Leslie Van Volkinburg             or omissions, please contact the
Anita L. M. Lewis                Michael J. and Joni L. Vanselow   Program Secretary.
Julie H. Luick                   Angela M. Ventura
Stephanie J. Lunning             Norma J. Vincent
Karen M. Lutgerding              Barbara A. Vogel
Ann M. Malarkey                  Bonnie J. Wagner
Kathleen C. Martinson            Richard D. Wagner and Anne M.
Margaret L. Matthews             Olson
Andrea C. Mc Cue                 Sheldon L. and Linda J. Wagner
Mary J. Miedaner                 Sandra L. Walters
Emma K. Mieden                   Selden D. Wasson
Christie K. Miller               Delmer F. and Janice E. Watson
Pamela J. Millington             Jennifer L. Williams
Julia C. Monie                   Christina A. Wipperman
Mary A. Moriarity                Michelle A. Wolfe
Julia M. Neppl                   Aimee M. Wozniak
Roberta L. Nesheim               Linda W. Yam
Dorothea A. Nietert              Helene E. Young
Debra A. O'Connell               Kathleen M. Young
Gary A. and Darcie L. Olson      Lisa J. Ziomek
Richard A. and Tori A. Owens     Stephanie H. Zutter
Jerome S. and Susan R. Parker
Tracy E. Peck
                                                                                                             I would like my funds to go toward…
Nonprofit Organization

                                Permit No. 658

                                 Madison, WI

                                                                                                            ❏ The Physical Therapy General       ❏ The Amelia Doyan                   ❏ The Phi Theta General Fund

                                                                                                              Fund                                 Scholarship Fund                   ❏ The Phi Theta Conference
                                                                                                            ❏ The Visiting Lecturer Fund         ❏ The Caroline, Clara and              Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                            ❏ The Margaret Kohli                   Charles, Mildred Harper            ❏ The Miami Marquette
                                                                                                              Scholarship Fund                     Scholarship Fund                     Challenge
                                                                                                            ❏ The Jean L. Roland                                                      ❏ The Phi Theta Community
                                                                                                              Scholarship Fund                                                          Outreach Program
                                                                                                            ❏ The Barbara Ellen Gerlich-                                              ❏ The Phi Theta Student
                                                                                                              Hoefeyzer Scholarship Fund                                                Resources Fund
                                                                                                            ❏ The PT Student Scholarship
                                                                                                            ❏ The Mary McKinney Edmonds
                                                                                                              Minority Recruitment
                                                                                                              Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                                Please make checks out to                                                  Please make checks out to
                                                                                                                  UWF–Physical Therapy.              Please make checks out to                     Phi Theta.
                                                                                                                                                         UWSA Trust Funds.             Mail to: Physical Therapy Program,
                                                                                                             Mail to: Director of Development–
                                                                                                             Medical School, UW Foundation,         Mail to: Lori Mills, UWSA Trust     5175 Medical Sciences Center,
                                                                                                             1848 University Avenue, P.O. Box      Funds, 780 Regent Street, Room           1300 University Avenue,
                                                                                                              8860, Madison, WI, 53708–8860         221, Madison, WI, 53708–8010              Madison, WI, 53706
                                                                                                                   ❏ Please check here if you prefer your name not be published as a donor.
                                                                                                              Keep in touch! We want to hear from you!
                                                 University of Wisconsin–Madison Physical Therapy Program

                                                                                                             Name: ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                             Name when you were a student (if different): _______________________________________
                                                                                                             Address: __________________________________________________________________________
                    in touch

                                                                                                             Telephone: __________________________________                   FAX: ______________________________
                                                 5175 Medical Sciences Center

                                                                                                             E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________
                                                 1300 University Avenue                                      Year of Graduation: _______________________________________________________________
                                                 Madison, WI 53706
                                                                                                             News: ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                        Mail to:
                                                                                                              UW–Physical Therapy Program • 5175 Medical Sciences Center • 1300 University Avenue • Madison,
                                                                                                                                                    WI 53706–1532
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Summer 2003

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