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					Water storing for irrigation of agricultural
fields from ponds or dams by using wind energy in
the Thrace region
I. Becenen, H. Ince*, K. Karacavus
T. U. Vocational High School, Edirne, Turkey
Abstract. In the Thrace region, the agricultural fields on flat lands have been irrigated by water with
pumps from the open canals. A serious amount of money has been spent for the fuel or for the electric
energy to be used for the hydraulic pumps by the farmers, thus increasing the cost of the crops produced
by the farmers. Finally, consumers have been affected by the increasing costs negatively. It is
necessary to reduce the energy expenses to the minimum in order to lower the consumption expenses
and the producing costs, spent by the farmers. This could be provided by the pumps that are run by
wind energy instead of using hydraulic pumps on fuel or electricity. These pumps, working by wind
energy, and which have no press power, transport the water from a point which has a lower altitude
than the higher storing resorvoir. In this work we try to explain the essentials of water storing, being
used by wind energy to irrigate any field above the level of a dam or pond. The difference between
the highnesses – one is the difference between the fields which will be irrigated and the dam’s or
pond’s level, the other is the difference which occurs from the inclination. The data related to this
matter and provided from a lot of research have been studied and declared.
Keywords: wind energy, water pumping system, irrigation of agricultural fields, determination of
the difference of elevation, determination of horizontal distance.

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