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									                                            Keith A. Mather
                                          223 West 1675 North
                                        Layton, Utah 84041-5822

Dear Reader,

        The enclosed resume is for your consideration in evaluating my qualifications to meet your
accounting needs. Reviewing this resume will be worth your time because you can find out that I:

         1. am goal oriented.
         2. am organized and work efficiently. Our current accounting department of 2
            employees puts out more work, with greater accuracy, than it did with 5 employees,
            due to altering systems and processes.
         3. possess advanced computer skills in a variety of business related software such
            as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Paradox, and several accounting
            software packages. These skills were mostly developed on personal time, from
            personally acquired texts, and have benefited my employer by processing a variety
            of functions such as automated auditing routines, auto-email notifications, sales tax
            calculations for drop shipments throughout the country, and auto-postings to
            shipping records; and more, without having to spend additional money for new
            programs or equipment.
         4. have well developed oral and written communication skills.
         5. am congenial with other people.

You may also find out that:

         1. every performance evaluation on me had comments regarding excellent
            punctuality as well as willingness to stay after hours if necessary.
         2. my absenteeism is low. Less than 2 weeks of sick leave were used since April of
            1993. Some vacation hours were forfeited to accommodate unexpected workload

        A great deal of satisfaction comes from doing accounting work. That fact, coupled with good work
ethics and experience, can work to be strong benefits for your company. Please contact me soon to make
arrangements where we may further discuss a possible working relationship.


Keith A. Mather
                                           Keith A. Mather
                                          223 West 1675 North
                                        Layton, Utah 84041-5822

Vision International
Accounting Manager                                                      August 1995 - Present
Audit production work and prepare billing invoices tailored to individual customer requirements. Managed
collections on receivables. Process payroll. Prepare sales tax and employment reports to multiple states
and the Federal Government. Create miscellaneous and irregular reports to requesting departments.

   Created sales tax program that links shipping files with standard accounting software. Reduced
    sales tax errors to below a total of $1,000 for all government audits since 1997. Vision collects
    sales tax on drop shipments for 34 states and 7 municipalities.
   Designed flexible billing routine so that customer gets invoices in a format of choice, including
    versions that can be e-mailed.
   Programmed flash notes to pop up at billing time for such things as missing PO information,
    prepayment status, need to consolidate invoices, tailor fit attention lines, and review
    miscellaneous notes that will be printed on the invoice.
   Color coded computer input screens to warn of potential errors in billing.
   Redesigned customer Account Statements to be more informative and reader friendly; improving
    average days to collect.
   Developed on-time audit reports that are automatically emailed to flexibly designated recipients
    based on audit findings.
   Wrote protocol to transfer payroll data for state unemployment reports over the internet.
   Established payroll procedures for 7 shifts and 3 varying pay periods within 1 company.
   Restructured W2 reporting due to older payroll software's inability to track various pretax
    programs exercised by Vision.

BridgePoint Systems
Accountant                                                              April 1993 - August 1995
Clarified position on balance sheet and income statement accounts. Edited Chart of Accounts and adjusted
computer settings within general ledger modules to facilitate more efficient culmination of data.
Restructured manual A/R, A/P, and Payroll filing systems. Responsible for all operational accounting issues
and financial reporting.

   Developed macro routines to execute extensive functions during off peak hours;
   Networked time clock to track all employees within 3 states;
   Saved $150,000 tax dollars by reevaluating inventory to LIFO.

David Early Tires, Inc.
Accountant                                                          April 1992 - December 1992
Reconciled and analyzed General Ledger accounts. Advised Controller on internal control deficiencies and
proposed control enhancements. Assisted in preparing monthly financial reports. Maintained Chart of
Accounts and report specification files. Executed special tasks as assigned.
Keith A. Mather
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Accountemps                                                        December 1992 - April 1993
Accountant                                                         March 1991 - April 1992
Prepared sales and payroll tax reports to multiple states. Reconciled and analyzed accounts. Wrote flow
charts and procedures. Assisted in catching up on arreared accounting tasks and prepared year end closing

American Food & Drug, Inc.
Accounting Specialist                                              December 1989 - March 1991
Managed intercompany accounts. Administered bonus tracking system for over 1,200 employees.
Researched, prepared special management reports, and analyzed as requested by management. Developed
advanced Lotus spreadsheets to aid account analysis. Trained other employees in using Lotus and
Wordperfect software.

FHP of Utah, Inc.
Accountant                                                         November 1985 - August 1989
Managed intercompany accounts and Fixed Asset ledgers. Prepared management reports relating to those
activities as well as to group profitabilities. Participated in preparing monthly financial statements.
Reconciled accounts.

   Developed Lotus budget and employee benefit programs to facilitate projections and reviews.
    Annual budgeted expenses were in excess of $50 million and personnel exceeded 900 full time
   Member of steering committee to review allocation basis from which group profitability would be

First Security Bank of Utah, N.A.
Computer Operator I                                                September 1979 - July 1983
Operated IBM check processors. Evaluated and assigned work priorities to maximize cash flows. Operated
and supervised an online data re-entry system.

   Worked as a Team Leader for more than 2 years;
   First swing-shift employee trained on new data entry system.

University of Utah
B.S. in Accounting                                                                           June 1985

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