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									                                              RONALD AFFOLTER
                                                Sr. Programmer
                                                  711 North Broad
                                                Mankato, MN 56001
                                                  (507) 387-7429

   Experience – Over 23 year of technology experience, degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.
    Programming experience: VB (8 yr), ACCESS (6 yr), RPG III (3 yr), COBOL (5 yr)
    Web experience: HTML (2 yr), Javascript (2 yr), ASP (1 yr), CSS (1 yr)
   Strengths – Proven communication skills, strong background in problem solving, computer programming and
    web experience in PCs, teaching/training experience, knowledge of mainframe and AS/400 computers.
   Languages and Technologies – Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, VBA, HTML, C++, JavaScript, Java, DHTML, ASP, C,
    Pascal, COBOL, Ada, IBM Assembler, Univac Assembler, RPG III, QUICKBASIC, Fortran, RPG
   Web/Application Servers – HTML, Javascript, CSS, ASP, Photo Shop
   Industries – Manufacturing, Sales, Hospital
   Database – ACCESS, dBaseIII
   Systems – AS/400, IBM-PC, Univac 1100-80, VAX, and Apple

Web Developer - (2002 - 2004)

MINNESOTA VALLEY website (12/02 – Present): http://www.mnriv.com
I have created a website presenting history and culture of the Minnesota River Valley. The purpose is to promote
tourism in the area and involves working with local businesses for promotion and the historical society for historical
information. This site was created using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

HOMSTAR REALTY (10/03 – Present): http://www.mankatohome.com
The website was created for the Homstar real estate agency to assist in selling houses and property. It allows an
agent to show prospective buyers some of the home’s features through the internet. As homes are bought and sold
this site is periodically updated. This site was created using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

ENCHANTED FOREST GIFT STORE (03/04 – Present): http://www.enchantedforestofmn.com/
The website helps advertise and promote a specialty gift store. It is updated monthly to display store events. This
site was created using HTML and Javascript.

AUTHOR/BOOK FESTIVAL (9/03 – Present): http://www.festivalofauthorsandbooks.com/
This website provides information for a yearly event. I met with a committee to determine the site design and wrote
the HTML, CSS and Javascript code.

Non business website (4/96 – 7/96): http://www.hickorytech.net/~flapper/index.html
I served as consultant on the HTML code and offered design direction.

LEAVE A LEGACY (1/03 – 6/03): http://www.leavealegacymankato.org/index.asp
For this project I helped create both the HTML and the ASP code. A portion of this site involved writing ASP code to
allow the site manager to update the page using server side scripting. This part is not available to the public.
The following URL lists the programmers involved with the Leave a Legacy project:

MANKATO LUTHERAN HOME (1/03 – 6/03): http://cc2.sctc.mnscu.edu/mlh/
This website had been created the previous year and our team’s part of the project was to trouble shoot the page
by locating areas that needed updating and make the necessary changes in the HTML and JavaScript code. The
client has not finalized the site which is still under development.
The following URL lists the programmers involved with the Mankato Lutheran Home project:
Affolter, Ronald – Page 2

Computer Programmer
 Created a pricing program that allows the end user to write price reports quicker than before. For this project I
   met with the sales engineers to learn what the important aspects are for writing a price report. Originally I had
   written this program in QuickBasic but later rewrote it in Visual Basic using an ACCESS database and SQL
   code. Third party software used: VSView, Wise Install.
 Developed software for the company’s distributors to calculate the size of the generator needed for a project
   with greater speed and accuracy than in the past. I worked closely with engineers to determine the formulas to
   be used in the program. I created the program in Visual Basic using an ACCESS database and SQL code to
   interface the company’s database with those of other companies. Third party software used: VSView, Wise
 Developed a specification program where the user selects the accessories for the generator package and
   produces a detailed specification sheet that gives more information about the unit being sold. I had originally
   written this program with QuickBasic and later rewrote it for Visual Basic using an ACCESS database and SQL
   code. I also met with sales engineers and managers to decide what text to update that would accommodate
   product changes within the company and to adapt to changes in technology. The program was written in VB
   using an ACCESS database and SQL code. Third party software used: VSView, Wise Install.
 Created a parts order program that allows the end user to specify which parts they need for their generator.
   The program calculates the total price for the order and produces an order form that may be printed or sent via
   email. Third party software used: VSView, Wise Install.
 Wrote an in-house program in Visual Basic for the engineering department to calculate the size of tanks
   needed for specified units. This program made the engineers’ work easier when drawing blueprints.
 Handled phone support with the end user to determine what features to add to the software that would improve
   its performance and what was needed to make the programs more user friendly. I also dealt with
   representatives and distributors concerning errors found in the software developed by the company. Here I
   used problem solving techniques to determine the cause of the error, locate the area in code where problem
   occurred and make the necessary corrections.
 Wrote a problem tracking program that keeps track of problems that occur in units that had been sold. The
   program determines the frequency of the problem and the expenses involved. I dealt with the woman who was
   using the program to ensure that the necessary information was processed properly. The program was written
   in ACCESS and uses extensive VBA code.
 Wrote a units sold tracking program that produces a list of all the units that have been sold. The list may be
   grouped by size, date and geographic location. The program was written in ACCESS using VBA code.
 Developed two data base systems in ACCESS using VBA. One for industrial sales and the other for agricultural
   sales. The software produced monthly, year-to-date and sales performance reports. Both the industrial
   secretary, the agricultural secretary and I met to create and maintain the programs.
   Assisted customers in using these applications as well as general support for Microsoft Office.

 Created a data base system in QUICKBASIC, which indexes newspapers and historical documents.
 Involved in a project to rewrite the program in VB that will interface with an ACCESS database.

DEAN KELLEY & ASSOCIATES – (1985 - 1988)
Contract Programmer
   Maintained and upgraded an in-house inventory system working with the accounts payable and accounts
    receivable portions of the program. Worked closely with the accounting department to gather information for
    the upgrades. The program was coded in RPG II on an IBM SYS 3 Model 10.
   Created a backup system for the software. The program was coded in RPG II on an IBM SYS 3 Model 10.

 Developed a database program in CBASIC using CP/M on a CPT system. The program queried a list of
   patients to find ones with selected attributes.
 Updated and documented existing payroll programs written in COBOL. Worked with the computer operators to
   determine where updates were to be made.
 Trained students in COBOL for placement in other areas of the organization. Arranged teaching materials and
   presented on-the-job examples.
Affolter, Ronald – Page 3

Computer Programmer
 Restructured the existing production programs to reflect the change in the companies product lines. The
   updated program took into account the recycled and wasted raw material as well as the material included in the
   final product. The program was written in COBOL on an IBM mainframe computer.
 Maintained and upgraded the existing payroll program which was written in COBOL. Worked with the computer
   operators to determine the areas that needed to be upgraded.
 Handled computer operations and customer support.

   Mankato Tech. College – Continuing Education       8/02 – 6/03
   Mankato State University – Bachelor of Science     1983 – Computer Science
   Mankato State University – Post Graduate Study     6/77 – 6/79
   Mankato State University – Graduate Work           6/77 – 6/78 - Computer Applications
   Mankato State University – Bachelor of Science     1977 - Mathematics

   Minnesota Conference For Writers and Research      2001 - 2004
   Course Training in Adobe Photoshop                 2002
   Course Training in Microsoft Excel                 1997
   Course Training in Microsoft WORD                  1997
   Technical Writing, Marcia Dennis,                  1992
    Keye Productivity Center

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