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					Information Kit for the position of

       Manager Finance
Corporate & Community Services

                                       Town of Gawler
                                          PO Box 130
                                    GAWLER SA 5118

                              Telephone: (08) 8522 9211
                                    Fax: (08) 8522 9212


Thank you for expressing interest in employment with Town of Gawler. The following
information will help you understand our selection process and should assist you in preparing
your application.

We recognise the value of a diverse workforce and are committed to the principles of equal
employment opportunity. All selection decisions will be based on merit.

If you are successful in your application, you will find our work environment is both
challenging and rewarding.

The Council is a dynamic and professional organisation with excellent working conditions

        Challenging Career Opportunities
        Flexible Work Practices
        Above Award conditions
        Staff Development Opportunities
        Superannuation; and
        Equal Employment Opportunity

We are anxious to ensure that we employ the very best employees available and therefore
we are constantly reviewing our employment procedures, conditions of employment and
overall working environment. In the event of having considered the information provided for
this position, you decide not to submit an application, we would welcome any comments you
may wish to provide.


Gawler is located 40KM north of Adelaide and is adjacent to the Barossa Valley and “McLeods
Daughters” Country! Gawler provides its residents with the benefits of country living, town
services, easy access to large city amenities, in an area combining heritage and modern

Printed 11/03/2010

Gawler is one of South Australia's largest and most significant historic towns. It has a
distinct character worthy of its status as ‘the first country town in South Australia’.

The town was created on 31 January 1839. It was named after Governor Gawler. It was
laid out by William Jacob to a plan which had been drawn up by Colonel William Light (the
designer of Adelaide). Light chose the townsite as a gateway to the state's north. Such
was the pleasant environment, it was nicknamed 'The Colonial Athens'.

In its early years Gawler was sufficiently distant from Adelaide that it quickly established a
separate identity. This was fuelled by the economic success of the area and a boom period
which lasted from 1860 until the end of the 18th century, which saw the construction of many
attractive and gracious buildings which gave the town a charm and sophistication. Today
Gawler is a thriving and important centre, readily accessible from Adelaide.

Gawler is located on the northern boundary of the Adelaide Metropolitan area. It is the
interface/crossroads between expanding suburbs, and is bounded by intensive horticultural
areas of the Northern Adelaide Plains and the viticulture of the Barossa Valley, and agricultural
districts of Roseworthy and Kapunda. Gawler is bounded on the north by the District Councils
of Light and Barossa; and in the south by the City of Playford. A suburban train service and the
Main North Road link the community with Adelaide.

Gawler occupies an area of just 41 square kilometres. The population of the Council is 20,000
people and it has 8,900 dwellings. The population is increasing by 1.6% per annum. Urban
areas immediately adjacent to the town (but outside the Council boundaries) are increasing by
over 500 persons per annum (experiencing amongst the highest growth in South Australia).

Localities – Gawler, Gawler West, Gawler South, Gawler East, Reid, Bibaringa (part), Evanston,
Evanston Gardens, Evanston Park, Evanston South, Hillier, Kudla, Willaston, Uleybury (part).

Gawler has thriving retail, education, building trades, and health sectors.

Sporting facilities include the Gawler Sports and Community Centre, Trevor Bellchambers
Swimming Pool, Trinity Starplex, and four community sporting clubs. Other sports facilities
include tennis, netball and lawn bowls.


The Town of Gawler was formed in July 1857. The Council has an annual budget of $18.4M.
Council exists to provide good government, essential services, local laws and community
leadership. The Council aims to:

   provide high-quality, friendly, reliable and cost-effective services
   operate in a financially sustainable manner responsibly manage and improve infrastructure;
   be responsive to resident and ratepayer needs,
   provide a speedy response to enquiries; and achieve a high level of complaint resolution;
   improve and protect the environment
   encourage new and existing business growth, and to increase employment opportunities.

Printed 11/03/2010

Principles of Recruitment and Selection

Town of Gawler is an equal opportunity employer and the recruitment and selection policy and
procedures are based on the principles of equity and merit. Merit based selection is an
assessment of an applicant‟s abilities, skills, knowledge, qualifications and potential, relative to
those of other applicants against selection criteria outlined in the Position Description.

Position Description

The attached Position Description is the major source of information regarding the position. You
should read this document very carefully.

Your Application

Although there is no right or wrong way to format your application, you must address the
selection criteria detailed in the position description. The following information is required:

   Name.
   Address.
   Telephone.
   Experience - where you have worked, positions held, periods of employment, and duties.
   Qualifications.
   Drivers Licence.
   Education.
   Training.
   Recreation interests.
   Community interests.
   The date you could commence.
   The reasons why you are seeking a job.
   The reasons why you are suited to this position.
   Names, position titles, addresses and telephone numbers of at least two work-related
    referees who can verify information provided in your application.
   Any other relevant information.

Do not send originals of certificates. Avoid being „long winded‟, or „padding‟ your application, or
„overstating‟ your case. Above all, ensure you address the selection criteria, and that your
application is well presented and clear.

Lodging Your Application

Applications must be addressed to:

“Manager Finance - Private and Confidential”
Director, Corporate and Community Services
Town of Gawler
PO Box 130

Or e-mailed to or faxed to 08 8522 9212, and received at
the Town of Gawler, 89 Murray Street Gawler on or before the closing date.

Closing Date

Applications will be received until 5.00pm on Friday, 22 June 2007.

Printed 11/03/2010

The Selection Process

All applications are read by all members of the selection panel. The information provided in
each application is compared with the requirements of the position description, especially the
selection criteria. Your suitability in terms of the selection criteria is noted and compared with
other applicants. The most suitable applicants, as determined by the selection panel will be
contacted for interview.

Please note that the canvassing of Councillors or other staff will disqualify you from
consideration. All applicants will receive a written reply.

Reference Checking

Two work related referees should be supplied with your application. These should be
individuals who can comment directly on your abilities in the work situation. Background
checks will be carried out on favoured applicants. The best referees are those that can discuss
your previous work experience in line with the selection criteria.


If selected for an interview, you will be required to attend the Town Hall situated at 89 Murray
Street Gawler. Interviews are likely to be held during the first week of July 2007.

Competency and psychometric tests may be conducted.


Prior to any offer of employment, an applicant will be required to undertake a medical
examination with our medical service provider (at our expense). You will be required to
disclose any prior Workcover claims.

This position may be involved with persons under the age of 18, and it may be a requirement
to consent to a Police/Criminal Records Check.


Making an application for this position requires that you consent to the collection, use,
storage and destruction of personal information, including details of your referees. This
information will assist us to select the best applicant for the vacant position.

At all times during the recruitment process, we will treat personal data in a highly confidential
manner. All documents will be in secure storage and available only to members of the
selection panel for the purpose of selecting the best person for the position.

General Conditions of Employment

Tenure – this is permanent, performance-based position, hours to be negotiated with successful

Salary – we are prepared to offer a competitive salary to attract a quality and qualified applicant,
in accordance with the Municipal Officers' (South Australia) Award 1998, in conjunction with
the Town of Gawler/ASU Enterprise Agreement. Salary increases are paid in accordance
with the Town of Gawler/ASU Enterprise Agreement.

Printed 11/03/2010

Payments are paid fortnightly in arrears and are deposited into your nominated bank account.

Award – Municipal Officers' (South Australia) Award 1998.

Hours – To be determined by mutual agreement. The ordinary hours of work are between the
hours of 8.30am and 5.30pm

Vehicle – Pool vehicles are available for business use.

Safety Equipment - All necessary safety equipment will be supplied.

Computer – A shared computer and workstation are provided.

Superannuation – is applicable via Local Super SA (currently based on 9% of salary).

Annual Leave – four weeks is available after 12 months service. (FTE equivalent)

Sick leave – up to 76 hours per year. Certificate required after two days. (FTE equivalent)

Probation - the appointment is subject to a three-month probationary period. A formal review
will take place and the appointment will be confirmed on certification of satisfactory

Equal Employment Opportunity - Town of Gawler is an Equal Employment Opportunity

Smoke Fee Work Environment - Town of Gawler has a smoke free work environment. No
smoking is permitted in any building, vehicle, plant or machinery.

Code of Conduct - Town of Gawler has a Staff Code of Conduct, which applies to all

Fair Treatment in the Workplace - Town of Gawler is committed to a non-discriminatory and
harassment-free workplace.

Workplace Health and Safety - Town of Gawler is committed to a safe and healthy work
environment. Comprehensive workplace health and safety policies and procedures are in

Appraisal – all staff participate in annual performance appraisal and review.

Revision of position description – the attached position description describes the job as it is at
present constituted. It is our practice periodically to examine position descriptions and to update
them to ensure that they relate to the job as then being performed, or to incorporate whatever
changes are proposed. This is done in a consultative manner.

Why has the vacancy arisen?

Restructure of the Department.

Contact Officers

For more information please contact Veronica Parker, Customer Service Officer on 08 8522

Printed 11/03/2010

                            TOWN OF GAWLER - POSITION DESCRIPTION

TITLE                                                       MANAGER FINANCE

DEPARTMENT:                                                 Corporate and Community Services

SECTION & LOCATION:                                         Finance, Town Hall

AWARD & LEVEL:                                              MOA, level to be negotiated


The objectives of the role of Manager Finance are to lead, coordinate and manage the
finance functions of Council having regard to legislative requirements/accounting standards
and Council policies/reporting requirements; and provide professional and timely support in
the provision of financial advice, budget preparation and financial monitoring.



Customer Service - To provide prompt, accurate, courteous and helpful customer service to
internal & external customers, so they are provided with superior service and are left with a
positive image of Council.

Safety - The Manager Finance must demonstrate a strong commitment to workplace health
and safety and effective risk management, and take all reasonable care in the performance
of his/her duties so as to prevent injury to him/herself or others and to minimise risk to the
organisation and to the public. The Manager Finance has specific responsibility for the
implementation and ongoing development of Council‟s Risk Management policy, and for
ensuring that appropriate work practices and procedures, including training for relevant staff,
are established and implemented to minimise organisational and public risk.

Personal Behaviour and Effectiveness - To ensure that personal behaviour is consistent with
Council‟s Staff Code of Conduct. Mandatory behaviours include Customer Focus, Respect
for others, Teamwork, Taking the Initiative, Attendance, Punctuality and Availability, Quality
Approach to Work, Adaptability to Change, Willingness to Learn, Minimising Risk, Ethical
conduct; and to ensure that Council's image is enhanced and protected by performing all
duties in a courteous, efficient and professional manner. To be respectful, encouraging and
helpful to all fellow employees, and observe the principles of equal opportunity.

Respect for Information Privacy - To ensure that information which may be harmful to the
Council's image is vetted by the Director, Corporate and Community Services prior to release,
either to the public or other areas of the organisation.     Not whether during or after the
employment with the Council, to make any improper disclosure or use of: a) any information
or trade secrets of the Council; or b) the position of the Council or of any Councillor or
Council employee on any confidential matter; or c) any other information whatsoever, the
disclosure of which may be detrimental to the interests of the Council or of any other person
who has provided it to the Council on a confidential basis, unless required to disclose the
information by law.

Advise of Sensitive Matters - To immediately inform the Director, Corporate and Community
Services of any issues likely to adversely affect the performance, image or public perception of

Printed 11/03/2010

the organisation or the image of the Council. To immediately advise the Director, Corporate
and Community Services of any illegal activity within the organisation.

Public Statements - To refrain from making public statements or issuing comments to the media
unless specifically authorised by the Director, Corporate and Community Services.


The key responsibilities of the position of Manager Finance broadly encompass the
functional areas of Annual Reporting, Periodic Reporting, financial records, budget, capital
works and financing strategy, and internal controls. Specific areas include but are not
limited to the following:

        To provide guidance, direction and leadership to the Finance Section; and lead staff.
        Maintain financial records and systems.
        To co-ordinate raising and collection of revenue, debt management, loan raising,
         leasing, banking/investments, grant management, cash management, taxation,
         purchasing, costing and payment/creditors processes.
        Sign cheques and EFT Remittances, ensuring payments are authorised and
         supported by documentation.
        Monitor cash flows, and invest surplus funds to optimise liquidity/interest
         income/avoidance of overdraft interest.
        Maintain Council‟s borrowing program by recommending strategies for minimising
         Council‟s borrowing costs, seek borrowing approval, administer new borrowings, and
         maintain accurate loan records.
        Ensure the completion of monthly reconciliations (including subsidiary ledgers
         accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, rates, stock, etc) on a timely basis to
         enable accurate monthly reporting.
        Reconcile and maintain fixed asset register.
        Calculate depreciation using accepted methodologies.
        Conduct stocktakes.
        Reconcile clearing accounts.
        Monitor and plan reserve funds.
        Prepare and lodge Grants Commission, superannuation, FBT and BAS/GST returns.
        Provide advice and assistance to staff in preparing grant applications.
        Establish timeframes, key dates and standards for all processes.
        Prepare acquittals for grants.
        Prepare and lodge financial & statistical returns.
        Assist the implementation of Asset Management.
        Prepare reports & recommendations for Council & the Director, Corporate and
         Community Services.
        Implement actions as delegated in the Strategic Plan.
        Prepare relevant correspondence, process applications, and respond to enquiries.
        Attend some Council & Committee meetings, as requested.
        Assist the Director, Corporate and Community Services in achieving the
         organisational goals and objectives set for Council.
        Participate in the Executive Team.
        Act in a relieving capacity for Senior Managers from time to time.
        Provide assistance to other staff.
        To provide accurate and timely advice and policy assistance on Finance matters to
         Mayor, Councillors, other Council sections, and the public.
        Provide professional assessment on all matters delegated to the position.
        Manage consultancies and special projects as directed.

Printed 11/03/2010

      Any other duties as may be directed from time to time; and to carry out such duties as
       are within the limits of the employee‟s skill, competence and training.
Annual & Periodic Reporting
    Prepare financial statements for Annual Report.
    Monitor income and expenditures on a monthly basis; and report significant
    Prepare monthly and quarterly financial reports; and coordinate requests for budget
    Facilitate the annual audit of Council‟s financial records; and compile all necessary
       supporting documentation required to facilitate auditing.

    Prepare the annual budget & budget statements.
    Prepare the Rating policy.
    Manage the budget preparation and monitoring processes.
    Calculate annual employee entitlements & liability, workers compensation, fringe
      benefits tax, training, superannuation, overhead amounts and determine overhead
      percentages to be applied in various functional areas.
    To control revenues and expenditures within the finance area.
    Review plant hire charges.

Internal Controls
     Establish and review documented systems/procedures to ensure high-level internal
     Monitor & implement internal control procedures to ensure the correct recording and
        processing of transactions.
     Undertake a monthly review of expenditures/income; and raise issues with function
        managers and the Director, Corporate and Community Services.

Assisting Strategic Planning
    Assist review, and provide relevant input (such as long term financial plans) for the
        Strategic Plan.


Reports to:                            Director, Corporate and Community Services

Supervises:                            Finance Officer, and some functions of Debtors Clerk & Payroll
                                       Officer (note: shared positions with Administration).

Internal Liaisons:                     Executive Team, Manager Administration, Mayor, Councillors,
                                       All Managers, Other Staff

External Liaisons:                     Auditor
                                       Government & Statutory Authorities
                                       Local Government Association
                                       Debtors & Creditors
                                       General Public & Ratepayers
                                       Neighbouring and other Councils
                                       Consultants, as required

Printed 11/03/2010


The Manager Finance is subject to regular, at least annual, review by the Director, Corporate
and Community Services, and is accountable for:

        The accuracy and timely availability of financial information.
        Extent to which Council‟s financial performance complies with requirements and the
         extent of audit queries received.
        Accuracy and extent of useful information available from Council‟s financial system.
        Extent to which Council‟s financial policies are developed, implemented and followed.
        Achievement of agreed, specific performance objectives for the position.
        Management and leadership of responsibilities in an efficient/effective, timely,
         friendly, customer-focused, „whole-of-council‟, and teamwork-oriented manner.
        Ensuring that appropriate and timely action is taken on decisions and requests of the
         Council, the CEO, the Mayor and Leadership Group/Executive Team within the extent
         of any delegated powers and responsibilities.
        Facilitating the professional development and training of staff.
        Effectively implementing relevant work programmes and the adoption and
         implementation of safe working and risk management practices and procedures.
        Appropriately authorising budgeted expenditure, and providing financial acquittals for
         projects as necessary.
        Adherence to all relevant legislation, Council policies and procedures.
        Making decisions and taking action on issues which are within the officer‟s control.
        Ensuring that all resources within the officer‟s control are utilised as efficiently and
         effectively as possible.
        Equity and probity in all dealings.


Subject to any delegations provided by the Chief Executive Officer, or the Council, the
Manager Finance has the authority to initiate and implement action to achieve the Council‟s
goals and objectives on matters and issues as requested by, or on behalf of the Director,
Corporate and Community Services, Leadership Group, or Council.

The authority of the Manager Finance extends to all decision-making on matters under the
officer‟s control which do not require a direct decision of the Council, Director, Corporate and
Community Services, and Leadership Group.

All decisions made by the Manager Finance must conform with and be within the constraints
of the position description, staff code of conduct, all delegations, statutory obligations, the
strategic plan, council policies and procedures, and approved budgets.

Ensure that all activities are carried out in a safe and business-like manner.

Provide specialist advice to customers, managers and Council staff and make decisions
which may have a substantial impact on the client, customer or Council.

Take appropriate action in an emergency.

Capital Expenditure: Nil
Overhead Expenditure: as per budget
Project Expenditure: as per budget

Printed 11/03/2010

Prepare routine correspondence, other than to Members of Parliament, heads of government
departments or the like or matters which are of such significance to require approval of the
Director, Corporate and Community Services.


The Manager Finance is responsible for making decisions and exercising judgement about
the areas for which the officer is responsible, including:

        information flows and the style and format of information presentation to the CEO,
         Leadership Group, Managers, Mayor, Councillors, Council and community.
        the presentation of information to the CEO, Leadership Group, Mayor, Councillors,
         Council and other stakeholders.
        implementing and developing policies and procedures that assist with financial
         management, performance, accountability and efficiency.
        expenditure within the officers‟ delegation.
        implementing safe working practices and procedures.
        adherence to Council‟s risk management policies and accounting/financial
        to effect all decisions in a fair and timely fashion for matters within the province of the
         position as they relate to policy, statutory and/or delegated powers
        exercise initiative and responsibility in the undertaking of duties and responsibilities.
        resolve problems and issues relating to responsibilities and duties.
        problem solving involving the application of theoretical and technical knowledge as
         well as knowledge gained through experience.
        assess the legal implications of the various decisions made, and the ability to quantify
         the risk to Council in making decisions.
        methods, processes and equipment must be selected from a range of alternatives;
         however guidance and advice are usually available.
        recommendations may have organisation wide significance.
        problem solving can be complex and require a significant degree of analysis.


The Manager Finance must:

        motivate others and instil a sense of ownership of relevant Corporate goals and KPIs
        have highly developed strategic and planning skills
        promote a team environment and in a consultative manner
        have regard to the needs of the entire organisation
        negotiate acceptable outcomes
        achieve objectives within specified timeframes
        manage time, set priorities, plan and organise work to deliver the required outcomes
         of the position
        resolve conflicts
        deliver accurate & timely information and advice about the Councils‟ finances.
        identify and implement continuous improvement in performance and productivity.
        encourage and facilitate the training and development of staff
        communicate and consult effectively with users and clients of the services provided.

Printed 11/03/2010


The Manager Finance must have:

        strong communication skills, both oral and written
        excellent people management skills
        ability to liaise, discuss and resolve enquiries
        well developed problem solving skills
        well developed negotiation skills and experience
        ability to gain the co-operation and assistance of others
        ability to maintain confidentiality, diplomacy and tact
        time management skills
        ability to liaise and work with people from diverse backgrounds and groups


The Manager Finance must have:

        Ability to use computer hardware and associated equipment, including personal
         computers, and printers/scanners
        Medium Keyboard skills.
        Ability to use Microsoft Office software, particularly Word, Excel, Outlook
        Proficiency in the use of the World Wide Web including locating information on the
         web, using web-based interfaces to on-line databases and information.
        Knowledge (or ability to acquire knowledge) of the use of Council‟s Civica “Authority”
         software (including General Ledger, Rates, and Payroll software).
        Knowledge (or ability to acquire knowledge) of the use of BIS software or similar
         accounting package
        Ability to use relevant data base inquiry maintenance and reporting computer
        Knowledge or the ability to acquire such knowledge, of the use of Council‟s software
         and databases.


The Manager Finance must have (or the ability to acquire):

        sound understanding of Local Government Act 1999 and associated financial
         regulations; and of other financial standards, and relevant legislation.
        knowledge of accounting practices/procedures, asset accounting, asset
         management, performance management systems; modern management principles;
         and local government service delivery.
        knowledge of Council policies, codes of practice, and procedures
        ability to prepare detailed reports on matters, which relate to the duties.
        commitment to high-level customer service and efficiency.
        excellent oral communication skills to make public presentations.
        ability to maintain records and administer projects in an appropriate and efficient
        ability to manage time, prioritise, plan and organise one‟s own work to maximise
         output and minimise cost and to achieve specific objectives within set times.
        ability to achieve results within set time frames against conflicting priorities.
        ability to identify and solve problems.

Printed 11/03/2010

        understanding of and ability to implement Occupational Health and Safety and Equal
         Employment Opportunity practices.


The Manager Finance must:

        have commitment to open government, transparency, and probity
        demonstrate enthusiasm, initiative and motivation
        be a creative, lateral thinker and problem solver.
        have a positive and professional presentation
        be committed to ongoing personal and professional development
        be committed to work independently and as part of a team.
        have public relations and conflict negotiation skills.
        be able to work in harmony, gain cooperation and assistance from a broad cross-
         section of individuals, groups, organisations and staff.
        have the capacity to communicate and negotiate effectively with members of the
         organisation, relevant government departments, industry and the community.
        provide clear, concise and consistent information, which meets the needs of other
         personnel, stakeholders and the public for information and advice to assist in the
         decision making process.
        have sensitivity to confidentiality and privacy issues


The Manager Finance must have the skills, qualifications and experience relevant to the
position, including:

        Demonstrated relevant experience to the duties.
        Tertiary qualifications, in a relevant discipline (e.g. finance, accounting, management,
         business, commerce, or economics).
        Eligibility for membership of a recognised professional body.
        Knowledge of the changing environment of, and the contemporary issues facing local
        A current valid Driver‟s Licence.


At least five years relevant experience in a Council, government department, or equivalent

Printed 11/03/2010



 Skills                               1. Knowledge of Finance & Accounting standards, techniques,
                                          concepts and practices.
                                      2. Demonstrated problem-solving skills and time management
                                          skills, including the ability to organize diverse workloads to
                                          meet agreed service standards and deadlines.
                                      3. Demonstrated personal computer, financial package, &
                                          Excel literacy; and medium keyboard skills.
                                      4. A high level of verbal and written communication skills
                                          including ability to conduct research and present complex
                                          matters in a clear & concise manner.
                                      5. Demonstrated ability in managing financial services.
                                      6. Knowledge of local government and the role of communities
                                      7. Demonstrated customer service skills (to both internal and
                                          external clients).
                                      8. An advanced knowledge of cash management policies and
                                      9. Advanced knowledge of GST and FBT legislation
 Attributes                           10. Self motivated, enthusiastic, and able to gain the trust, co-
                                          operation and assistance of staff and Council
                                      11. Ability to work as part of a team.
 Qualifications                       12. Tertiary qualification in relevant discipline.
                                      13. Current Driver‟s Licence.
                                      14. Membership of a recognised & relevant professional
 Experience                           15. At least five years‟ relevant experience.
                                      16. Demonstrated experience in preparing budgets & annual
                                          financial statements, and in Auditor liaison.
                                      17. Experience in preparing a Grants Commission Return


This is a description of the job as it is at present constituted. It is the practice of the Council
to annually examine job descriptions and to update them to ensure that they relate to the job
as then being performed, or to incorporate whatever changes are being proposed. This
takes place in a consultative manner.


For more information please contact Mr Malcolm Crout ph 85 229 225

Printed 11/03/2010