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									Employee Volunteering Newsletter 10 August 2006

Dear Members of the Employee Volunteering Group

Financial support from alumni to US Universities has enabled US Universities to excel
over the years. The time may be opportune to ask if giving to Universities is something
that can be made part of Thai culture as well as part of Thai corporate culture. This
week’s story is about alumni giving at the University of California Berkeley, a State
University and may give our readers some food for thoughts about philanthropy to higher
education in Thailand.

Alumni Support for UC Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley has a California Alumni Association that serves
as vehicle for former students of UC Berkeley to contribute back to their Alma Mater.
Currently more than 94,000 alumni are due-paying members of CAA that allow the
association to operate a number of activities. In addition to this income the University has
a number of endowments the proceeds of which are being used according to the wishes of
the donors. CAA also accepts cash gifts from alumni.

Benefits of CAA membership
Becoming a due-paying member of the California Alumni Association has the following
    Discounts and Services for activities in the Arts and Culture, Financial and
        Insurance services, Professional academic development, travels, alumni house
        rentals, campus partners, Health and fitness, merchandise, recreation, and other
        consumer services. For example a member may enroll in photography classes for
        CAA members at student rates or purchase tickets to the Berkeley Symphony
        Orchestra at reduced rates.
    Receive the bi-monthly California Magazine, a magazine that honestly reflects the
        rich complexity of America‟s most-populous state, celebrates its genuine
        achievements, and fearlessly explores its difficult choices. The magazine invites
        its alumni to become contributing members as well.
    Participate in one or more of 120 Regional and Special Interest Clubs. For
        example “The Future of Medical Research (London)” is such a group based in
        London that organizes presentations such as „The global future of medical
        research” with all proceeds for student scholarships for the Education Abroad
    Attendance to Special Events and Ceremonies
    Free library privileges in all UC campuses
    Discounts for University stores, athletic performances, registration to UC courses,
        attendance to UC musical performances, admission to UC Botanical Garden,.
    Use of career connection facilities
    Access to financial and consumer programs
    Access to information on recreation, travel and entertainment
The California Alumni Association manages at least 280 endowments given by alumni
(CAA will only accept endowments worth $50,000 or more) and use the proceeds from
investment for the cause stipulated in each endowment. These endowments support the
Achievement Award Program, Alumni Leadership Scholarships, and the general
operations of the Association.
     The Alumni Scholarship Program awards more than $1 million to some 1000
       undergraduates (only citizens or residents) who demonstrate strong leadership
       skills in campus, community, or job activities. Scholarships given range from
       $1,500 to 2,500 per year. The Alumni Scholarship Leadership Award is one of the
       most prestigious awards on the Berkeley campus. Awarded based on student
       leadership, Alumni Leadership Scholars represent the excellence of Cal students
       when they step outside the classroom--either on campus or in the community.
       From more than ten thousand initial applicants, only a few hundred Alumni
       Scholarship Leadership Finalists will be invited to interview with an alumni
       representative. Each of those Finalists will compete to earn a share of the more
       than $1.3 million in renewable scholarships handed out by Berkeley alumni each
     Alumni Scholarship Achievement Awards is awarded to highly qualified students,
       who have overcome significant obstacles, and gained admission to Berkeley but
       cannot afford to attend. The Achievement Award Program gives these students
       the opportunity to obtain a Berkeley education through substantial scholarship
       funding and support services created specifically to encourage their success.
       The scholarship (about 25-30 scholarships granted per year) provides up to $5700
       per year with automatic renewal (California residency required).
     Additional Special Criteria Alumni Scholarships are awarded to special cases of
       financial needs.

The University of California at Berkeley has accumulated endowments of about $2
Billion (about a tenth of Harvard) distributed in various Schools and Colleges.

From the annual report (mid-2004 to mid-2005) of the Haas School of Business the
following are details of private funds given to assist the Business School.

Endowed funds: they are essential to the future of the Haas School as they provide a base
of permanent financial resources for the school‟s programs. This critical source of funds
benefits all areas of the school including faculty recruitment and retention, research, and
student support. These endowments also provide essential flexible funding allowing the
school to create new programs and grasp unexpected opportunities. Our goal is to
increase the school‟s endowment to the same level that our private school counterparts
enjoy. Number of endowments are as follows: 46 Program and Other endowments (i.e.
Lucent MOT Lecture Endowment), 23 Unrestricted Endowments (i.e. BankAmerica
Excellence Fund), 59 Endowments for Student Support (Kaiser Aluminum Scholarships).
Endowed Chairs and Professorships: Faculty members of the Haas School of Business
are recognized as leaders for contributing innovative ideas that shape our global economy
and benefit public policy. Nowhere is this role better supported than through the creation
of an endowed chair or distinguished professorship in business. This most prestigious of
honors greatly enriches the chair holder‟s research and teaching. The foresight and
generosity these donors have shown truly has allowed the Haas School of Business to
achieve excellence. The following list includes the chairs and distinguished
professorships currently planned or already established: 42 Endowed Chairs (i.e. Leo B.
and Florence Helzel Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation), 8 Distinguished
Professorships (i.e. Xerox Distinguished Professorship in Knowledge).

Cumulative Giving to the Business School: For more than a century, significant gifts
from friends of the Haas School have built the school‟s remarkable new facility, endowed
faculty chairs and scholarships, and funded world-class academic programs. There have
been Corporate and Foundation giving from $200,000 to $5+ million (totaling 100
grants), Individual Donors from $200,000 to $5+ million (totaling 122 grants).

Corporate Partners: The Haas School enjoys a successful public-private partnership in
business education because Corporate Partners support the School‟s efforts in three
important areas: degree programs, student programs, and faculty research. The
involvement of Corporate Partners ensures that Haas will continue to be a preeminent
business school that attracts top students and faculty and leads the way in new programs
and research.
        Corporate Partners provide support of specific programs and initiatives at the
Haas School of Business beginning at the $1,000 level. There are four levels of Corporate
Partners: Dean‟s Lead Partner ($50,000-$100,000+), Senior Partner ($20,000- $49,999),
Partner ($10,000-$19,999), and Junior Partner ($1,000-$9,999).

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